[The following is the continuation of the series, “More Than A Vision” by Jabril Muhammad]

Now, fourthly, he is dismissed and flown back to earth. On the way down he was taken in a way that permitted him the spectacular sight of the Mother Plane, from above it, before he landed just outside of Washington, D.C. At this point his vision ends.

Well, it is a fact that at both press conferences, as given above, he did land just outside of the capital city of America.


Minister Farrakhan heard these words from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad: ¡ °President Reagan has met with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to plan a war. I want you to hold a press conference in Washington, D.C., and announce their plan and say to the world that you got the information from me, Elijah Muhammad, on the Wheel. ¡ ±

Let ¡ ¯s look deeper. Over the years I have written about the Minister ¡ ¯s vision. For instance, in the September 8, 1992(Volume 11, Number 21) issue of The Final Call newspaper, in the article entitled ¡ °Farrakhan:The Traveler, ¡ ± part of which I am quoting,very slightly edited, are these words:

¡ °Every one, especially Black people, should study the vision which the Honorable Louis Farrakhan was granted, on September 17, 1985. This must include a study of the flow of events from his obedience to the instructions he was given, in the vision, to other events ¡ ªin the U.S.A. and elsewhere in the earth ¡ ªwhich did not flow from his acts, but yet dovetail, interlock or correspond to his vision and the events which issued from it.

¡ °Look. If we just stop and give this whole ¡ ®thing ¡ ¯ a thought, it becomes clear that we all ¡ ªeverybody on this planet ¡ ªare involved in the biggest set of events; the most momentous years ¡ ªa time, the importance of which cannot be exaggerated ¡ ªsince life came into being. I am not making this point up: ¡ ®since life came into being. ¡ ¯ That is what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said and all of the scriptures back him up.

¡ °Consider these few elements of the Minister ¡ ¯s vision, whether you are one of those who believe, outright disbelieve or doubt the truth of his experience. In his vision, the Minister was carried ¡ ªbeamed ¡ ªup, in the sight of others, into one of those planes called UFOs. He was flown to that huge wheel-like plane, which hovers up high over America. He heard the voice of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. There was no doubt in his mind and heart, that the voice he heard was that of the man ¡ ªhis teacher ¡ ªthe Honorable Elijah Muhammad; a voice he had been listening to for 20 years.

¡ °To what realities do these parts of the Honorable Louis Far ¡Ã™rakhan ¡ ¯s vision testify? His experience states ¡ ªin a very powerful way ¡ ªthat the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is alive and is on that huge Mother Plane that he told us about, which in length is more than two times the height of the Empire State building in New York City!

¡ °Now let us look well on and into these words of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, as he delivered them, in a press conference, at the J.W. Marriott Hotel, in the capitol of the United States of America, on October 24, 1989 ¡ ª49 months after his vision. At one point, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan made clear that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to him: ¡ ®President Reagan has met with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to plan a war. I want you to hold a press conference in Washington, D.C., and announce their plan and say to the world that you got the information from me on the Wheel. ¡ ¯ Stop. Think.

¡ °The Honorable Louis Farrakhan is a very sane man. He is very brave and bold ¡ ªbut not foolhardy. He is well aware of the weight of the responsibility that is on his shoulders. Do you think he said what he did to the world ¡ ªand he has told his vision more than once ¡ ªif he was not, first of all, convinced that he did have such a vision? ¡ ±


If certain persons could prove that he lied, don ¡ ¯t you think they would have proven that by now? Don ¡ ¯t you think that the slave-masters ¡ ¯ children, with their voice analyzing technology, and other aspects of their technology, knew whether or not he was lying in all that he has said about his vision?

When did the fact that Mr. Reagan did, in fact, plan a war with the Joint Chiefs of Staff become public?

On February 20, 1987 ¡ ªwhich was 17 months after the Minister ¡ ¯s vision ¡ ªThe Atlanta Journal carried an article from The Washington Post, the headline of which read: ¡ °U.S. Planned to Invade Libya in 1985. ¡ ± Say what? Yes. 1985. Well, when in 1985?

Part of that news report read: ¡ °The State Department took extraordinary steps in the summer of 1985, including summoning the U.S.ambassador to Egypthome on a secret weekend mission, to head off a White House-sponsored plan for a joint U.S.-Egyptian military attack on Libya… . ¡ ±

The article went on to state that as was the case in its Iran policy, the government was ¡ °bitterly divided, ¡ ± with many opposed to what they termed as ¡ °risky and unrealistic White House and C.I.A. initiatives… ¡ ± aimed at winning a quick war against Libya. The article further referred to ¡ °madmen in the White House, ¡ ± who were being resisted by others in the government.

In the article, mentioned above, I continued:

¡ °The question raised here, as I have, in earlier issues, is this: How did the Honorable Louis Farrakhan learn of what the White House was planning in the summer of 1985, when his vision occurred on September 17, 1985? The first time he ever mentioned his vision was two days later ¡ ªon the 19th. So, by what means did he learn this top secret of the government of America? How many different ways could he have found out this top secret of Mr. Reagan? What are the options?

¡ °Was he told by some informant in the government? Did some informant among Mr. Reagan ¡ ¯s top staff find some way to get this very sensitive information to the Honorable Louis Farrakhan? (If that could have happened he certainly didn ¡ ¯t call on the Minister ¡ ¯s phone. The government has tapped his phones to the max). I admit, that this was possible. But is it likely? If the Minister learned of the President ¡ ¯s plans in this manner, why has there been not even the slightest hint of this from any source in nearly five years?

¡ °Or, did the Minister just go to where their meetings were being held and in person, simply walk in and sit down and nobody saw him? You can answer that for yourself. Can you imagine Minister Farrakhan going up to the White House ¡ ªnot to think of getting in ¡ ªand this has not yet been reported to the world?

¡ °Or, did he have an out-of-the-body experience, float to their secret meetings and listen in on their deliberations? That is certainly not beyond possibility.



From another article, quoted in this same above mentioned book, ¡ °Farrakhan: God ¡ ¯s Man On The Straight Path, Volume One, ¡ ± I wrote the following which is inserted here: ¡ °The Atlanta Journal, of February 20, 1987, carried an article from The Washington Post that bears witness, that indeed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad did reveal to Minister Farrakhan the vision that the Minister reported to the world.

¡ °The headline of The Atlanta Journal reads: ¡ ®U.S. Planned to Invade Libya in 1985. ¡ ¯

¡ °The article stated, in part: ¡ ®The State Department took extraordinary steps in the summer of 1985, including summoning the U.S. ambassador to Egypt home on a secret weekend mission, to head off a White House-sponsored plan for a joint U.S-Egyptian military attack on Libya, according to informed sources.

¡ ° ¡ ®As in the case of its Iran policy, the U.S. government was bitterly divided, with leaders of the State and Defense departments, trying to block what they believed were risky and unrealistic White House and CIA initiatives aimed at winning a quick victory over Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi.

¡ °The confidential efforts of U.S. Ambassador Nicholas Veliotes were aimed at rebutting the dramatic proposals of these madmen in the White House, as the free-wheeling National Security Council staff was known at that time in the upper echelons of the State Department. Amb. Veliotes, who was told to let no one know of his presence in Washington, was informed that Secretary of State George Schultz was unalterably opposed to the plan, which called for an Egyptian invasion of Libya, and considered it crazy. ¡ ¯ ¡ ±

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