Nothing is hidden from the All Aware One

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The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us that the final battle be-tween God and Satan will be in the sky. We’ve touched the spiritual plane, in this chapter. Before we look at the physical aspect of this–which is a major factor in Minister Farrakhan’s vision–we’ll close this chapter with a review of a few points, with a few additions.


Look at the warning, and the spirit in which Minister Farrakhan gave it to former President George Bush and those with him. That still stands. Does it have any relevance for those in power now–in [former] President Clinton’s administration? Have any of them joined up, with others, in the idea of getting rid of the Minister? Or were any of them already a part of this evil conspiracy? Let us do this with the thought of Allah’s protection of Minister Farrakhan, both then and in the future, if and when they make their move.

In 1986, while traveling in Africa, Minister Farrakhan came to un-derstand more of his vision. He then decided to do something that he did not originally intend to do. He went to Libya. He was well aware that he could go to jail for this. However, he had to do the bidding of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

He went to Libya and continued to do that which he was divinely ordered to do. While he was there, Libyawas bombed. The U.S.A. then made its second and most vicious attack, during which this gov-ernment’s military, under President Reagan, tried to murder the head of another State–Muammar Qaddafi. The Mother of Planes inter-vened, to some extent, as you read earlier in the Minister’s speech made in Libya.

This intervention and how some of America’s weapons were affected by a “strange” force was reported, to some extent, in the press.

Meanwhile, Minister Farrakhan continued to travel, doing God’s will as he went in country after country where, in almost each instance, he was treated with great honor–often as a head of state. This makes one think of the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to Minister Farrakhan, that Allah had made friends for him all the way around the earth.

Finally, in what seemed like a totally unexpected move, a day be-fore he was to speak before a large group of leaders in the govern-ment of Pakistan, he made a certain series of divinely guided, swift, zigzag moves. By the guiding power of the living God, he and his party, eluded the ever watchful eyes of the most powerful government the White race ever produced. He also escaped the eyes of one of the most penetrat-ing intelligence agencies the Caucasian race ever developed–Israel’s Mossad.

The government of America, and her helpers, lost track of him. So they stepped up their preparations to meet him on both coasts and at both borders of the United States of America.

Their written plans were to deal with him in such a manner so as to cause the kind of disturbance that would result in a fight with his traveling companions and with those who would come to meet him. What was their aim? What was their plan? To kill him! The govern-ment’s plan was to murder Minister Louis Farrakhan and blame it on somebody else or on “circumstances.”

But Allah had another plan. He used their plan to serve His pur-poses–and to educate them, this time–as He always does with those whom He allows to oppose Him. He saw and used their plans, while they were totally unaware of His. This was and is instruction to us all–including this government, if it is not too proud to listen. Of course, this is still the case. White people are very proud–even against God Himself.

Among His prime purposes is to awaken Black people to His presence, and the truth of the days in which we live. He wanted to demonstrate that there is more power with Minister Farrakhan than that which they have. He did. Some know it. Others don’t see yet. Will they learn their lesson from God? I ask this in humbleness, as now we all are subject to Him in Whose grip is the earth, as it is written in both the Holy Qur’an and the Bible.

In this regard, this lesson of which I am writing, Minister Farrakhan’s vision is a great key; a key of great learning.

They had all of the ports of entry guarded so well that it seemed as if the only way the Minister could have gotten into the U.S.A.would be to, in some way, get up real high over the borders, or real high over either coast, and then ease down into the middle of the country. On what? Again, I ask, on what?

Then, one day, (I believe it was on June 27, 1986), some of the FOI went to the O’Hare Airport. So did the FBI, the CIA and a host of other White folks, with Black helpers, to meet Minister Farrakhan. He was not there. Where was he? He was at his home, right there in Chicago. He had already been in his home resting from his long overseas journey, and now on June 27, he was resting in his room up over the ballroom in which he would give his “coming home” speech! That is right! He had already managed to get back into this country, “unseen,” for “several” days! This was an-other manifestation of the power of Allah and His Christ–the Honor-able Elijah Muhammad! It is also indicative of things to come.

Minster Farrakhan was blessed to be shown a secret government document of their orders to do him harm, and how they were to do it, as soon as he entered the country through customs. He showed it to me right after he got it. He told me to destroy it after I read it. I did. This is a sign that when they finally make their move against him Al-lah will move on them, on behalf of His servant!

Nothing is hidden from the All Aware One.

Part of what makes this so heavy is that this government still does not know how Minister Farrakhan got back into this country, nor do they know exactly when. Only a traitor would talk what they know of this, if they know anything at all.

This reminds me of a letter the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote me, some years ago. In it he expressed dislike for the “like” in certain kinds of people, who, as he wrote, “likes to inform people of whatever” they learn “whether it is worthwhile or not.”

More next issue, Allah willing.