Have you ever learned something from a book or tape that you couldn’t wait to put it into practice? How will you know if it works unless you put it into practice? The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad states in How to Eat to Live, Book II: “I am often experimenting as I teach you, so that I will know what happens if you go contrary to the teachings of How to Eat to Live.”

Once you come into knowledge, then what? We are supposed to put our mathematical theology to work. When we don’t properly use or apply our knowledge, two things can happen: Either we get weaker, or we abuse the knowledge and apply it improperly. In the field of fitness, I look at the use of steroids among body builders as abuse of the body. And guess what? The steroids give the body a false sense of what it can do, which ultimately can destroy the body just as abuse of authority can destroy an organization.

I am thankful to Allah (God) for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is an example of a superior student who takes his study into action in every area: From eating to live, conducting business and inspiring people. Minister Farrakhan is an example of a God-centered, educated man who exemplifies what he teaches as the two purposes of education:


1) Education is supposed to be the proper cultivation of the gifts and talents of the individual through the acquisition of knowledge; and

2) Education, after self-cultivation, is to teach us how to give proper service to self, family, community, nation and then to the world.

One way we can show gratitude to such a man, his teacher and The God Who sent them is to be a Brother and a Sister to each other. However, that can only begin if we first begin taking care of ourselves and making His word bond.

Why is physical activity so important? According to the book “Fit for Life II: Living Health” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, every part of our body depends on regular physical activity:

“When a specific part of the body is put into action, the body responds by sending more blood, nutrients, and energy to that area. This response leads to an overall improvement in the health and vitality of the particular part involved. If exercise is neglected, the body will become weak and all its physical powers will be diminished, but with regular exercise the entire system will be strengthened and invigorated.”

Start a walking program today. Need inspiration? Every month on the 1st and 3rd Saturday at 9 p.m. is an informative health program conducted by Sister Dawn Muhammad of New Jersey and Sister Wanda Muhammad of Atlanta, Ga. To tune in, call (712) 432-3900, pin # 5481580. The next show will be Nov. 3.

Remember, belief accounts for nothing unless carried into practice. Every belief must be followed by an action. What do our actions indicate about our belief? Victory is assured, but are we still going to be on the team when we win the game?

May Allah (God) bless us all with peace, health, wealth and happiness.

(Sister Audrey Muhammad is a certified aerobics instructor and personal trainer, and the author of the new audiobook, “Get Fit to Live: Be your Best You!” Please consult a physician before beginning any new exercise or dietary program. Questions or comments may be sent to [email protected].)