Minister Farrakhan’s Vision is True and Verifiable

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[The following is the continuation of the series, “More Than A Vision” by Jabril Muhammad]


Fourth, there are those steps leading from his (to use his words) dismissal to his landing back on earth, just outside of Washington, D.C.His vision then ends.

Now, there are those who took him at his word when he told his vision to us. However,there are gradations, or degrees to which this group have given his experience deep thought, or due consideration. This was to be expected.

Among those who have heard his vision, are those who have not come to terms with either the whole or with aspects of his vision. According to The American Heritage Dictionary, the expression “come to terms” means (1) To confront squarely and come to understand fully and objectively; (2) To reach a mutual agreement. Well, if we have not done (1) we cannot come to (2).

Among those of us who have not come to terms with his vision, are those who might say something like this: That they have suspended their judgment concerning his vision. What does it mean to accept the Minister as sane, honest, and to acknowledge that he did, in fact, have the vision he said he did, and yet to suspend our judgment concerning it? In connection with the Minister’s vision–according to the meaning of the word “suspend,” and the mental state it refers to, means that some people have put off really coping with or dealing with his vision, until a later time. Suspend means: Held up, delayed, postponed, laid over, adjourned, deferred, waived, remitted, shelved, tabled. This is a form of denial.

Let’s go to the next group. There are those who really doubt the truth of what he has said, in whole or in part, for this or that cause, or reason, within themselves. Their thinking ranges from passive doubt to private, or “secret,” outright rejection of even the fact that he has a real vision in the firstplace.

The third group is comprised of thosewho know a little about his vision, but they may have been told about it in such way as to turn them off, or to cause them to discount it as relatively unimportant.

Then, there are those who never heard anything about this powerful experience. In this number (smile) are not just millions in this country, but billions throughout the earth who don’t know of this particular experience which one man had. That does not mean, however, that they won’t be affected in a big way by it. All will come to see the truth of this.

Finally, there are the very wicked, who know that what he has said is true, hate it and have tried to–and still try to–defeat the force, the very aim and purpose of his vision. These kinds of people have the same kind of heart, for example, as those who study the word of God, know that it is from Him, understand it, and then deliberately alter or change it when representing it to others.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once told us that there were those to whom this government actually paid money to study what he called “the problem of prophecy.” For what?

Well, if one agrees, or at least admits, that Minister Farrakhan did in fact have the vision as he said he did, the next question is: Was and is his vision true? Is there objective or verifiable data, which constitutes evidence–or better, proof, which is beyond any trace of the least shadow of a doubt–that bears witness to every aspect of his vision, that it is the 100 percent truth? To what extent do the parts which have been fulfilled testify to the 100 percent veracity of the parts which are yet to be fulfilled? What about those parts of his vision which are yet to be fulfilled? Can these parts also be demonstrated to be equally true? How? My response to allof these questions is this: Yes!

Let us consider the occurrence (or timing) and importance of each part of his vision. There were those things which were prior to his vision, of which he was informed. There were those things to occur relatively soon after his experience. And, finally, there are those things which are to take place at afuture time–a time after the second set of events.

Let’s repeat each with timing and importance in mind. First, there is thatwhich begins and includes all those steps leading up to the moment when he begins to hear the voice of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

There is such a village, or a tiny town called Tepoztlán, in Mexico. I’ve been there with the Minister, his wife, Sister Tynnetta and a few others, more than once. There is, just as the Minister said, “a mountain on the top of which is the ruins of a temple dedicated to Quetzacoatl–the Christ-figure of Central and South America” which I have climbed more than once with him and others.

A few of us climbed that mountain in 1984–one year before he had his vision. I took pictures of Minister Farrakhan praying after he had reached the top of it.

It can be verified on the testimony of his wife and Sister Tynnetta that he told them on the 19th of September, 1985. I bear witness that he told me its contents about a week later when he came to Phoenix. So we have testimony that can be demonstrated to be proof, that he first told us of his vision and when he had it, after former President Reagan planned to make a war with Libya, which was a few weeks before the Minister’s vision occurred.

There is no intelligent denial–that will hold up under examination–of the fact that the Minister did not know of Mr. Reagan’s plans until he received the vision. He then publicly revealed the war plans of formerPresident Reagan and the Joint Chief’s, against Libya, several months before it all came out in America’s press. These are established facts.

Soon, we discuss the Mother Plane and her “babies” andtheir reality, and his being beamed or taken up into one of these “baby” planes. So we’ll skip this aspect of the first part until then.

Now, the second part comes after he has been transported to the Wheel, and includes his entrance into a room. Now, it is in this room–the description he has given to some of us on other occasions–where he hears the voice of his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and at the same time he sees a scroll. He is told the plans of President Reagan, the Joint Chiefsand of a war that they have planned. He is instructed by his teacher to hold a press conference concerning it.

This is followed by the third part–which is yet to occur–in which his teacher told him that they would meet again, on the Wheel, face-to face.

What does “face-to-face” mean? Webster’s definition states that it means: “ (1) Having the fronts or faces toward each other, especially when close together. It involves (2) close contact or direct opposition.” The American Heritage says: “ (1) In each other’s presence; in direct communication. (2) Directly confronting.”

Of course, there will be no confrontation, or opposition, when he gets there. That part of the definition simply does not applyto this case. There will be a loving unity between teacher and student or more like father and son. The rest of the definition does apply 100 percent.

Well, when is that big event to take place? His teacher told him. It would be after he did “one more thing.” The exact words were: “…and when that one more thing was done…” then that meeting would take place. Notice, it was not if, but when he did whatever he has or will do what he will do, then they would meet.

Note the word again (see FCN Volume 26, Number 29.) used by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the Minister’s vision; or was it more than a vision? This is something to ponder.

Several years ago, Minister Farrakhan was told by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that he was not to change the teachings while he was gone and that if he was faithful, he would reveal the new teachings to him. He has said that every move he has made in guiding the Nation of Islam was based on specific things laid in his brain by his teacher. I bear witness that he has not changed the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Nor has anyone proven that he has.

More next issue, Allah willing.