Allah has written: “I shall certainly prevail, I and My Messengers…” –Holy Qur’an 58:21

[This article continues from text featured in a chapter titled “A Valuable Blackman” which is from an unpublished book written in 1984 by Minister Jabril Muhammad.]

What were the factors that led to the fall of the Nation of Islam nineteen years ago? To what extent are these factors still present? What made the Honorable Elijah Muhammad so sure that after the fall of the Nation of Islam it would rise again–never to fall again? Is a part of the reason it will not ever fall again is that the good, being generated in us will overwhelm the evil–both within and without? Even though it may not be so perceptible time will prove this to be true.


What was written in Philippians 1:6, which is relevant to this discussion, is “…that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Because of the importance of this concept, to this work, it is being repeated, at this point, from a few other translations of the Bible, that the reader may get a fuller idea of its content.

“…he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

“…he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

“…the One who began this good work in you will see that it is finished when the day of Christ Jesus comes.”

“…He Who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ–right up to the time of His return–developing [that good work] and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in you.”

“God who began the good work within you will keep right on helping you grow in his grace until his task within you is finally finished on that day when Jesus Christ returns.”

He Who began a good work–His work–in us is Master Fard Muhammad. He personally began this work. He continued major aspects of it through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and others, in America and elsewhere, a little over than 60 years ago. He has a profound, ongoing and a intense interest in seeing to it that what He started is concluded exactly as He intended.

There is no force or power that can be generated by anyone, or any group, anywhere, that can arrest, stop or defeat that which He has begun. This is because the will of Allah is the force which energizes moves and governs creation. Moreover, if you do not have superior power over Him Who has power over the heavens and the earth, it follows that you cannot put a stop to the process He has begun.

The process, begun by Master Fard Muhammad, was not defeated by the fall of the Nation of Islam in 1975. Despite how things looked, and may still look to most, the process He began was actually facilitated by the fall.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad did say, to several of his followers, that the Nation of Islam “would” fall. But, he would add, it “would” rise; never to fall again. Some heard more details than others. But many heard the same basic set of facts. But what was the power out of which he spoke? The fact that he had knowledge of the future–of a great many subjects–is very important to know and understand. How he came by this power is even more important to grasp.

The word “would” is the past tense of the word will. By whose will would it rise–never to fall again? The answer: the will of Allah, Who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. What, then, was the relation between the submission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to his Teacher’s will and the power he attained, by which he grew to see the future?

Now, exactly what enabled and justified the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in stating that the Nation that he headed would rise–never to fall again–after its fall? Why was he able to say this with such confidence, many years before it happened in the rise of Minister Farrakhan? What did he see that would bring this rise about? Did he participate in the rise of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam, before it took place? More relevant questions could be raised, for much is involved not just in seeing the future, but in working in such way so as participate in determining it. The answers take us behind the veil; to the Source of the guiding forces backing the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was able to say, what he did about the future, because of his exceedingly profound grasp of the forces operating within people. He grasped the laws and the process by which events to come would develop. Moreover, God had instructed and guided him so thoroughly into His will, plans and the means by which He implements His will, that he was able to actively participate in the setting up (before he left) that which would insure that the rise of the Nation (after its fall) would be such that it would never fall again. This is the work of a scientist of the first magnitude.

We have access to that kind of power, to some extent. This kind of growth generates confidence and helps develop endurance.

The active involvement, of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the execution of large aspects of the will or plan of Allah, as written in the scriptures, was part of his own training for then and for the next phase of his mission. As he use to say, his real mission had not begun yet. He did say when it would begin. It would begin when he returned to his Teacher.

He told me this, in clear terms, in October 1969.

A few years before (in both 1966 and 1967) he went into the fact, with me, up to a point, that he would escape an especially awesome death plot. He said if Allah had not shown him how he would escape he would have no hope. He spoke of the stupendous power of Master Fard Muhammad to save him. More on this, and what he said to others, on this subject, is covered in a later chapter, as this has direct bearing on the prime theme of this book and the overall work of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

Many, including the U.S. government, not just wanted him dead, but wanted the Nation to die and remain dead forever. She worked hard to that end. However, her power was overcome by the power of God in the rise of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, in 1977. Why was she, and others, caught off guard by his rise? What other illusions has she and others, opposed to the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, yet not free from?

Relevant to this are these words from 58:21 of the Holy Qur’an: “Allah has written down: ‘I shall certainly prevail, I and My Messengers. Allah is Strong, Mighty.’ ” This verse is related to the rise of the Nation of Islam, in the United States of America.

If this is the resurrection of the people, whom the scriptures describe as lost, by the power of the God Who would find them, at the time of the end of this world, who better fits this description any better than Black people of America?

More next issue, Allah willing…