The whole universe would disintegrate if fools had the knowledge of God’s soul power.

Nevertheless, we are living in the time when such wisdom is being carefully released by God; for we are in the time of the presence of the God Whom the scriptures teach will come and bring all into the understanding of God, including the god within each of us.

Here is a paragraph, written in October, 1967, for what became This Is The One, which bears directly on these extraordinary times in which we live, which has been ushered in by God through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The words which are italicized are from him. (The others are mine.) He gave me these words for that book.


“No Messenger of Allah in the past was ever able to take the general natural laws of the universe and the laws of the nature of man to bear witness with the truth of the all-wise Designer and Creator of the heavens and earth. Messenger Elijah Muhammad knows the relationship between the laws of our being and the law of the physical universe, and the truth originating in the mind of the Divine Being. He has already reached the point from which he has and is able to state exactly what that relationship is. Incidentally, this power of Messenger Elijah Muhammad wipes out the supposed difference between the true religion of God and true science.

“The fact that Messenger Elijah Muhammad has been guided to this mental and moral position, the very fact that he has ever been able to demonstrate the truth of his message, proves conclusively the aims and purposes of Master Fard Muhammad. By guiding Messenger Elijah Muhammad to this position and power, this great God, Allah, has demonstrated the truth of His identity and the truth of what He ever gives the Messenger. In other words, the fact that Allah is God and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is His Apostle is proven beyond doubt and eternally established for man’s benefit.”

Was this kind of proof provided during the forty years the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was visibly among us? Yes. And it is being repeated again by the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

Why is this so? No one can take the general laws of the nature of God’s creation and demonstrate how they bear witness to what he teaches unless (1) God teaches him, (2) what he teaches must be from the same source as the laws of nature, and (3) he must also be in accord with these same laws.

The fact that such teacher was, and is among us, is sufficient proof that God has indeed come. A new world is coming in.

All of this has tremendous bearing on the identity, mission, message, and the power flowing through the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

What I am driving at is further made in these excerpts from an article written by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the New York Amsterdam News, November 30, 1957. In this article he took as his subject The Hereafter.

“We all look forward to seeing the hereafter, and living under a Ruler of Justice and a Government of Righteousness, after the destruction of the unrighteous. The ‘Man of Sin’ (the devils) are now worried, disgusted, and dissatisfied with their own Rule and Rulers, and wish for a change to abetter World: but they desire to be the Rulers in the better World. The hereafter, some believe, is after the great war of Armageddon, or holy war….

“In the hereafter, the righteous will make an unlimited progress. Peace, joy and happiness will have no end. War will be forgotten; disagreement will have no place in the hereafter. The present Brotherhood of Islam is typical of the life in the hereafter. The only difference will be that the brotherhood in the hereafter will enjoy the spirit of gladness and happiness, forever, in the presence of Allah. The people (the Muslims) will make such a change that the people will think that they have a new earth. It will be the Heaven of the righteous.”

Remember, the word “Muslim” only means one who has submitted his or her will to the will of God. Common sense tells us that God will not admit us into His Kingdom unless we are in a state of submission to His will; regardless to what language we use.

He continued: “No sickness, hospitals, insane asylums, gambling, cursing, and swearing will ever be seen nor heard in that life. Decay, fear, grief, and sorrow will stop on this side as proof.”

“The life in the hereafter is an image of the spiritual state of this life. Just think how good you feel when in the divine spirit for awhile. You are so happy that you do not feel even the pain of sickness, trouble, or sorrow. That is the way you will always feel, in the hereafter. No eyes have seen, nor ears have heard what Allah has in store for those Muslims who see the hereafter. There are so many beautiful teachings onthis subject in the Holy Qur-an, that one could write books on it.”

Preparation, which includes a conditioning process, for that unseen life is going on now.

“Now is the time when you can enter that life, for your God is here in person to bring it to pass. You will never be that which you cannot be anymore. Justbelieve in Him. You have been deceived by the Archdeceiver (the Devil) in regards to the hereafter. You are made to believe that the hereafter is a life of spirits (spooks) somewhere in the sky, while the hereafter is only here on the Earth. And, we will not become spirit beings. The life in the hereafter isonly a continuation of our present life. You will be flesh and blood.”

The point in my quoting some of what he taught is to say that the wisdom of which “a little” is now being taught, will produce the higher aspects of the new world which, I repeat, is already now coming in.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was and is indeed a very spiritual man, which made him the most practical leader we ever had. He taught on the judgment of this world. But he also said that “If judgment comes tomorrow we got to eat today.”

In that same New York paper in an article dated August 2, 1958, titled: “We Must Have Some Earth,” he wrote:

“What good is it to serve a Master of God if that Master of God will not give you a home in His earth that you can call your own? There are 57,255,000 square miles of land out of water. Of a total 196,940,000 square miles that make up our planet, and 29,000,000 square miles of producing land.

“How many square miles of this good earth do we, the so-called American Negroes, own here in America? Yet, we seek to be recognized as the equal of our slave-master’s children with nothing but a job that the masters allow us to do for them when we are wanted.

“Is not this a shame for us whom the masters claimed that they freed nearly one hundred years ago to go for our own selves? We have never tried going for self. The white man drives us and forces us to do something for himself and his kind, and yet we have made ourselves appear to the World of Mankind to be the laziest cowards, self-divided, shameful, disgraceful beggars of white people on the earth.”

More next issue, Allah willing.