MXODUS Tours travel downhill from the border of Canada to Mexico’s southern sphere

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“And certainly We have made the Word to have many connections for their sake, so that they may be mindful. Those to whom We gave the Book before it, they are believers in it. And when it is recited to them they say: We believe in it; surely it is the Truth from our Lord; we were indeed before this submitting ones.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 51-53


We were greatly surprised when our tour group reached the town of Yanga to prepare for our presentation at the Yanga Festival, when we were met by an enthusiastic group of young people who were artists and others with tape recorders and a photographer anxious to ask us many questions concerning our visit. Dr. Toni Humber and myself, as well as the group were questioned about Blacks in America and the condition of our society.

We were unaware that our photos and those of our tour group were to be highlighted in the August 11th and August 12th edition of their main newspaper, El Sol de Cordoba. They were particularly inquisitive about the majority participants in the tour who were members of the Nation of Islam in America. They were very interested to hear our views and ask questions pertaining to our history in America and the work of our Founder Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and present course and direction under the spiritual leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The newspaper coverage is in Spanish and may later be translated for our readers.

October 12, 2007 marked the last day of the Ramadan Fast and the last of the 10 nights of power in which the Holy Qur’an was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad (May the peace and blessings of Allah be with him.) This night also ended the Nation of Islam’s Prayer Tsunami. This day also was celebrated in Mexico and other parts of America as the day of Christopher Columbus’ so-called discovery of America in 1492. Sixty-four (64) years later in the first shipload of human cargo bringing our foreparents to this strange land from Africa commenced in 1555. Sixty-four years from that day in 1619, in Jamestown, Virginia, it is recorded that we made our presence in the American colonies.

October 13th commenced the opening of the two-mile Walk-a-Thon held in Atlanta, Georgia for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Prostate Cancer Foundation. As we approach the day October 16th, when the Honorable Minister Farrakhan will deliver the main address celebrating the 12th Anniversary of the Historic Million Man March, we may ask what is the significance of all these events taking place on these dates; and how are they related to the recording of historic events of a people and a nation coming to birth in America?

Nothing happens by chance, nor are there coincidences. Each of these events mark a turning point in the history of our Nation from the perspective of both ancient and contemporary times with the use of the Mathematical Language and the Law of Time. The significance of numbers is always revealing itself behind the scenes of every event bringing up objects to our view. The Mathematical Language rules and orders our existence on Earth and in the universe.

In reviewing the significance of our downhill MXODUS journey at the speed of 48 miles per hour, we can begin to explore the scientific meaning and significance of this number. In our previous article, we reversed this number 48, which gave us the initial number 84. By adding zeroes, we came to the date 8,400, the exact date of Yacob’s fathering of the present world civilization dominated by the European and American nations that have conquered and dominated all the world’s people on land and on sea, during a period of 6,000 years.

In our ancient chronology of histories and world events, we may also connect this number 48 to our moon’s history recorded 66 trillion years ago and discover some very deep and linguistic and mathematical roots. How can we apply the moon’s history to our present study of the old touring car speed? The number 48 is made up of 6 X 8 = 48, or 24 X 2 = 48, or 12 X 4 = 48. The numbers 12 and 36 add up to 48. All of these problems in our Lesson Assignment are dealing with time (The Theology of Time) introduced to us in a series of lectures by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1972.

The number 48 matches perfectly with the history of the moon when that part called moon was detonated or separated by an explosion from this part called Earth. It went upward 12,000 miles high and the part we presently live on called Earth went downward 36,000 miles away from its original pocket. Thus, the combination of 12 and 36 equals 48 and may theoretically apply to the answer of the student’s attempt to connect these numbers mathematically to world events and histories past, present and future.

“These will be granted their reward twice, because they are steadfast, and they repel evil with good and spend out of what We have given them. And when they hear idle talk, they turn aside from it and say: For us are our deeds and for you your deeds. Peace be to you! We desire not the ignorant. Surely thou canst not guide whom thou lovest, but Allah guides whom He pleases; and He knows best those who walk aright.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 54-56