Originally Published Oct. 9, 2007

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sent a delegation consisting of Attorney Abdul Arif Muhammad, editor-in-chief of The Final Call newspaper, Student in the Ministry Abdul Khadir Muhammad of Washington, D.C. and Final Call Contributing Writer Ashahed M. Muhammad to Charleston, West Virginia to determine the facts of the case, and also to minister unto the family of the young woman who was the victim of this heinous and barbaric attack.

Megan Williams (second from right) with her mother Carmen Williams (l); Ashahed Muhammad (r); Abdul Arif Muhammad (l rear).

What follows is an exclusive interview with Megan Williams and her adopted mother, Carmen Williams, conducted on Thursday, October 4, 2007, at their home. For the first time here you will see, in Megan Williams’ own words, the description of this repugnantly vicious assault.

The Final Call (FC): We know this was a difficult experience for you, but in order for the public to know the full truth of what happened, you have agreed to tell us in this interview. We want you to go as slow as you need and if you have any questions, or feel uncomfortable, just let us know. Tell us the story. Tell us what happened.


Megan Williams (MW): When I first went up there, a girl I knew named Christa, she took me up there, she said we were going to a party.

FC: When Christa took you there (the trailer home in Big Creek in Logan County) what did she do?

MW: She said she had to make a run and she would be right back. She didn’t come back.

FC: Do you believe Christa was involved in arranging this?

MW: (Nodding.)

Carmen Williams (CW): Yes, it was a setup, she left her there. When Megan was in the hospital, Christa called and I answered the phone. Christa was asking, ‘how is my friend?’ I told her that she wasn’t a friend of Megan’s because she left her. Christa then hung up the phone. We have not seen or heard from Christa since that time.

The police investigators say they are trying to locate her for an interview, but have not been able to find her.

FC: There were some news reports that you had a relationship with one of the defendants, Bobby Brewster. Is this accurate?

MW: We were just friends. It was nothing like that.

FC: No dating relationship between you and defendant Bobby Brewster?

MW: No. They kicked me in the head with steel toed boots, they hit me in the head with several objects, I remember seeing a knife, and they tried to cut my foot off. They told me that is what they did to Kunta Kinte when they cut his foot off so he couldn’t run and that is what they were going to do to me.

FC: When exactly was this?

MW: It was like in August. When she (Christa) dropped me off up there, that’s when they started beating on me, and calling me names. When they were hitting me and stabbing me, they called me n—-r, they said ‘this is what we do to n—-rs up here’ and they said they were going to kill me.

They didn’t feed me, didn’t give me no water, they said when they came back they were going to finish me off. They made me eat rat poop, dog poop and human feces. I had to do it to stay alive. They were taking my head and drowning me in a toilet, taking it back out and putting it back in (starting to cry). They were stabbing me in the leg, and I was screaming for my mom, and they would cover my mouth up.

They made me pick green beans out of the garden, they made these switches into a braid and they were whipping me as I was picking the greens. They made me pick weeds out of the garden and they were calling me n—-r and said they were going to take me out to a creek and cut my throat and throw me in a river. All I was saying is I wanted to get back to my mom, and they were like, ‘you ain’t ever going to see your mom ever, ever again, never.’ I wanted to get back home so bad.

FC: When they were forcing you to go out into an open field was this a secluded area where no one could see you?

MW: Nobody seen me, nobody knew where I was at; it was a wooded area.

FC: At any time did you try to scream for somebody to help you ?

MW: Yep, they kept kicking me and stuff and saying that if I screamed again they were going to cut me and all kinds of stuff.

FC: Describe what was going through your mind when you first realized that Christa might not be coming back?

MW: I was scared and frightened.

FC: Megan, you went with an associate to this place for a party, did you know where she was taking you?

MW: No.

FC: When you got there, did you know where you were, did you know the house?

MW: No.

FC: After you got to the “party,” how long was it before you realized that Christa was not coming back?

MW: A couple of days. She said ‘I’m going down to my friends house and I’ll be right back’ two days went by and she never came back up, I got worried and then they said she wasn’t going to come back and get me, and that no n—-rs were allowed up there, and they were going to kill me.

FC: What kind of party did you see?

MW: They were just up there doing drugs, it was not a party.

FC: What kind of drugs?

MW: They were making Meth. (Methamphetamines)

FC: Anything else besides Meth?

MW: Crack.

FC: They were actually doing these drugs, were they trying to make you do drugs?

MW: No. I wouldn’t.

FC: Did you start praying to God for help?

MW: Yes, I was asking Him to get me out of this. The only thing I was thinking about was my mom.

FC: Did you ever try fighting back?

MW: I did. I fought back when they would cut me, and they had me taped up with duct tape around my neck, my hands and feet, and when they left to get drugs and stuff, they said they were going to finish me off; they were going to take me down to a river, cut my throat and throw me in it, and I would never get to see my family ever again.

FC: There were several people involved. Who was the most vicious?

MW: All of them passed the knife around when they were stabbing me, all I remember is that when they were stabbing me, I passed out, and I guess that’s when they quit because I passed out, because I lost so much blood. I had noticed the stab wounds and they were this big and my meat was hanging out (shows the location on her left thigh). All I can remember was the knife, and I wake up every night now. That’s the only thing I see when I close my eyes is that knife.

FC: Ms. Williams (Megan’s mother), you told me since this happened, she has nightmares?

CW: I sleep with her actually, because if she doesn’t feel me near her, she’ll wake up and scream out in the middle of the night hollering ‘Mom! Mom!’

FC: At the point you realized after one or two days that you didn’t hear from your daughter–is it customary for her to be absent for long periods of time without checking in?

CW: Yes, she’s 20 years old, so she goes when she wants to and comes back when she wants to. At the time, she didn’t live with me. She would call me every now and then, but at the time, she was not living with me.

FC: How did you find out that something had happened to Megan?

CW: Logan Hospital called me and they asked me if I had a daughter named Megan Williams, and I said yes. Then they proceeded to tell me what happened to her, and they asked me how soon we could get up there.

FC: Megan, while you were being held there, can you tell us more about what happened?

MW: Yes. Bobby kicked me in my stomach a few times, kicked me in my back and my face and all I remember is that they hit me with several objects, a cedar stick, a fly swatter handle, a belt, a shoe, and you know the gloves with the lead in them, they were smacking me in the face with those. Both my eyes were black and every night, they made me sleep outside.

FC: While they were doing all of these drugs, what were you doing?

MW: I just wanted to get away. I asked one of them if they could let me go, they said no because ‘ain’t no n—-rs allowed up here,’ and they were going to kill me. One day, I was asleep in the room, one of them came in and was kicking me and said ‘hey n—-r, we got a noose out there for you, want to come look at it? We’re going to hang you, come on.’ I got really scared. I just wanted to get out of there. I was fighting for my life.

FC: You said that they cut your hair?

MW: As they would cut it, they were literally pulling my hair out, and pulling it out in patches. They were all sitting on the porch drinking beer, and they had that knife out. Bobby made me lick his mom’s bottom at knife point, and then he made me suck her toes. They were laughing and calling me names. One of them held me at gun point with a 9 mm.

FC: Now where did they have you sleeping?

MW: In the shed. They told me there were no n—-rs allowed in the trailer.

FC: What male members of the group raped you?

MW: Danny (Combs) and Bobby (Brewster).

FC: Do you know who made the anonymous tip to the police?

MW: Yep, it was a boy named Eddie that was up there. He lived a couple of houses down. He was walking and saw my hands out the window and went for help.

CW: He said he heard her holler for help, he ran back down the street and called police. I spoke to him on the phone and he said ‘ma’am, I’m the one that made the call.’

FC: Since this ordeal have you been harassed or received any threats?

CW: No. We haven’t been staying here. We just came home about a week ago.

FC: Have you received any support from the Religious Community?

CW: Yes, my pastor Bishop James Carter has been to every pretrial hearing that they have had, and he is going there today; and Allen Hill and Emanuel Heyliger.

FC: How are you feeling now Megan?

MW: I feel a lot better.

FC: If there was one thing you could get across to people who hear about this case, what would it be?

MW: There are dangerous people in the world and everybody needs to keep an eye on their kids so that their kids will be safe.

FC: What do you hope happens to the people who did this to you?

MW: I think they need to be put away and never get out again. They should never again see daylight.

CW: I just hope they get what they deserve. I hope they get life. I don’t wish nobody dead, because that’s not my belief, but they should be in prison for the rest of their lives.

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