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Messenger Elijah Muhammad continued, “I am well aware of my disputers, who dispute without knowledge, and who are followers of the devils for certain privileges. They claim to be representatives of God and Jesus, whom they claim to be the Son of God, but are licensed, ordained and sent by the devils. (God-sent men are licensed by the world). Members of this class, who love to be revered and honored by the people, whether God has any respect for them or not, are really agents for the slave master (the devils). They are secret persecutors and murderers of the prophets of God, and will say: “If they had been in the days of the prophets, they would have been their followers and would not have opposed them.” Yet, they persecute my followers, and me and all who teach the truth, for the same things that the enemies of the prophets of old were persecuted.

“It was special privileges that Pharaoh offered the “Enchanters” to oppose Moses as being a liar. “He (Pharaoh) promised them that they would be drawn near to him.” (Holy Qur’an 7:113, 114). It is the nearness (friendship) of the White race that the majority of the Black preachers seek, and not the nearness, love and friendship of God. They openly confess that in their position (licensed and missioned by the White race, to preach according to their likings) they cannot preach the truth if that truth is made grievous to carry, because of the love and fear of the enemies, by the preachers. But to say that the truth is hatred is to hate the truth.”


Though the Black people of America should be overjoyed after learning the truth and in love with the truth bearer–Messenger Elijah Muhammad, most of them are not. At the time of this writing a little over 42 years has passed since that momentous first meeting between Almighty God in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, and His Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

During this 42 plus years, the Messenger has proven through his teachings, his example, and his effect on the lives of countless Blacks, that he is just who the Gospels teach that he is: our Jesus. Let us conclude with a few more words from this divine Comforter.

“My people (the so-called Negroes) should be real happy after reading in this book the truth that God has revealed to me, seeing that the salvation belongs to them and not to the Jews, as they have been made to believe.

“It is a pity that they have been made so blind, deaf and dumb, to the extent that in order to make them believe the truth Allah (God) will have to whip them into submission. That is why I am teaching them night and day, for the chastisement of Allah is to be feared–even by the devils.

“Beware, my people! Do not take what I am writing here as a joke or mockery. It is the divine truth, from the very mouth of God, and not a made-up story of my own. I have not the brains to think up such truth. I once was as dead as you are. Don’t give others any credit for Allah’s (God’s) revelation of truth to me (even you who believe). Give praises to Allah, to whom it is due, for I am only your Brother and a sufferer with you, under the same. But if you would believe in Allah (God) as I do, though under your burden, you would feel it not.”

The Holy Qur’an closes with two chapters (113 and 114) that include strong warnings that we must be aware of the envious. As we now look to the future during the balance of this book via this chapter on envy, so will we have to strive to get into God’s government through the rough waters of the evils of this world.

Beware of the envier when he envies.

In Volume 27 Number 3 of this column, Brother Jabril wrote:

“An envious person is the worst kind of person because he will kill you.” I heard these words, on a tape recorder, spoken by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in the Spring of 1956. I wondered over the depth of these words because many murder for many different reasons. What was it about envy that caused these words? These words were written in 1973.

Farrakhan: The Traveler, in volume Vol. 26-20, we read:

The headline of this newspaper–The Final Call–two issues ago, Volume 26, Number 18 reads: “Minister Louis Farrakhan Returns Home,” with the last two words emphasized in bold.

These words are not only significant to members of The Nation of Islam and those who love Minister Farrakhan, but to those, who although are not but so close to him, they deeply admire him. They admire him for his strength of character; his power to maintain the courage of his conviction; his ability to get to the essence of complexities then speak truth to power; his breadth (or wide range) of mind, the depth of his compassion for the downtrodden, the voiceless, the poor; his remarkable patience under extreme provocation, his seemingly boundless enthusiasm and more.

Certainly, there are some who think otherwise with respect to him. Certainly, there are others who doubt the wisdom and power–even the existence–of Those whom he represents and who back him.

Certainly, there are many who are seemingly indifferent to this unique phenomenon–the Nation of Islam–of which Minister Farrakhan is the visible head. They are seemingly oblivious to his presence and the effectiveness of his work. On the other hand, there are millions whose developing understanding and acceptance of Minister Farrakhan, and the perspective he represents on the issues of which he speaks so brilliantly, indicates aspects of the correctness and the significance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the One Who taught him.

The very nature of the mission of Minister Farrakhan is such; the combustible elements that make up the problems of America–especially the core problem, which is the position and condition of 40-50 million Blacks–is such, that no one can avoid forever the impact of his presence, message and work. The nature of our collective circumstances is such that not one of us can escape the grand finale to which all of us (regardless of “color” or otherwise) are inevitably headed. Therefore, everyone ought to be very interested in understanding the mission of Minister Farrakhan.

Minister Farrakhan, especially, (and those with him and those on their way) are the significant visible aspect, the core of that which is generating the most rapid change taking place throughout the Earth since time began. If this is true–and it is–it follows that to understand him, and the Powers that guide him, is to enter into the understanding of the true nature of his success.

Deeper, to rightly perceive him and to perceive the explanation for the existence of the Nation of Islam, opens wide the door to grasping what is really taking place at this time in our lives. This understanding allows us to gain access to grasping the truth of the mysteries of the scriptures.

Such understanding can clarify the root reason the world is in turmoil and at the same time can point to the way out to a better day–if we are willing to accept the guidance divinely provided through Minister Farrakhan.

But we do not have forever to make up our minds on whether or not to react properly.

After a few important preliminary remarks, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated the following, on July 30, 1972: “For a long time, forty years, I have been among you sounding this kind of a trumpet. So there was an end to Noah sounding his trumpet in his day and time. There was an end to Abraham and Lot sounding their trumpets in Sodom and Gomorrah, at their time.

“And also there came an end to Moses and Aaron sounding their trumpets to Pharaoh and his people.

“These kinds of trumpets are the mouths of men and the words proceeding from their mouths. These are the first trumpets that sound——called an easy sound because they’re coming from man’s mouth. The other trumpet is not heard directly from the mouth, it passes through some mechanical instrument. That’s the kind of trumpet I’m warning you to be aware of… Don’t forget that you’re in the Time that has been kept hidden from you by the enemy in here of the Time.

“Why did they keep this Time as secret from you? Because they don’t want you to know the end of their Time…So therefore, they keep it hidden. But Allah has raised me up from among you to open my mouth and tell you things without fear…It’s given there in the Bible but the enemy knowing that it is referring to him and his Time, that he made translates of it in such way that you would never know.”

He also said something very wonderful about Minister Farrakhan that day in that address. And he spoke of that frightening mechanical trumpet that will be used after the “easy sound” stops trumpeting.

Yet this Holy Book–the Qur’an–ends with two Surah’s, which teaches the Believer to seek refuge in Allah from the wickedness of envious people. There is the profoundest connection between these victories and the final victory over envy and the envious.

Envy refers to a desire in a person for the destruction or removal of a blessing that another person has–a destruction, which the bearer, of this state of mind and emotion, the envious person would carry out if he had the power to inflict on his victim.

This is not the same as wanting to be blessed for one’s own efforts, while not at all wishing for blessings to be removed from others. This fuels righteous competition. The Holy Qur’an teaches us to vie with each other in good works; not in evil works.

Envy is thoroughly wicked.

More next issue Allah willing.