“Education is supposed to be the proper cultivation of the gifts and talents of the individual through the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge satisfies our natural thirst for gaining that which will make us one with our Maker. So true education cultivates the person–mind, body and spirit–by bringing us closer to fulfilling our purpose for being, which is to reflect Allah (God).” –excerpted from “A Torchlight For America,” by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

MOSQUE MARYAM – Muhammad University of Islam (MUI) students in Chicago, Ill. were able to share the knowledge and wisdom they received with their family and friends on June 19-20 during festivities marking the end of the 2006-2007 academic year.

On June 19, an awards ceremony was held for those MUI students who participated in the play “K.C. Dreams.” Sisters from the younger grades dazzled the audience with their rendition of a Metamorphosis Dance, complete with butterfly costumes that signified the growth a creature of God undergoes, to achieve to their next level of development.


On June 20, the eighth grade and kindergarten graduating classes of 2007 held a spirited and thought provoking ceremony with special guest speakers.

Dean of Brothers, Minister Jeffery Muhammad, served as the Master of Ceremony and introduced the MUI Color Guard as they marched in formation into the packed sanctuary. Eighth grade graduate Brother Asim Muhammad, welcomed the audience and the Kindergarten Class gave a presentation.

The keynote address was delivered by Minister Nuri Muhammad of Muhammad’s Mosque No. 74 in Indianapolis, Ind., who taught out of all of the things that Allah (God) has created, He has provided a system of nourishing and evolving for it until it reaches perfection.

“Well, we have seen in the study of animal life and plant life that all animals, all fowl, they evolved by way of instinct, while man evolves by a different process. You don’t have to teach an ant how to make an ant hill; the ant automatically knows how to make an ant hill. You’ve never seen a bird study a how to build a nest book; instinctively they know how to build that nest. But when it comes to human beings, the human being is formed in a way that we have some instinct but we must be educed or educated in order for us to complete the process of being nourished, sustained and evolved stage by stage until we reach perfection,” Min. Nuri said.

Closing remarks were delivered by MUI Directress Shelby Muhammad and Minister Ishmael Muhammad, Assistant Minister to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Min. Ishmael explained to the youth the immense pride felt by the student’s teachers, parents and communities of their academic achievements.

“This achievement is worthy of our making over you because you have had to succeed under tremendous adversity. You’re a generation that has faced much, much opposition and adversity and circumstances that previous generations did not experience. And so, for you succeeding at this level and completing the courses of study to graduate from Middle School, despite struggles with family problems, things in the home, you stayed focused on the goal and you exceeded many of our expectations.

“All your achievements and your accomplishments, dear Brothers and Sisters, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said all knowledge floats on the sea or the water of good character. So, it does not matter how much you learn and accomplish on paper, if you’re void of good character; if you’re dishonest, if you’re deceitful, if you’re untruthful, then all of those accomplishments and achievements will go down the drain. As we honor you, remember to honor those that have helped you to get to where you are today and where God will bless you to go tomorrow.

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told his servant, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, that he would ‘reach the pinnacle of success in this world’s life.’ And then he said, ‘Brother, I hope you won’t forget who brought you there.’ So, thank Mom. Thank Dad.’

The ceremony was followed by a reception in MUI’s gymnasium.