A Valuable Blackman Part 6: Preparation

The Holy Qur’an teaches that Allah created all for His mercy. All means all. Let us remember, we (Black folk) act like Satan daily. We have no right to even think of apportioning the mercy of Allah. Self-righteousness earns hell fire.

For instance, these words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are worth careful reflection. He once wrote, warning Black people about making the same error as the people of Lot, who waited and were destroyed by the executors of God’s justice.


He wrote, in part, “The history teaches us that by waiting they were the loser; but yet, it will be the same, today. It is the same, for it is going on now. You are rejecting this truth, and you are accepting falsehood instead.”

Now, here is what we are getting to of his words, for the point being made here: “Naturally the enemy of truth is angry with the bearer of the truth, because by nature, the enemy was not made of truth. He was made of falsehood.

“But again, the Book (Bible) teaches that, “Whosoever believeth, the same shall be saved.” This is truth, whether he is White or Black. If a White man, woman, boy or girl believes, even through by nature they are not the real righteous, their faith will get them out of the hell that Allah threatens this world with.”

This is a subject he covered in plain words on several occasions. More about this later.

Meanwhile, the fact is that those very wise scientists did foresee the means by which the majority would also be saved. In the book of Revelation, for instance, a picture is given of the saving of a large number of our people and others after a terrible chastisement from Allah.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad always spoke of the scientists who wrote the scriptures with the highest respect. How, then, can this saving of the majority, be truthfully reconciled with the prophecy of the saving of only a tiny number?

The fifth in the order of the written lessons given to registered Muslims, in the Nation of Islam, contains these words: “One of the Prophets, in early days, said: ‘The Lost Found Nation of Islam, numbering one hundred forty-four thousand, will be the Stars, and will return to their original Land,” and the Balance, he said, “are poison and rusty, and will not take the Knowledge of their own.” But, the Messenger and his Laborers does not agree with the old Prophet, in this modern time. He thinks that he will remove all poison and rust from every one of the seventeen million.”

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to this author, in 1966, that when he first got started his mission, he said to his Teacher he thought he could have gotten us all in six months. Then, a little later, he said he could get the job done in a year and a half. That is how enthusiastic and full of God’s spirit he was.

In 1966 he was no less enthusiastic and full of God’s spirit, but he was much wiser. And by then he knew how, by the help of Allah, he was going to get us all. He also knew how the prophecy would be fulfilled, without the complete destruction of his beloved people–the Black man and woman of America–and others too.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said these scientists don’t lie. That which they said would come to pass will come to pass; be fulfilled. So, when we speak of “beating prophecy,” just what is the best way of understanding this? Without going into this too deeply, at this point, let us remember that, broadly speaking, prophecy is either conditional or unconditional.

We cannot ever really get around, avoid or evade unconditional prophecy. Some of them, however, can be “beaten.” First, let us define just what we mean by “beat.” In the informal sense, of the word, as used here, which does not reduce its accuracy, it means: “To counter the effects of, often by thinking ahead.” It is “to mitigate or offset the effects of.” One dictionary defined this word, as meaning: “to be beyond the power or the skill of; to surpass or excel.”

Admittedly, it seems as if a real fine line is being drawn. Not really, as we will see, in a moment. Any definition of the word “beat” carries the main idea contained in every meaning of “beat,” which involves the superior, the wiser, the stronger, etc., winning, overcoming, defeating, etc., another or others.

Without violating the divine wisdom, which underlay this sad prophecy of the destruction of Black people, if the chastisement God ordered the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to announce, in 1964, it would not have meant the complete physical destruction of Black people at that time.

This is not to lessen its awesome, humbling, horrifying, terrible effects, which will produce repentance in most of us. If it had come down on this country, 30 years ago, the vast majority of people, in this country (and around the globe) would have an all-together definitely different mind.

There would be a totally different view of everything, on the part of most.

Thinking would be more realistic and everyone would certainly be more God fearing.

This chastisement–that did not come in the mid-sixties, could be called the spiritual equivalent of the physical lake of fire. Both are yet to come, with the former coming very soon.

What exactly is being stated here is that Master Fard Muhammad, Who is wiser than the scientists who foresaw what they did, countered the effects of what they saw, by thinking ahead, and executing superior wisdom, beyond the power or the skill of the scientists. He surpasses or excels them in wisdom. He mitigates or offsets the full effects of what they saw, without violating the terms of the prophecy.

No doubt there is much more to say to fill out this subject.

In all of this lay the value of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. Allah, Who is wiser than the wisest ones, of the righteous–who are unknown to this world, or the general public–knew of the value of the Minister before he was born. He knew how to produce and form this special human being, Minister Farrakhan, into an instrument of mercy and salvation for millions. He did.

Thus, when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told his Minister that Allah prepared him and that He did so for him, he was speaking to him from the limitless wisdom of the Divine Supreme Being, he had come to attain.

This word, preparation, is from a Latin word, “praeparare,” which basically means “to make ready beforehand.” It means to put in proper condition or readiness. It means to compose to put things or oneself in readiness; get or get ready; to prearrange; to fix or adapt, provide, prime, to put in order. To prepare is to make ready beforehand for a specific purpose, as for an event or occasion; to put together or make by combining various elements or ingredients; to fit out; equip. Furthermore, it means to cause to be ready, as for use, or a special purpose. It involves considering and planning in advance; to predetermine, forethink, premeditate. To plan the details or arrangements of, to arrange, work out, schedule, lay out in advance is preparation.

More next issue, Allah willing.