Let us remember that this was the first time since December 1, 1974 that Minister Farrakhan had heard the voice of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This points to the need for us to see this tremendous experience of his vision in context. The importance of this word–context–cannot be underestimated.

Dictionaries define the word context as: 1) The part of a text or statement that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning. It is those parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specified word or passage and can influence its meaning or effect; 2) The circumstances, or the set of circumstances, or facts, that surround a particular event, situation, or in which an event occurs; a setting.

(An illustration of the sense of the words “context” given in one dictionary reads: The election can be understood only in the context of the country’s history. Other related words, containing the similar sense of the words “context” are: Framework, setting, frame of reference, ambience, situation, environment, surroundings, circumstances, background, connection, relationship, conditions, precincts, milieu, climate, atmosphere, meaning.)


We need to ponder and reflect over the relationship of the timing, which is part of the circumstances under which the Minister had his vision-plus experience; his own yearning for deeper contact with his teacher–the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; the viciousness of the attacks by the Jews and others; other pressing conditions and circumstances; and then the vision’s occurrence right between two vitally important speeches; his acts in consequence of it; the reports of the planning and acts of the Reagan administration with respect to Libya; all aspects of the Minister’s world tour; his sudden decision to visit Libya; the things he said; President Ronald Reagan’s actions; the law suit revealed; the Minister’s return; the events leading up to his press conference in October, 1989–we need to ponder it all.

The words of the Holy Qur’an that Allah reveals and does what He says and does “with truth” certainly applied to Minister Farrakhan and the particular circumstances when this awesome vision was granted to him. The Arabic word haqq–briefly translated “with truth”–more fully means, according to Muhammad Ali’s footnote #382:

“…suitableness to the requirements of wisdom, justice, right, truth, or fact; or to, the exigencies of the case.”

The word exigency means that which meets the need, demand, or requirement intrinsic to a circumstance or a condition.

So the Minister was experiencing–in this vision–a monumental step introducing, even initiating, him to the next stage of his work. And it came at the most appropriate time in his life and in that which he represented. It fit “the exigencies of the case.”

Remember, again, that among other things at that time, he was personally under the relentless attack by powerful Jews, in the press, others, and of course, the United States government–spending an inordinate amount of the tax payers dollars–which had then, and still has, a 100 plus man team to track his every move, day and night, for over 10 years.

In an article for The Final Call, I urged those more knowledgeable than I to ascertain how much money the government has spent, of the public’s tax dollars, against Minister Farrakhan via this 100-man team alone and the implications of the same.

It goes almost without saying that one of the Divine purposes in this vision was to strengthen Minister Farrakhan for that which he is to do between the time of the vision and that meeting–his upcoming meeting with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

It ought to do the same for those with him.

It should also force those 100-plus who have been paid with your tax dollars–plus all of the other expenses–hundreds of millions of dollars, to study Minister Farrakhan to come to the right conclusion concerning him; yes, and even become among his followers, and help others to become the same.

There are many things and events, in the universe–or at least on earth–that appear too many to exist and operate contrary to the way it seems they should on the physical plane of existence. People see contradictions, chaos, wasted energy, cruelty, and even the lack of purpose; a sort of aimless wandering in many aspects of reality in the world around us–in the physical sphere of things.

As we know, however, there are scientists who have made a deeper study of things (natural phenomena) who tell us that a uniform purpose rules or pervades every aspect of everything that constitutes the universe. There is nothing outside of this purpose. It is manifested in what are called the “laws of nature.”

This rule of law–the laws of the nature of the universe–is really the manifestation of wisdom which creates, organizes and harmonizes, and displays dissimilar elements so wonderfully that each thing and event shows forth the highest utility and practicality, while simultaneously displaying and unveiling the most striking beauty in the creation, which reflects the even greater beauty of the Creator’s infinite wisdom.

These students of nature, therefore, advise us that if we would but study and reflect, with greater care, over the wondrous nature of this aspect of the world, we would find uniformity and harmony in that which we first thought was chaos, confusion and contradiction. Furthermore, they say, what is more often the case is that what seems to be chaos, etc. is the manifestation of the state of our minds and the quality of our grasp of reality.

In This Is The One, I quoted these words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad: “Almighty Allah has taught me that if we study the universe and the nature of the earth: Its plants, animals and insect life; if we study this part of Allah’s creation and the natural laws working among them, we will have the key to the understanding of the way of life intended by God for you and me.”

He also stated: “A religion whose origin or roots cannot be found in the universal order of God’s creation cannot be said to be the religion of God.”

And: “… if your religion’s roots are not found in the universal order of things, it is not from Allah (God).”

In these few words, he pointed out the origin and the interrelatedness of all things and how that related to the best way for human beings to live. By these few words he provided another insight into the key towards the perfect way to live.

In other words, if we study deep enough we’ll see that what is true in the physical realm is likewise true in that realm, or part of reality which gives the physical its meaning and motion. Simply put, that is the spiritual plane or aspect of reality. It is out from the realm of the spiritual that the physical comes.

Now, this does not mean that the spiritual preceded, in time, the physical. No. In the light of the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which carry us into the deepest realms of reality, both have always co-existed. They coexist in an inseparable manner. However, it is the spiritual which gives meaning and motion to the physical. The spiritual takes precedence over the physical in that it directs and renews the physical. This has always been true. And it will always be so. So it is in this sense that the spiritual produces the material.

More next issue, Allah willing.