“Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her: death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.” – Revelation 18:8

(FinalCall.com) – Weather plagues continue to strike America as fires burn out of control on the Southeast and West coasts, and residents of the Midwest wake up to floods close to record breaking levels–with warnings that it will get worse before it gets better.

The largest recorded blaze in Georgia State history has covered approximately 107,000 acres near the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge and wild fires in southern Georgia have covered 40,000 acres, crossing into Florida.


Authorities have shut down nearly 75 miles of Interstates 75 and 10, and 300 homes in north Florida have been evacuated as high winds are sending the fires, haze and smoke as far south as the Miami area, which is 340 miles away. Florida is currently under a fire-induced state of emergency.

On the West Coast, more than 800 acres in historic Griffith Park have fallen victim to fire.

“This is a tragic sunrise,” Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge is quoted as saying in The Boston Herald while surveying the damage. “You look right there and you’d think you were at the observatory looking at Mars.”

While on Santa Catalina Island, just off the coast of Southern California, 4,000 residents were evacuated in anticipation of more wildfires that have already scorched 4,200 acres.

Fire has burned over 120 acres on the Minnesota border to Canada, and has moved into Ontario, where hundreds of residents have also been evacuated in anticipation of the moving wildfire.

Add to the fires, Midwest flooding. The Boston Herald reported that the flooding was produced by the drenching weekend thunderstorms across the Plains states that also devastated Greensburg, Kansas with a tornado.

In addition to 11 tornado deaths, two drowning deaths were blamed on the storms, one each in Oklahoma and Kansas. High water had poured over the tops of at least 20 levees along the Missouri River and other streams in the state, authorities have reported.

And if that isn’t enough weather fury, the first tropical storm has been named, although hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1. Tropical Storm Andrea formed off the southeast coast much earlier than expected.

This “divine fury” of weather was forecasted by the National Weather Service in March when they predicted unusual floods, wildfires and drought conditions, which included near term flooding in portions of the Midwest and Ohio Valley and continued drought in the Southwest as areas of concern from April through June.

Much of southern California just experienced its driest fall and winter in more than a century. “With the dry season fast approaching, there are major concerns that drought conditions will not only fail to improve, but actually worsen in coming months,” said Doug Lecomte, drought specialist for the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center.

“The outlook for any significant drought improvement from now through spring looks grim for not only southern California, but for much of the Southwest as well,” he reported in March.

In many places, drought means expansive wildfires.

“The National Interagency Fire Center’s Seasonal Wildland Fire Potential Outlook for February through June 2007 calls for the potential for significant wildfire activity to be higher than normal this spring over portions of the southern tier of states and northern Minnesota,” said Tom Wordell, Wildland National Interagency Fire Center fire analyst, last March.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been warning America for years that she was under Divine Chastisement, and God would manifest it through the weather.

“We should be clear that every deed brings a consequence and only the Mercy of Allah can lessen the consequences of our deeds. This law of reaping and sowing is a two-edged sword, because if you sow good seeds, you will reap a good reward but if we sow evil seeds, we will reap what we have sown,” he said in part four of his lecture series “One Nation Under God–The War of Armageddon: How Strong is Our Foundation; Can We Survive?” delivered Apr. 8 in a nationwide webcast from Mosque Maryam.

“Every act that America has done is recorded. What kind of record does America have before God and the law of justice and righteousness? Don’t be deceived; don’t be self-deluded, for God is not mocked. Whatsoever a nation soweth, the same shall that nation also reap.”

He added, “What has America sown, and what shall America reap? America has said to the world that she is a model of virtue and moral turpitude, or correctness, and has declared to the world that she is the moral champion and has the right to sit down dictators and leaders that are not according to her liking.

“America has said, in her own eyes, that she is a god beside God, and has developed the power to destroy the six billion people that live on our planet 100-300 times over. America is a mighty power, styled in the Book of Revelations as a beast. So, the question is asked, ‘Who can make war with the beast, for the beast has brought down fire from heaven?’”

In referencing the unusual weather patterns that were occurring at the time of his lecture in April, Minister Farrakhan said that America “never has seen anything like this before,” and admonished that we have yet to witness the devastation that is prophesied to take place.

“The God Who controls wind and rain and snow and hail and cold and hot and fire, tornadoes and earthquakes and famine–He is angry with America, and He is angry with you for your failure to heed the Warning and get up out of your deathlike condition.

“So, because the earth has earned the chastisement, Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places, famine, pestilence and this is just the beginning of sorrows,” he warned.