Tyler Perry’s movie Why Did I Get Married? has sparked a renewed interest in Black male/female relationships, a subject that is more likely to be addressed in barbershops and beauty salons than at social/mental health conferences.

The growth of America’s minority population is a threat to White Supremacy advocates. White people are rapidly becoming the minority. The power-elite is attempting to rectify this trend by imposing population control strategies targeted at people of color. We jest while others continue their assault on us. Black marriages are no longer in vogue. This fact is a direct result of the enemy’s use of the media to corrupt our morals and values. Black males and females have failed to solidify the Black family through the creation and maintenance of stable relationships. Instead, we have elected to be “players”–people who play at relationships.

When you couple the “player mentality” with the growing “down-low trends,” attempts to seek out sex and gender alternative lifestyles; it becomes apparent that the Black race is endangered. No race of people can survive without marriage and family as essential institutions.


The 2004 census revealed that 90 percent of African American men between the ages of 20-24 have never been married. Seventy one percent of Black men between the ages of 25-29 have never been married. Sixty-six percent of Black women between the ages of 25-29 have never been married. Black men and women in their 20s rank low in marriage rates. Ranking high are the divorce rates of Black men and women between ages of 40-69. Thirty percent of Black men between the ages of 40-69 are divorced. Forty percent of Black women between the ages of 50—59 are also divorced. As a direct result of the decline in marriages, excessive numbers of Black children are being raised in single parent households.

Most Black people believe they are in control of their lives and fail to realize that elite social/political forces have created conditions in the Black community that are bad for Blacks and good for the power-brokers.

Population growth among Blacks and people of color has been a major concern of the controlling powers for the last 40-50 years. This subject is extensively examined by doctors Nathan and Julia Hare, The Endangered Black Family, Coping with Unisexualization and the Coming Extinction of the Black Race (1984). The growing populations of Blacks and people of color is a threat to the White power elite’s political and economic security. Underlying their concerns are research findings published by the National Institutes of Health that conclude that White reproduction rates have dropped enormously in the last 60 years.

Robert S. McNamara, a former president of the World Bank, acknowledged that as early as 1966, while he was the U. S. Secretary of Defense, he concluded that population growth was America’s primary problem, one that impacted the nation’s international security. Population growth can create economic and political power. Non-White populations needed to be destabilized to contain this threat. Hence, the powerbrokers devised strategies to contain the growth of so-called minority groups, groups that could potentially unite and create a significant power base.

International Conferences on Population and Development resulted in the World Health Organization setting forth a 20-year blueprint for population control. As a part of that plan, Blacks and others have been and are being either contained in the nation’s prisons or eliminated through contrived self-destructive violence. The population control plans developed by “1970 Commission on Population Growth and the American Future” included a mass media campaign with radio, television and films; newspapers, leaflets, exhibits, plays, songs and movies designed to alienate the Black male and female. Women are systematically alienated from men as television, talk shows, magazines, movies, and even music depict the successful female as independent, self-reliant and unattached to a family and a man. Simultaneously, the myth of the “no good Black man” has taken root.

The most obvious of the measures being implemented to prevent Black population growth include birth control pills and abortions. In Maine, a test-balloon has been launched to test reactions to a potential sterilization program. It is being argued that females as young as eleven should receive birth control pills from schools. There is research that indicates that later in life these young girls will be rendered sterile as a result of the long-term use of birth control pills. In addition, cervical cancer vaccination shots, alleged to prevent cervical cancer, have the potential for implanting sterility agents into a child’s body.

Chemical and biological warfare are primary weapons being used to destroy the Black population. Other population control strategies include the massive incarceration of males. You can have sex in prison, but not the kind that produces babies. Then there is the creation of AIDS. AIDS is effective in controlling population growth because, in addition to leading to deaths, the fear of AIDS promotes the use of condoms.

In a renewed assault, the Federal Government is awarding million dollar grants to organizations, the likes of which, the late E. Franklin Frazier referred to in the book Black Bourgeois (1957). Ignoring the lessons of history, fraternities, sororities, so-called civil right groups, churches and others have applied for and have been granted grants to study Black males, who under the “Homeland Security Act,” have become scapegoats as “urban terrorists,” the provocateurs of the Black community’s problems.

Earlier this summer I addressed this issue while speaking at the LINC’s National Conference in Kansas City, Mo. I came close to being Lynched (Willie Lynched). History tells us that government proposals targeting Black males are not new. Have we forgotten the infamous Tuskegee syphilis study that intentionally injected the disease into Black male subjects without their consent? I guess it’s hard for “Bourgeoisie pimps” to turn down a million dollars.

In 1992, the head of the federal Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration, asked policy makers and researchers to institute a proposal called The Federal Violence Initiative (FVI). Dr. Frederick Goodwin compared the activities in America’s inner cities to the violent and hypersexual behavior of young “rhesus” male monkeys motivated only by a desire to kill and procreate. The Federal Violence Initiative included a government mental health program that targeted as many as 100,000 (two-to-three-year-old Black children) in high impact inner cities. The proposal called for a study of the genetic and biological “markers” that predict violence and criminal behavior and the role of various drugs in treating or preventing these behavior.

It was during this period that the widespread labeling of Black student behavior as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) emerged. Ritalin, Luvox and other potentially damaging drugs are administered to millions of Black children, many of whom are misdiagnosed. Instead of drugs children need two-parent love. Other examples of mental destruction can be seen in the fact that Black children are 17 percent of all children in public schools but are nearly 50 percent of all children in special education. Black males constitute 85 percent of the Blacks in special education. Instead of labels, Black students need both parents and teachers who can relate to them.

If you and your children are Black in America today you must realize by now that Somebody’s Trying To Kill You. Why did you get married? After reading this, if you still haven’t figured it out, you probably got married for all the wrong reasons.

(Dr. Harry R. Davidson is co-chair of the Association of Black Psychologists Legislative Education Committee and the author of the book “Somebody’s Trying to Kill You.”)