What is the root of value?

Then think over how many really value anyone else as being of more value to themselves than all of the wealth that exists, in or on this plane–and mean it? How many ever work to put themselves in the position to demonstrate this kind of talk? How many have been, or could be in the position to even intelligently speak like that?

How deep or how far should we try to take, should we see or should we understand, these words of love, and insight, of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad: That his Minister was more valuable to him than all of the wealth that is in the earth? Was this a somewhat careless exaggeration, in which he contrasted all of the wealth in the earth to his Minister, in the way that he did, just to impress, stroke or motivate him? Was this just a way of expressing his love for, and his value to him, as an articulate spokesman?

Or was he accurately expressing what he really thought of his Minister, after a careful and deep assessment, with respect to something deeper–that which his (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s) entire life was about? Look at his words: “…through you I will be able to get all of my people.” Just what was and is involved in these words, few as they are? Just what do these words mean?


Would a man, as intelligent as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad proved to be, make such statement as this without a thorough grasp of himself and his Minister’s relationship to himself, on the deepest level?

Did he make other statements, over time, to his Minister, that corresponded to these words of his value, which he knew would affect Minister Farrakhan for the future?

Yes, he did. We’ll look at them later. Meanwhile, consider this from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, “My mouth was not made to speak idle words.” Any one who ever met him, or got to know him, to some extent, understands the serious and intense nature, disposition and character of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He was, and is, not an average man. Moreover, he worked to be very careful with his words.

If he came across a word he did know, or was not sure of the meaning, he would not stop until he had gone to its very root.

Perhaps the quickest way to make clear just how careful he worked to be in his use of words, was the fact that he publicly stated that most every word he used in his articles were from his Teacher, Whom he made clear to all–regardless to their reaction, was the Lord of the worlds, God Himself.

So these words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are among those words that require deep study, if one is to grasp what is going on in America, as Minister’s Farrakhan’s impact is not to be underestimated.

“Brother, you are more valuable to me than all of the wealth that is in the earth, because the wealth of the earth I met when I came here and I shall leave it when I’m gone. But through you, I will be able to get all of my people.”

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How much wealth is there in the earth? What are all of the forms that wealth takes? How much of the wealth that is in the earth, do the billions of men and women have, at this present time? How much of the earth’s wealth exists that is unused, because of ignorance, or unused due to other factors? Add it up, if you can. Put the used and the unused wealth together. It comes to much, much, much.

Just imagine “all of the wealth” that exists in, or on, or above the earth–within its atmosphere. Suppose you could get it. If you add up all of this wealth, what would it amount to? How long would it take you to count that high? What could you do with “all of the wealth” that is in the earth? What would you do, if you had all of the wealth that is in the earth? What is the prime or main thing you would do for others; for humanity? How would you start? When would you start? Where would you start? How much wisdom, with all of that wealth, could you, or anyone, muster? With what people would you start? And why?

It was written, by the scientists, that out of all of the millions and millions and millions of Black people, whose fathers and mothers were brought to America, and forced into slavery, that when God comes to save them all, only 144,000 or so, would respond to Him and His truth through one from among them. The rest would be so spiritually dead, so lost, too poisoned and rusty, too ungrateful, and too evil, to receive their own–that which belonged to them by nature. So these Wise Ones deemed them (us) as unworthy, and therefore, we were foreseen going down with “the beast,” according to the Book of Revelation, in a lake of fire.

Let’s say that there are 40 million Black people in America. If the prophecy of old were to hold up, or come to pass–and only 144,000 or so of us would be saved–this would mean only about .0036, or about only one out of every 277 or 278 of us, would have accepted God, and His truth, through one from among us, and have a chance to be saved from this world’s doom. The rest would be destroyed–after serving White people in a hellish life!

In other words, if no means were provided to save the 40 million or so Black people, in America, and if only around 144,000 would properly respond to God’s truth and be saved, then about 39,856,000 or so, would go down in the fiery doom of Satan, the devil–the inhuman beast-like people, who destroyed them and made life hell for them for over 400 years!

What about those, such as the Native “Americans,” who were slaughtered in this land? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said around 30 million Original people, called “Indians,” were killed by the conquering Caucasians. What of the other Original people, such as the Chicanos or Mexicans? What of those Caucasians–few though they may be–who would properly respond to God’s truth in these last days (of the judgment of this world) if only it was presented to them, in a manner they could understand and receive? How would they be saved from the wrath of God? Did God provide any means for their salvation?

The Holy Qur’an teaches that Allah created all for His mercy. All means all. Let us remember, we (Black folk) act like Satan daily. We have no right to even think of apportioning the mercy of Allah. Self-righteousness earns hell fire.

For instance, these words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are worth careful reflection. He once wrote, warning Black people about making the same error as the people of Lot, who waited and were destroyed by the executors of God’s justice.

He wrote, in part, “The history teaches us that by waiting they were the loser; but yet, it will be the same, today. It is the same, for it is going on now. You are rejecting this truth, and you are accepting falsehood instead.”

More next issue, Allah willing.