As we find ourselves in the throes of the current political agendas, it is of the utmost importance that the Black and Brown communities recognize that a political coalition is in the best interest of the two groups. Black Americans who adhere to a nationalistic doctrine simply echo the racist bigotry of White Supremacy.

Under the guise of nationalism, White Supremacy continues to employ a divide and conquer strategy designed to maintain dominance over Blacks, Browns, Reds and all other non-Whites. The outrage over granting so-called “illegal” people’s drivers licenses masks a fear that voting rights will be granted next. Blacks should not allow ourselves to be manipulated into joining the inhumane call to deport millions of so-called illegal Mexican immigrants. To do so is a mistake. America has yet to grant its Black population one of the nation’s most important civil and human rights, a permanent right to vote. Black people can ill afford to perpetrate a myth that Mexican immigrants are robbing us of our jobs, costing us tax dollars or infiltrating our healthcare and educational institutions. Nor can we allow our relationship with the Mexican people to be prejudiced by drug turf battles between Black and Mexican rival street gangs.

America’s Black and Mexican populations should be mindful that those in power have always feared unity between them. Such an alliance would create a block of 25 percent of America’s population and empowering the peoples of the Americas and amplifying their voices at the negotiating tables. As a result, the government has conspired to infiltrate the two groups with agent provocateurs whose mission is to create conflict and tension between the groups.


Most Blacks are totally unaware of their racial and cultural relationship to Mexicans, such as significant numbers of Blacks in the population of Mexico and a common African ancestry and major African contributions to the culture of Mexico. Too many Blacks are prone to be influenced by the call for unbridled “nationalism” rather than the racial and cultural identity ties of Blacks and Mexicans as oppressed peoples. It is a brand of nationalism that fosters a belief that nations benefit from acting independently rather than collectively. Under this form of nationalism the goals of the elite exploiters supersede humane international goals. It is a doctrine that perpetrates foreign domination when it is perceived to be in the best interest of the elitists. Historically, when unbridled nationalism is coupled with exploitive capitalism it leads to the genocide of oppressed people and their cultures.

Like the Native American people, the people of Mexico played a significant role in providing sanctuary for runaway African slaves. The term Afro-Mexican designates Mexican citizens who are Black or of African descent and are assimilated into Mexico’s total population. The Mexican government does not include race in its census count, preferring to classify the population based on culture rather than race. Historically, Africa has made a significant contribution to Mexico’s culture. The faith, language and culture of Mexico is an infusion of West African influence. Yes, racial problems exist in Mexico. However, despite that fact, we have too much in common and a great deal to gain through our joint political efforts.

My latest book, “God Save America: The Ultimate Conspiracy,” outlines the conspirators’ economic framework for a movement toward a nationalistic “one world” globalization in fulfillment of the notion of the European’s Manifest Destiny and the belief that White Supremacy has a divinely inspired mission to expand. This agenda is being accomplished under the pretext of spreading so-called “democracy” and alleged “freedom.” This belief is reflected in America’s international policies including the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), as a broader expression of a belief in White Supremacy’s “mission,“ the economic expansion of capitalism, and White Supremacy.

Elitist power-brokers created the myth of White Supremacy to divide powerless Whites, who are the descendants of slaves (indentured servants) and Blacks, who are the descendants of slaves. That same conspiracy is being played out today under the guise of “nationalism.” Without a doubt, Black people have a great deal in common with the peoples of Mexico. In truth, both Blacks and Mexicans share a legacy of European oppression that has resulted in severe psychosocial impairments causing us to choose nationalism over race. Nationalism is a historical ploy designed to incorporate oppressed people to leverage the ranks of White Supremacy.

The genotype for all civilized people is borne out of the loins of Africa. If we are truly a common African race, then the essence of our being is a core culture that celebrates principle and values that enhance godliness in the form of cooperative human existence. We should not continue to pledge allegiance to differences that have been forcibly imposed by restrictive borders, borders that function in the interest of those who have subjugated us to their will and not the will of God.

(Harry R. Davidson, Ph.D. is the co-chair of the Association of Black Psychologist’s Legislative Education Committee.)