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A Valuable Blackman Part 11

This use of Minister Farrakhan, by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, was in evidence, for example, during the 1981 through 1984 Saviour’s Day Conventions. The speeches of Minister Farrakhan during those meetings; the Divine backing of it all, and its international impact and implications, signaled the launching of the Nation of Islam beyond the gravitational pull of the evil forces of this world forever.


Now, during the 1984 convention, Minister Farrakhan wore a specially made fez. It had jewels placed in it for significant purposes. It contained two jewels; one red and the other blue.

Master Fard Muhammad had pointed out to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad two stars high in the heavens before He left. One was blue. The other was red. He told His servant that these stars appear, where we can see them from earth, only once every 50,000 years. They signify a universal change. Just how universal those changes were, I am not sure. Their appearance this time, with His presence, signifies the greatest, the most universal of all changes ever produced since the beginning of time. We do know that their appearance (among other signs) this time marked the time of the beginning of the re-creation of the heavens and the earth. This is the time period the things God is and will do marks the end of that significance for those two stars; so said the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

There is a deep-seated and far reaching relationship in the fact that the red and blue star were represented in the Minister’s fez; it was 49 years after the outbreak of hypocrisy in 1935, that led to the 7-year flight of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Forty years later–in 1975–the worst outbreak of such disease occurred on his departure. Now, 49 years from 1935, the Saviour’s Day Conventions (1981-84) marked, or signaled significant stages in the process of overcoming the pull of our lower selves (which hypocrisy encapsulates and is the worst of what we can be). These series of lectures–of course, with other work the Minister did, during that time–represented significant critical turning points in the removal of this disease from Black people, although this may not be perceived as such even at this time. His effort, during that time, launched us into a new era.

Remember, Joseph only saw 11 stars, not 12, bowing to him according to his vision in the scriptures. He came to power in the land wherein he was a slave. He went through a process of suffering. The manner in which God blessed him to handle suffering purified him and was part of his qualifications for exaltation. His exaltation was to serve a great purpose. As we can read in the book of Genesis, he was seen sitting down discussing economics with the ruler of Egypt. Moreover, with the guidance of God, he resolved the intricate problems with his brothers. A family was established for the glory of God.

This was a sign; a type of a greater, better and permanent ru-lership that was to come and now is being established right here in America. This was not “seen,” by the vast majority–as was the case of Joseph’s brothers, generally–but was of the “unseen,” and of the future that only God could have known and brought about.

In the Holy Qur’an 12:102 we read:

“This is of the announcements relating to the unseen (which) We reveal to thee….”

In verse 111 we read:

“In their histories there is certainly a lesson for men of understanding. It is not a narrative which could be forged….”

In the third verse of Surah 12, which is named “Joseph,” we read: “We narrate to you the best of narratives….” Some translations place the word “accurate” in place of the word “best.” Both words represent some of the rich meaning of God’s word here. The Holy Qur’an is a book that could not be forged. Nor could the manner of its fulfillment be forged, in the sense of false imitations intended to defraud.

The word “forge” means to bring something into being by forming, shaping, combining, or altering materials such as the way metals are heated, and hammered and shaped into something, whatever it may be. In its extended sense, however, this word has a negative connotation. It means to invent something fictitious; to imitate or to fraudulently produce that which is intended to deceive others; to fabricate; to fake; to produce a spurious work, which is claimed to be genuine. Spurious is that which is bogus; deceitful; phony; a sham.

The Holy Qur’an is not such as could have come from anyone other than Allah. Likewise, those who have divinely fulfilled the signs, or the divinely established types, mentioned throughout this Holy book, or who represent the active will of God, are not fakes, false and the like.

Certain wicked rulers, certain other evil persons, generally, and even sinful nations are also mentioned, in this Holy book, as signs or types. However, they represent–at best–God’s permissive will. Even the devil could not be unless God allowed, or permitted him to be.

That which serves as a sign, such as that provided in the narrative of Joseph and his brothers, cannot, by its very nature, be as great or as complete as that to which it points. The sign cannot be as great as that which fulfills what it (the sign) points to. Eleven bowed, in the Surah titled, “Yusuf (Joseph).” Notice, however, that in Revelation, chapter 12, we read of the agreement between the 12 scientists, to bow to and agree with the will of the Father, who produced the child carried by the woman.

These persons and the events so described did not take place in the past. The 12th chapter of Revelation was originally a part of a series of visions granted to the father of the White race, a little over 6,000 years ago. He saw these times in which we live. Although, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad made clear, some portions of the book of Revelation had been fulfilled, over the last thousand years or so, approximately 90 percent of it is directed to America, and the divine efforts to free Black people from their former slave masters.

The visions of Revelation portray Black people in the process of being formed into the Family of God; created to produce a new kingdom, through which a new world is to be born, by which all of humanity will benefit.

As we conclude this chapter, let us consider a bit of history, a few dates and a few numbers.

The history of Joseph begins in the 17th chapter of Genesis. Even this number–17–has its significance. In that chapter, Joseph receives a vision. Even though pain and suffering follows the vision, the book of Genesis closes with the victorious Joseph making a divine family–a sign of that which was to come.

Now from the 1984 Saviour’s Day Convention–the 4th in a series, centering on Minister Farrakhan and his speeches–to September of the next year, 1985, was 19 months. And 1985 was 50 years from 1935.

Three significant things happened that year–1935. Master Fard Muhammad departed; left the country. There was an outbreak of hypocrisy against the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and he was forced to flee Chicago; thus, depriving his family of the direct presence of a father.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad first went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Then he went to the east coast, where he kept on the move from his pursuers; not spending more than two weeks in one city at a time, according to the guidance of his Teacher. This went on for seven years. Whenever he was able to visit his family in Chicago, it was under disguise. Then he was arrested on the basis of lies and spent the next five years in jail. He was released August 25, 1946–17 years after a certain kind of darkness fell over America–Wall Street collapsed in October 1929.

More next issue, Allah willing.