Farrakhan–“The Bridge” and then some…

According to the “Dictionary of Islam” by T.P. Hughes, Hijrah means migration. (1) The departure of Muhammad from Mecca; (2) The Muslim era; (3) The act of a Muslim leaving a country under infidel rule; (4) Fleeing from sin.

Although the Hijrah, or the era of the “Hegira,” was instituted 17 years after the event so named (the flight of Muhammad from Meccato Medinah) by the Khalifah ‘Umar, the custom of referring to events as occurring before or after the Hijrah originated with Muhammad himself.


The last four questions, relating to points three and four of these “telling answers” raised above, are: What does this experience signify? How can we tell? What does it mean to you? How can you tell?

In stating what his vision-plus means or signifies, I can only state what it means or signifies to me, up to this point–from the day he first told it to me, and onward as I reflected over its importance. If Allah pleases, He may bless me to see more in the future.

I stated that what he told me was gratifying to me. Why? Part of the reasonI was so gratified when my Brother told me of his vision, was that to me this meant that he had passed enough of what he had to pass through in order to be assured that he would one day meet with his teacher. It meant to me that Allah and his teacher were pleased with him and his work.

It signified that my Brother was being further confirmed from the highest level, to be definitely him whom I had borne witness that he was for several years. He was indeed “the bridge” and then some.

I am among those who have tried to be of help to Minister Farrakhan in his mission. This very hard work requires sacrifice, and is accompanied by both joy and pain. It was/is all directed towards the fulfillment of the Will of Master Fard Muhammad and His servant, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, through Minister Farrakhan’s work.

Now, to me, he was about to be rewarded, and taken up into even higher wisdom. He was about to be blessed, in his person, for his excruciatingly painful, hard and at the same time exhilarating work. He–and we–were soon to be totally vindicated. He was soon to be put in a position to be of even greater service than ever to Allah (God), his own people and to others, in a manner far beyond the way he has helped others all of these years. This is something which I knew he ardently desired.

Again, on a personal level, this is much of what I had worked for. It included helping others to see and to relate properly to him.

He was about to see, face to face, his (our) beloved teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. There is notone of us who loved and love that sweet Black man, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who would not want to see him–especially if you had done your best to help further that forwhich he worked so hard to establish for over 40 years. The Minister had pushed himself beyond what seemed possible for a man to do to help the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who before him had made what might be called a superhuman effort (beyond or by far exceeding what was ordinary or normal human ability or power) on our behalf.

I recall my immediate thoughts and feelings, when my Brother, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, first told me of his vision. First, as he was describing his experience, certain thoughts occurred to me at once. I experienced a sense of being privileged to be allowed to view an august scene; to be allowed to be in a majestic presence which inspired awe. I felt very small; humbled; relieved.

I thought back to October 1977. I immediately and vividly recalled a brief conversation we had in that month. It concerned an offer made to him by a famous entertainer for him to use his 200-acre ranch to gather himself for the tremendous undertaking he was about to take. (He did not take him up on it.) This was one month after he made the full commitment to rebuild the Nation, by the Power of Allah. It was one month before he made his intention public.

He stood up, and he then spoke to me, in a manner which was thoughtful, introspective, solemn, hopeful, inquiring and wistful–all at the same time–that if he went there he might get a contact from the Mother Plane. I “knew” that would come. But not then. And I was not going to run off at the mouth that which was in my mind. This was early October 1977. He had not come to see that his teacher was alive yet. But, to me, watching him, this was deep. And heavy–(two words often used by many Muslims bornin America.)

Now, eight years later, my Brother had finally received direct communication from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad–from The Wheel. “Man. This is big time!”–I thought to myself. At the same time, the scene I just described in the previous paragraph rushed in on me. I felt overwhelmed by the bigness of it all.

I felt this would add tremendously to his already considerable powers in his delivery of the Word of Allah. But the most important part of his vision, to me, was that he was definitely going to meet with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad! I was elated! Juiced!

Then, I thought this vision and the manner of his departure would make it easier for the Believers this time around and would be a major factor in the reality of what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad once said, that the Nation would fall–and it certainly did–and rise it has, never to fall again (it won’t).

The Minister, Sister Tynnetta and I left where we were, at Lake Pleasant, and drove to Scottsdale, where we stopped for some grocery items. I volunteered to get the things we wanted because I wanted to be alone for a few moments. Well, frankly, I did not want them to see the tears I was trying to hold back. The vision greatly affected and relieved me. I was deeply moved.

However, a few minutes later they thought of a few more things we would need and came into the store after I did. They caught me. They saw the tears.

It was and is evident to me that one of the prime purposes, in God, for the vision granted to Minister Farrakhan, in September, 1985, was and is to demonstrate, or make clear to the world, that he is really backed by God Almighty and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This signifies that the wisdom, the course of action or plan that Minister Farrakhan advises all to take–the love he continuously demonstrates, is from a power and force, which is of a character that is superior in every respect, to that represented by any other power and force anywhere else on this earth.

Again, it is manifest that this was to show that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is as alive as you are who read this book. It was another level of back-up or verification of the truth of the Minister’s stand, which he first publicly announced, in February, 1981, that his teacher was alive–physically and otherwise.

More next issue, Allah willing.