[The following is the continuation of the series, “More Than A Vision”. This article continues quoting “The Announcement” made by the Honorable Minister Farrakhan to and through the press, to America and the world, on October 24, 1989 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington, D.C.]

“In closing, I would like to issue a warning to the President, to the Government and to the people of the United States of America. If I, in your mind, am before you of myself; if I, in your mind am a hater, an anti-Semite, a wild-eyed radical; then, you have nothing to fear from my presence; for I, like those who are actually like that, will go the way history has decreed for that kind of person.

However, if I am, in reality, in front of you by Allah’s Divine Will, as an extension of the Divine Warnings given to you from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, then be instructed that you would do well to leave me alone; to leave the Nation of Islam alone; and to cease and desist from your evil planning against the future of the Black people of America and the world. For the Black people of America, though despised and rejected, have now become the people of God and He has declared that He will fight you for their liberation.


The government would be wise to heed the counsel of Gamaliel, in the days of Paul, and the early Christians, who advised the rulers of that day, with these words:

‘And so in the present case, I say to you, stay away from these men and let them alone, for if this plan or action should be of men, it will be overthrown;

‘But if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them; or else you may even be found fighting against God.’

So it is not wise for you to plan against Allah’s (God’s) servants; for by so doing, you are actually planning against yourselves. This warning is for the President, the government and the wise to reflect upon so that the unwary citizens of America may not be harmed by the consequences of the wicked machinations of the United States Government.

You may come against me, which you are free to do, since we have no power to stop you, but I warn you, that I am backed by the Power of Allah (God) and His Christ and the Power of that Wheel in which I received this Announcement. The moment you attempt or lay your hands on me, the fullness of Allah’s (God’s) Wrath will descend upon you and upon America.

Before you will be able to establish your mockery of me (if that is what you wish to do) for what was revealed to me in the Wheel you will see these wheels, or what you call UFOs, in abundance over the major cities of America and the calamities that America is presently experiencing will increase in number and in intensity that you might humble yourselves to the Warning contained in this Announcement.

This is a final warning to you. The ball is now in your court. You may do with it, with me, and with us as you see fit. Thank you for your attention and may Allah bless each of you with the light of understanding, as I greet you in peace:

As-Salaam Alaikum.”

As mentioned earlier, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan dictated the entire text you have just read in my home on the Friday before the Tuesday he delivered it, to Sister Marguerite X McCray. He did not change one word of it between the final proofing of it for typos and the time he delivered it the following Tuesday. And, as we just read, his words included: “Before you will be able to estab-lish your mockery of me (if that is what you wish to do) for what was revealed to me in the Wheel you will see these wheels…”.

The next day, which was Wednesday, one of what we call a “baby” plane, also called a UFO, was seen near the White House. It was televised. A lot of folk were very shook up over this sighting. That was understandable.

Now, here is my reason for mentioning this. That “baby” plane pointed to the Supreme support for the Nation of Islam, under the leadership of Minister Farrakhan. This was a warning from the Lord of the Worlds to all of those–especially those in this government–to leave Minister Farrakhan and those with him alone. It also served to confirm his press conference and it was to strengthen the faith of the Believers who live in this wicked and oppressive world.

Now to the questions raised earlier. Did he really have this vision? How can we tell? What were the contents? How can we tell? Was his vision true? How can we tell? What does this experience signify? How can we tell? What does it mean to you? How can you tell? The telling answers–none of which originate with me–which bear witness are part of what this chapter is about.

The word “telling” here means having force or effect; effective; striking: Such as a telling blow. This word is also indicative of much that might be otherwise unnoticed; revealing, such as a telling analysis. It is that which is effective, effectual, efficacious, powerful, forceful, potent, weighty, momentous, trenchant, significant, influential, cogent, material, definite, definitive, decisive, decided, positive, conclusive, valid, solid, important, impressive, consequential.

It means having force and producing a striking effect. It is that which serves to convince. It is that which is solid, sound, satisfactory, convincing, persuasive, and, again, cogent.

Let us take these questions up one at a time. Did he really have this vision? He either did or he did not. What would he have to gain by inventing this experience and telling it to his wife, Sister Khadijah, and to Sister Tynnetta Muhammad? These were the first two persons with whom he shared his experience. Why would he make this up and tell it to them? Let us reason.

Next, he told me. I have known him for more than 50 years. Others have known him longer; others less, in terms of time and depth. But I can say that I know him very well. He is a very honest man. He is not a liar. He is very sane indeed. You don’t tell people you love and whose intelligence you respect what he told us on the basis of a mistake. He either had that vision or he didn’t. He did.

Minister Farrakhan is a man. Moreover, he is about the most brilliant person I have ever met other than the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, whose mind to me is stratospheric; that is out of sight! My Brother knows whether or not he had such an experience. The fact that he told me what he did was sufficient for me. It was and is the truth. Plain and simple.

There was nothing in the manner of his expression which induced the slightest iota of doubt in me about the truth of every word he said of his vision, which I call more than a vision, either the first time he told me, or the second time (on the jet as we headed towards New York City); nor at any of other times I’ve heard him tell his vision, in whole or in part.

Think on what a lie is and why human beings tell lies. What possible motive could he have in lying to those of us who know him as well as we do? And then to tell this to the public and risk his standing in the public–with the millions who are with him? Hell no! Would that be worth it?

Well, some may ask did he have an hallucination? Please, keep reading.

So, to make it short, did he have this vision? Yes. That was my answer when he first told it to me. That is my answer now. That is my answer forever.

What were the contents? How can we tell? The point here is that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been consistent in his telling of the contents of his vision, whether in private, openly or publicly, and more than once. To this fact there are many witnesses.

In my view, his powerful vision-plus experience can be divided–for the sake of careful study and analysis–into four sections. Here is one way of dividing it to better analyze it.

First, there is its beginning, which includes all those steps leading up to the moment when he begins to hear the voice of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Second, he was told of the plans of America’s President and what he is to do about it by his teacher.

This is followed by the third part, in which his teacher tells him that they would meet again, on the Wheel, face-to face, after he did one more thing. (Look at the word “again.”)

The fourth part, in the next issue, Allah willing.