FCN Editorial

It should come as no surprise that a demonic society, which legalized murdering unborn Black babies in the wombs of their mothers a generation ago, would modernize that scheme with an even more diabolical plan today–one that could possibly destroy the wombs entirely, and endanger the lives of the mothers themselves before they ever give birth.

To that end, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals announced on May 22, that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved their Lybrel tablets for the prevention of pregnancy in women, by eliminating the entire menstrual cycle in women who take the pills.

More than 40 years ago, the American pharmaceutical industry first gave the world “The Pill”– the birth control pill–which permitted women of child-bearing age to engage in sex (the normal path to procreation) without the consequence of pregnancy.


The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad correctly identified that as: “The Birth Control Death Plan.”

When that was not enough, in 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that women had the Constitutional right to abort any unwanted pregnancies on demand.

“This is the worse sin that you could agree on–to have your baby killed before its birth,” Mr. Muhammad responded on page 29 of his book “The Fall of America,” published in 1973.

“My God! To pay attention to the White man and let him slaughter the babies before, and after their birth–this would be like what the fire-worshipers did, who worshiped the fire-god Moloch. They took their babies and threw them into the fire to be burned up, to show their sincerity to the god of fire,” Mr. Muhammad said.

The 1960s was a period when “free love” (meaning sex), was the order of the day. The Pill facilitated promiscuity, because it prevented the most convincing evidence of sexual activity among women and girls–pregnancy.

Then came America’s “psychedelic age,” when “sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll” became the new mantra. Western society then saw that movement evolve to the place where today, the boundary includes openly-accepted homosexuality among males, lesbianism among females, bi-sexuality among both males and females, and even “gay rights” for trans-gender persons, who define themselves as females with “male bodies,” and males living inside female bodies.

These debauched ways of living are what the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan describes, not as a lifestyle, but rather as a “death-style.”

“We need to understand that we have been trained in a self-destructive way of behavior and that we are caught up in a vicious cycle of death. Our lifestyle is really a death-style,” Min. Farrakhan wrote in his book “A Torchlight for America,” published in 1993.

“We all have to die. This is assured. But our time of death in most cases reflects the personal decisions of each individual. The Bible teaches that the wages of sin is death, and as long as we pursue the ways of this world, wrong over right, falsehood over truth, wealth over health, we will pay the price,” said Minister Farrakhan.

This Lybrel pill is meant to be taken 365 days a year. It provides a steady “low-dose” of hormones in the woman taking it so that over time, she may become free of menses altogether.

“Tampering with the hormonal climate of healthy, menstruating women, including teenage girls, whose lives stretch ahead for decades, for the purpose of doing away with their periods is, in a word, reckless,” says Dr. Susan Rako, author of “No More Periods? The Risks of Menstrual Suppression and Other Cutting-Edge Issues About Hormones and Women’s Health.” “Manipulating women’s hormonal chemistry for the purpose of menstrual suppression threatens to be the largest uncontrolled experiment in the history of medical science.”

Human guinea pigs. Human laboratory test rats.

“Suppression of the normal menstrual cycle throws a ‘hormonal monkey wrench’ into women’s complex chemistry, with troubling effects on virtually every organ system in the body–disruptions in the immune system, depressed libido, sensitivity, and response, and alterations in brain chemistry and mood balance,” says Dr. Rako.

Then, there is a social component.

“The disrespect of the female sends the nation to hell because if you want to raise a nation, you raise it through the woman; and if you want to destroy a nation, you destroy it through the woman,” said Minister Farrakhan during his keynote address to the Faith Community of St. Sabina Church in Chicago, Illinois on May 25–just three days after the drug company’s announcement.

“To the women in the audience, there is no great America without you, and there is no great world without you. You fashion the future. That’s why wise people protect the female,” Minister Farrakhan shared.

That protection of the female is lost when sex without consequences is promoted as the “glamorous” and “modern” thing to do.

The resultant sense of sexual “freedom” results in more sexually transmitted diseases–Black women are the group in which the HIV virus, which causes AIDS, is spreading most rapidly. Birth control pills do not protect women against sexually transmitted diseases.

And there is an even higher spiritual component.

“The human being has a grand purpose,” says Minister Farrakhan in Torchlight. “It is wrong to take a woman or a man just for pleasure. Responsibility goes along with intimacy. Caring and sharing goes along with intimacy. Every time you engage in intimacy without responsibility, without caring, without commitment, without sharing, without honest communication, it lowers self-esteem, self-respect and your self-worth until you begin to see yourself and others see you as a person without value.

“This is because every time we submit to our lower desires, we actually are beginning to make nothing of ourselves, while Allah (God) wants to make something of each of us.”

Minister Farrakhan reminds us, and calls human beings to incline ourselves toward Allah (God), toward that Higher Power, toward the Higher Part of Ourselves, and not to surrender to our lower, base desires.

Desires which are made more easy to facilitate by damnable pills such as Lybrel.