A Valuable Blackman Part 7

How much gold is there on and in the earth? Aside from what is in the earth, there is a great deal of gold in the form of jewelry and otherwise; in jewelry stores and in homes throughout the earth. At the present rate of, let us say, dollars per ounce, how much is all this gold worth?

How much silver, platinum, rubies, diamonds, emeralds and other precious metals and stones exist, both in and on the earth? In the way that business people value precious metals and stones, and going by the present rates, how much or what is the value of all of the precious metals and stones, both in and on the earth? What is it all worth? If measured in terms of dollars what would it come to? Add it up, if you can.


What of the very expensive weapons systems of the nations of the earth? What about all of the uranium, and all of the other minerals, metals, and other items used to build the death dealing weapons of war, which the nations own?

What is the value of all of the automobiles, trucks, trains, boats, ships of all kinds; and all other kinds of transportation that is on the earth?

What of all of the precious pieces of art, of all kinds? What is the collective value of all of the art, of all kinds, on the earth?

What of all of the buildings, of all kinds; especially the huge palaces, resorts, enormous homes, and official buildings of the nations of the earth? What is the worth or value of all of this?

What of all of the hi-ways; the transportation systems (land, sea and air); of the nations of the earth?

The reader can easily supply similar questions, and points, respecting “all of the wealth that is in the earth.” The point is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad placed greater value on the lives of Black people in America than he did on everything else anywhere–even his own life, within reason–except (1) the God Who raised him up, (2) his Minister, (3) the elects. Why? He loves. He loves his people with the totality of his being. He was born to love his people with Divine intensity.

Certainly, he spoke and acted from a sense of the profoundest kind of gratitude to Master Fard Muhammad, Who raised him from death to life, and placed him in the most honored position any one has ever been put in by God. Certainly, there was no one whom he valued above his Teacher, and the message he was given to deliver.

But there is no denying that in the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad came to see what God prepared for him, in that mighty Black man (his Minister). He came to see the Minister as a major key in the means by which the lives of the millions of his beloved people, for whom he had sacrificed all could be saved.

At a certain point, in Minister Farrakhan’s development, his teacher told him, one day, in front of others, around 1969, or so, that he had been waiting for him for 38 years. Like Moses before him, he felt the need for a special helper at the outset of his mission. Although he later became more scientific in his thinking about this helper, he was no less loving.

To what extent do most people value human life over money? To what extent do most people value material things over the lives of those who are not their close relatives or friends?

How many people really have a deep seated empathy for the welfare of others–in mass? How many have compassion for people; regardless to who they are, throughout the entire earth?

This quality varies among different persons throughout the earth. If the leaders of the nations; the political, business leaders and others, really cared about human life above their egos, rancid nationalism and the satisfaction of their lusts and greed for profits, the human misery that fills the earth could be tremendously reduced at once; and eliminated soon thereafter.

One day the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told Minister Farrakhan of a vision that his blood brother, Charlie, had of his heart, several decades ago. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s brother told him that there was a light emanating (coming) from his heart and that this light touched people of every hue. All of humanity was touched by the rays of the light coming from the heart of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

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His brother told him that on his heart, however, was a little black spot. But, he continued, that when this little spot was removed, he would teach millions.

At the very time that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told this to his Minister, he was teaching millions. However, he was not teaching millions as this was yet to be done; as they were yet to be taught. For one thing, he had not yet ascended to the Father. The significance of that status could not be taught, in its fullness, as it had not yet occurred.

Moreover, in the very nature of things, the millions could not be taught and saved until after he departed. He knew this before he left in 1975. Another man had to do that kind of work, which, involved the representation of himself in his glorified state, when he would be with the Father; his Teacher. He knew that while he was gone, from public view, he would yet need a body containing a certain kind of mind and heart. This man had to be filled with God’s spirit, so that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad could use him to get to and teach his people–that they might be saved. Then he could make them into the type of people and nation described in the scriptures, who after being chosen, would be used by God to build the new world.

This conversation between the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and his Minister about his brother’s vision, took place not long after the Honorable Elijah Muhammad cured Minister Farrakhan of a spot on his lung that the doctors had determined was tuberculosis. It was an established fact that the Minister did have TB. When this was confirmed he informed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He was hurt over the probability that he would have to stop representing his teacher to the public.

The following night the Honorable Louis Farrakhan experienced something very unusual. In the wee hours of the morning he told his wife that someone had been in the room with them and that he did not believe he had TB anymore. A few days later, this was confirmed by the medical people, who were amazed. He enthusiastically told his teacher, who simply smiled.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told his Minister what he did, of his own brother’s vision of his heart, because there was an impurity–a spot–in his Minister, that this master teacher knew would one day be removed. He knew that and he knew how the Honorable Louis Farrakhan would one day be teaching millions. He indicated this before he left. Moreover, not only was this written, his Teacher (Master Fard Muhammad) spoke to him about the Minister. So he put what his brother told him of his heart, on his Minister’s mind, knowing that one day he would come to see the “why” of that conversation. Furthermore, he participated in its removal.

More next issue, Allah willing.