Guidance and Wisdom for 2008:

The Final Call Newspaper’s Exclusive Year-End Interview With The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

[Editor’s note: As the world prepared to enter the new year, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan shared with Final Call Editor-in-Chief Abdul Arif Muhammad his perspective on the major national and international news events of 2007, and offered guidance for what lies ahead in 2008.]

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

THE FINAL CALL (FC): As-Salaam Alaikum, Sir. Thank you for granting The Final Call this interview. Brother Minister, we began 2007 with your recovering from a major 14-hour surgery to correct a health condition that brought you to death’s door for a third time.

What are your thoughts and reflections on how Almighty God has tried your faith over the last eight years by taking you to death’s door and restoring your health? What can others learn from your experience?

MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN (MLF): Wa-Alaikum Salaam. First I would like to thank The Final Call, and you, particularly, for these questions, and I pray that Allah will bless me with the answers.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me that things of great importance come in threes. I didn’t quite understand what he meant, but it is interesting that God brought me to death’s door three times in the last eight years. God is teaching a servant that He has power over death, and not to fear those who desire to put an end to my life because of the truth that I teach that came to me from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who received it from Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad.

There are many who hate His truth, and there are many who do not believe that God visited us and raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for us, so we have enemies within and without; enemies in the government of the United States; and enemies among some of the most powerful Satanic minds in America and the world. And since I am trying to carry out the mission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, those who feared the success of his mission have in their hearts a desire to destroy Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

The God Who allowed me to go to death’s door three times, and when all thought that I was gone, He intervened and brought me back. This is to say to the world that no matter what the government of the United States and those powerful forces determine that they want to do to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, it may look bad for a while, but we must put our trust in Allah. As He brought me from death’s door three times, He will protect me from the forces of death and He will protect the Nation of Islam from the same, so we will be able to say when victory comes, “Oh grave, where is your victory? Oh death, where is your sting?” for death and hell are swallowed up in the victory of God and His Apostle.

FC: When you decided to rebuild the Nation of Islam in September 1977, you delivered your first national address in 1978 titled “The Ultimate Challenge: The Survival of the Black Nation.” How are the challenges we faced then different from the challenges we now face to survive as a people as we enter 2008?

MLF: The challenges are the same, but much more intense because we have arrived at the time, now, when the forces of evil–the Satanic forces of this world–see the Black nation as an ultimate threat and see our rise in their faces. Now, they have determined to destroy us as a people, so the Black male is under attack. Many are saying that the Black male is an endangered species, and according to scientists, when a species is endangered, the next step from endangerment is extinction.

Although the enemy plans our extinction, he is planning his own, but he knows it not.

FC: Black America has witnessed in 2007 several cases of racial hatred and violence that represented national issues of injustice: The Jena 6, Megan Williams, Martin Lee Anderson, Sean Bell and Genarlow Wilson. What lessons must we learn from these incidents, and what actions must we take as a community to safeguard ourselves against future events?

MLF: Today’s generation of young Black people do not know the enemy as their fathers and grandfathers knew the enemy. We have thought that we could get along with the enemy in peace, but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that there can be no peace between us and our former slave masters and their children as long as we do not go along with the status quo. When we demand Justice, Freedom and Equity, we excite the worst in our slave masters and their children, and they come against us. These cases of The Jena 6, Megan Williams, Martin Lee Anderson, Sean Bell, and Genarlow Wilson–they are just a smidgen of what is going on throughout America by evil White people bent on teaching us a lesson.

Well, what lessons must we learn? We are in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. What lesson must we learn? We must unite or suffer the consequences, for these events are going to multiply at such a pace that every Black person in America will see the face of a beast that has been masquerading as a friend.

FC: After Saviours’ Day 2007, you delivered a series of spiritual messages under the general title of “One Nation Under God,” culminating with your message “Come Out of Her, My People” delivered at the 12th Anniversary Commemoration of the Million Man March on Oct. 16, 2007 in Atlanta, Ga.

What is your statement to Black America about the significance and prophetic meaning of these messages for our survival?

MLF: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said once that it is more important to teach separation than to teach prayer.

Allah (God) knows that we need prayer, but if we don’t separate from an enemy bent on our destruction, prayer alone will not help us to survive. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad points out to us in the scriptures of Bible and Qur’an that the day has arrived for our separation, and the enemy has used integration as a hypocritical trick to make those of us who have been under his foot for 400 years think that our 400-year-old enemy has all of a sudden become our friend.

We must wake up to the time and what must be done in such a time. It is not a time for integration; it is a time for us to separate from our former slave-masters and their children and go for self, do for self, and build a Nation under The Guidance of Almighty God.

FC: In September 2007, you brought nearly 1,000 Student Laborers to a Conference at The Farm. The theme of this conference was “Making His Word Bond.” The Student Laborers were introduced to the process of Deliberative Dialogue, with a goal that it would help free the Believer in the Mosque to be able give their gifts, skills and talents to their Nation.

At the conference, you removed all titles, and asked us to be students and servants. Though it may have been a bitter pill for some, it was good medicine for all who would accept. Please explain.

MLF: Titles presuppose qualification. When people who are not qualified wear a title that suggests qualification, it tends to make the title-wearer believe that they are qualified to administer the authority of such a title. What that does is it impedes not only the progress of the mosque or the Nation, but it impedes the development of the individual, for the individual, in thinking they are what they are not, refuses to study to become what they are called.

One of the things that I have noticed about the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and there is something that I read in Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” is that he said “Give a person a good name to live up to.”

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad called us “Muslims.” That is our nature; a Muslim is a righteous person–he is giving us a good name to live up to.

In the 1930s, we started a school called “The University of Islam.” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was calling it what he eventually wanted it to become, but he was giving us a good name so we would continue to strive to be the University.

Well, calling us “Minister” without qualification could make us think that because we speak well, or we could give a few lectures and people cheer, that we now have become what we are called, and we stop striving. Because of that, I removed all titles so that we would see ourselves as we are in the Nation–all Students of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the Classroom of God.

We are being qualified by God, through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to become great Laborers in His cause, but we have not arrived yet, so we now need to take away from ourselves the arrogance that attends title; the arrogance that attends authority, that allows us to abuse ourselves and others because we arrogate to ourselves that we have arrived, when in fact we have not.

We are asking everyone in the Nation of Islam, as they come into the Nation as Students, to remain Students and to take on the mind of a Servant, for that is what Jesus asked of his disciples: “If any man would be great among you, let him be your Servant.”

We have never functioned like that in this world. In this world, when you get a big title, you want people to serve you–not you serve people. Jesus reversed this, and so did Muhammad, that when you meet such men as Muhammad and Jesus, then you become a Student and a Servant of others in the Way of God.

FC: You recently introduced to the Nation a series of Tuesday classes dealing with Deliberative Dialogue and the Science of Management conducted by Brother Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad and Brother Michael Muhammad.

What are the aims, goals and objectives for these series of classes? How do you believe that these classes will benefit the Believer or any person who would participate?

MLF: In our instructions from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he told us that we should speak the truth regardless of whom or what. He taught us that the heavens and the earth are created in truth, and truth is the only power that sustains the universe.

He told us, “Have no quarreling among the Believers.” If we can’t quarrel with one another, certainly we are not permitted to fight one another, so what is it that settles argument? It is law; it is truth.

In the process of Deliberative Dialogue, we dialogue over the things that we have disagreement over until we reach consensus, or truth. And since you want truth, I want truth and we all want truth, if we unite on the basis of truth, then we have the power of truth and our unity to accomplish whatever objective is in front of us.

The process of Deliberative Dialogue can help us in our homes to ease conflict between siblings and to ease conflict in marital relationships. Even though the male is in authority by God’s permission from both Bible and Qur’an, and the nature in which He created male and female, yet authority must rest with truth. So, if the female brings to the male; or the subordinate brings to the superior, truth, we cannot use our superior position to knock down a person who brings us truth. If truth is the boss in our house, then whenever truth is spoken, we bow before the Majesty of Truth and in that truth, we find unity and power.

Also, we need to learn the Science and the Art of Management. Managing our lives; managing our families; managing our resources; managing a business; managing a mosque; managing a corporate entity–all of it is based on immutable laws that are scientific. Once we learn the Science and the Art of Management, we become better suited to work in a cause that is bigger than ourselves.

FC: We have been blessed on Friday nights for you to conduct Spiritual Classes into the meaning of The Supreme Wisdom Lessons given by Master Fard Muhammad to His servant, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

How will our understanding of the revelation contained in The Supreme Wisdom Lessons prepare us to be better helpers in The Mission and Cause of the rise of our people?

MLF: To understand that Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praise is Due Forever, was and is the Best Friend of the Black Nation; and He studied 42 years to deliver us from the torment and oppression of our oppressor. These Lessons that He gave us, which He called “Supreme Wisdom”–if properly plumbed [examined]; if properly understood–gives us insight into the beautiful metaphors in the Bible and Qur’an.

There is much truth in the Bible, but it is put in a language that makes it difficult for the lay person to grasp the esoteric or inner meaning of the scripture. So it is with the Qur’an, but the Qur’an says there are verses in the book that are decisive, and there are verses that are allegorical, and those in whose hearts is a disease love the allegorical parts.

These Supreme Wisdom Lessons cause us to communicate with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his Teacher at the Highest Level of Communication.

If the man that came is The Mahdi–one in Whom is the indwelling Mind, Spirit, Knowledge, Wisdom and Power of God–and He raised a question, then if we get in touch with His question to His Prime Student, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; and get in touch with the answers that he gave to his Teacher’s questions, then we are in touch with Two People Who Are The Most Important People for the time in which we live.

Communicating with these Two, through such interplay with questions and answers, energizes us to the point that our whole mind, spirit and body takes on change due to the High Level of Spiritual Energy that comes to us from contact with these Two Men. This leads us to God’s message to Prophet Muhammad.

A God; an Eternal God giving a prophet a message–we need insight into that great message of the Qur’an, and these Supreme Wisdom Lessons help us to see the relationship between God and a Student: Allah and Muhammad. By entering into that discourse with God and a Student, we become Students of God, and, therefore, grow into the Mind, Wisdom and Spirit of God, Himself.

FC: As part of your “One Nation Under God” series, you taught a lecture titled “The Fall of The Dollar.” We have witnessed in 2007 the steady decline of the U.S. dollar, which is now devalued against the Canadian currency. In the international arena, we see the rise of the Euro, which is beginning to replace the U.S. dollar as the currency standard.

How must we now prepare ourselves in this current economic crisis as the dollar continues to fall? What is the prophetic meaning of the fall of the U.S. dollar?

MLF: We should amass as many of these falling dollars as possible, and use the falling dollar that is losing its value every day against the currencies of the world to then buy that which will only increase in value. This is why today, with a falling dollar, Europeans and Asians are now investing heavily in America with their dollar reserves.

Since we collectively have dollars, shouldn’t we pool these dollars with someone whom we trust? Then, we should go and buy something that does not decrease in value: Land, from which we get food, clothing and shelter, to build for ourselves a new and independent economy.

Of course, the prophetic meaning of the fall of the U.S. dollar is the fall of the United States government, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught me when the German Mark lost its value, the German government came down behind the fall of its currency.

The government of the United States is tearing itself apart. When the dollar falls, what will happen to the minds of the people–who have been manipulated, deceived and robbed–when they are not able to get the value of what they have worked so hard for? I read something recently that said when this event comes to pass (the fall of the dollar and the collapse of the stock market), it will make what happened in 1929 look like a “walk in the park.”

We are facing serious economic hardship. We must unite and pool our resources and get land that we can call our own.

FC: January 2008 will begin the official primary season to select the Democratic and Republican nominee for the White House in 2009. For the first time in American history, we have a female frontrunner: Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton; and a strong African-American contender: Senator Barack Obama, who has great appeal across racial, gender and age categories.

Do these candidacies indicate a real change in America regarding her history of racial and gender bias? Will the hope of a potential female or African-American president change the reality of the Black, Native American, poor and oppressed people of this land who seek Freedom, Justice and Equality?

MLF: These candidates and their rise in popularity among the people do indicate a change in the attitude of many Americans concerning females and Blacks.

Barack Obama has been very careful not to position himself as Reverend Jesse Jackson or Reverend Al Sharpton as a promoter of “The Black Cause.” He has been groomed, wisely so, to be seen more as a unifier, rather than one who speaks only for the hurt of Black people. In this, he has tapped the dissatisfaction of many Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians across the spectrum, because who cares what color you are if you can save them from the mess that they find themselves in.

However, the hope of a potential female or African-American president I don’t think is enough to change the reality of the Black, Native American, poor and oppressed people of this land. There are forces, beyond the president, that dictate how the president presides. There are forces that Barack Obama may see, or may not see, and these are the forces that kill presidents when presidents don’t act as they think the president should act to further their ends; thus the killing of Abraham Lincoln and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The forces of racism in this country are still very strong. Even though there is strong mass appeal, if the racist element in this country thinks that Barack Obama will be our next president, they may come out of the woodwork if they can’t bend him, and hurt our Brother, and therefore show the country though the masses may say “We like him,” the forces may say “He is not one of us.”

FC: What is your view of the recent meeting in Annapolis, Maryland by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice claiming to seek a resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? How does this impact on the international struggle for peace in the Middle East?

MLF: Unfortunately, this is more “smoke and mirrors,” and deception. President Bush has had a miserable tenure in office, and he may leave office with the lowest approval rating of any president in recent history. And being conscious of his legacy, he wants to promote a solution of peace in the Middle East, but not a peace based on true justice for the Palestinian people.

As I said over 20 years ago, there will be no peace for Israel, because there can be no peace as long as that peace is based on lying, stealing, murder, and using God’s name to shield a wicked, unjust practice that is not in harmony with the Will of God.

Twenty years later, Israel still does not have peace, and she will not have peace because there can be no peace without justice for the Palestinian people.

How does this impact on the international struggle for peace? The president now is going to Israel; he is going to Saudi Arabia–what are you going there for? You are going to visit the Palestinians? What are you going there for?

The enemy cannot rule except through the age-old tactic that has always worked for them of “divide and conquer,” because there are differences between the Shia and the Sunni–and Iran is Shia; and Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and much of the Muslim world is Sunni. America knows that if they can go to Saudi Arabia and break any bond between two Muslims, and position those countries and other Muslims in the area against Iran, so that if America should bomb Iran, or, if Israel would bomb Iran, America would have to come in on the side of Israel.

The only way to avert this from happening is that the whole Muslim world must see the aims of President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who are under the influence of Zionists, and that they can never be dispassionate brokers for peace. Pres. Bush and Sec. Rice will always come down on the side of Israel to the detriment of America and any real peace that could be made in that region of the world.

FC: In 2007, we have witnessed President George W. Bush come face-to-face with the consequences of your warnings to him contained in your letters of December 1, 2001 and October 30, 2002.

Pres. Bush seems determined to continue his war against Islam. He is now attempting to create a climate to justify an attack on the independent nation of Iran. What steps should the international community in general, and the Muslim world in particular, take to avert a war that would engulf the entire world?

MLF: To the international community, I say the principle of justice is the greatest principle of fair dealing. If the international community would deal fairly, they could prevent a war that is triggered by an unprovoked attack on Iran.

However, the Zionists have worked their way into control in America, Britain, France, Germany and other countries of the world, so Europe will not favor a just solution to the problem presented by Iran’s desire for Atomic knowledge, and how to use that knowledge for peaceful purposes.

The Muslim world must understand that Prophet Muhammad was neither Sunni or Shia; He was neither Hanafi, Hanbali, Sufi–none of these names did the Prophet have.

Prophet Muhammad was a Muslim, and the Qur’an says to the Muslims: “Hold fast to the rope of Islam and be not divided.”

If the Muslim world will rise above this sectarianism of Shia and Sunni, and hold fast to Islam, for at the root of that rope is the bearing of witness that “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger.” If the Islamic people will hold onto that rope, and be united around that, we can stop the West from any attempt to bomb Iran.

Or, if they do, our unified response would be devastating to the Western powers.

FC: Recently, you gave a series of lectures titled “Justifiable Homicide.” With the themes “Black Youth in Peril,” “An Executive Decision,” and “The American Gangster,” what did Allah (God) show you that caused you to deliver these messages to our youth? What guidance would you give to our youth who appear to be targets for slaughter by our open enemy?

MLF: For the last 20 years, I have been warning that the war that the President of the United States had called his Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss was a war that would be seen on two fronts: One in the Middle East with a Muslim nation; and the second, inside America with the tiny little Muslim Nation of Islam, and Black youth in particular.

That is what motivated my “Stop the Killing” tours and my visits to many cities, calling on Black men; and then the Million Man March and the positive effect that march had on the world’s view of the potential of Black men in particular, and Black people in general.

The government’s aim has now come to the point of execution: It is an Executive Decision, at the highest order, that Black youth are a danger to the future of White people.

White people are vexed with our young people, particularly our hip hop artists who are taking their young people away from the racist White Supremist idea. For these young people to be in love with Black sports figures; Black entertainment figures; and now, in admiration of a Black political figure (Barack Obama) signals the end–to them–of White Supremacy.

So the messages of American Gangster promote a “gangster” style of life; promoting drug culture that leads to death, as well as to prison. A gangster style of life puts the enemy in control of the future of our youth if we choose this lifestyle.

The FBI and police departments across the country were mobilized to end the Mafia, Cosa Nostra and “organized crime”–which, of course they have not–however, the FBI and police organizations are now working to destroy gangs and to destroy Black youth who have found refuge in gang life, in gangster life, in drugs and crime. The enemy has closed the factories in the inner cities, leaving Black youth with very little hope of a future.

FC: What is the theme for Saviours’ Day 2008? Would you share with our readers its meaning?

MLF: This Saviours’ Day, our subject matter is: “The Gods At War: The Future is All About Y.O.U.t.h.”–with my focus particularly on Black, Hispanic and Native American youth.

The Future is All About Y.O.U.t.h.; Young People Organized and United To Help in the raising of the consciousness of the people, and putting people to work doing something for self.

That is why we chose this theme for Saviours’ Day, and from Saviours’ Day on, we will be going after our youth, and through the Millions More Movement organizing preachers, politicians and activists to help us to save our young people from the slaughter proposed by this Executive Decision.

But I warn the Government of the United States and all those who have power and will use it against the rise of our people:

I want you to keep your eyes on the weather. Allah (God) is going to demonstrate that there is another Power inside America and throughout the world other than your power, which will stop you from killing our people wholesale. If this Executive Decision is carried forth, it will mean the destruction of the United States of America.

FC: Thank you.