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MOSQUE MARYAM ( – The War of Armageddon has already begun. The hottest part of it is yet to come, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned in an Easter Sunday address delivered April 8 and broadcast live via the Internet, to more than 120 Nation of Islam Mosques and Study Groups all over the U.S.

“Today, all over America and all over Christendom, there is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” Min. Farrakhan said. “My subject is tangential. I am not going to speak directly on his resurrection, but on yours and mine. He showed us that the grave has no victory and death has lost its sting. But we have misunderstood the scriptures greatly, to the joy of Satan.

“We are looking for resurrection from a physical grave. But the whole of humanity, Blacks in particular, are in a spiritual, mental, economic, political and social grave of ignorance. We are not the people that we should be; we are not the people that we could be.” So just as when the authorities discovered that Jesus Christ was gone from the grave after his crucifixion, “I hope that after today’s lecture, they’ll look and you’ll be gone, out of the grave of ignorance, starting a new journey,” he said.


As individuals, Min. Farrakhan pointed out, that journey leads human beings out from under the domination of Satan, but as more and more human beings rise on the wings of truth that is being taught today, Satan’s world comes down and the Kingdom of God on earth rises up. However, for individuals and for nations, repentance is required to reach that kingdom.

“Repentance is necessary,” Min. Farrakhan pointed out, “because individuals are born into an evil world which has made evil fair-seeming and which shapes human beings in its iniquity. The condition of the world is an indictment of its governments.”

The Bible warns that “whatsoever a man soweth, so shall he reap,” Min. Farrakhan said. This is true also for nations. And just as all of the unrighteous behavior by individuals is recorded in a “book” in the human brain, so it is with governments. Righteous behavior is human nature–like breathing–and need not be remembered, he said.

This truth applies to all, even to the United States, which has set itself up as a “God beside God.”

Min. Farrakhan shared that the subject of his address was taken from a question asked by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad several years before his departure from among us in 1975: “The War of Armageddon: How Strong is the Foundation? Can We Survive?”

The address was delivered on the fourth anniversary of the U.S. overthrow of the Iraqi government of President Saddam Hussein. In the euphoria of that moment four years ago, after a bombing campaign that dropped so many armaments–mostly on civilians rather than military targets, killing tens of thousands of innocent IraqisÐthat U.S. leaders declared it “shock and awe,” President George W. Bush flew to an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean where he declared “Mission Accomplished.”

“The war had actually only just begun,” said Min. Farrakhan, and that the U.S. president had, in fact, already triggered the “fiery part of the War of Armageddon.”

Frequently citing references from the Bible and Holy Qur’an, Min. Farrakhan made clear that the world has entered a time similar to the time spoken of in the Book of Daniel (5:24-27), where mysterious handwriting, written in blood, appeared on a wall in Babylon. The interpretation of that handwriting has relevance today: “Your kingdom; God hath numbered your kingdom and finished it. Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting.”

“Who is that Mystery Babylon that the Book of Revelation talks about? And what is its future? A voice came up in that Mystery Babylon saying ‘Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!’ America has to repent,” he said.

What must America repent for? Her crimes against the Native Americans, for the Trans-Atlantic Slave-trade, for her theft of lands and territories, usually based on lies told by U.S. leaders, throughout the country’s history–from the Boston Tea Party, to the Mexican War, to the Spanish American War, to Vietnam, Cambodia, Grenada, Operation Dessert Storm against Iraq, to serious questions being asked about the real perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, right up until the current Iraq war and occupation.

“America, today, is like the Pharaoh in the scriptures,” Min. Farrakhan shared, stating that Pharaoh was arrogant because he thought he was the sole power of his day. Pharaoh’s demise is a warning for America’s leaders. “You all can put your trust in the power of the enemy,” Min. Farrakhan warned his listeners. “You would be wise to put your trust in the Ppower of an angry God.”

Addressing the unusual April weather conditions–20 states with snow and freezing conditions–Minister Farrakhan warned: “You haven’t seen anything yet. The God who controls wind, and rain, and snow, and hail, and cold, and hot, and fire, tornadoes, and earthquakes and famine, He’s angry with America, and He’s angry with you for your failure to heed the warning, and get up out of your death-like condition.

“Jesus warned of this time,” Min. Farrakhan said. “The time of wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places, famine, pestilence, and this is just the beginning of sorrows.

“The United States government does not care about its citizens,” Min. Farrakhan warned. “You’re dealing with a government that does what is necessary for their foreign policy and national interests, and they will waste your life and my life, and this is the kind of preaching you need to hear on Sunday morning in every church in America!”

“Armageddon,” Min. Farrakhan explained, “was defined by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad during his Theology of Time lecture series in 1972. He said, ‘Armageddon. The first three letters in the word Armageddon are A-R-M. Arms and armies–gathered together for the doom.’ America is to lose her power in war.”

Min. Farrakhan then went into how the church and, indeed all modern religions, including the Islamic world, have been poisoned by racism and White supremacy. He gave the origin of the so-called Hamitic Curse, which was codified by the Emperor Constantine between 325 and 379 A.D., when it became the “Nicene Creed,” the confession of Christian faith.

That Hamitic Curse was the imposition of political doctrine in spiritual terms, over the message of Jesus Christ, Min. Farrakhan said. It justified the dehumanization of Blacks, and that can be seen throughout the U.S. society today, in vulgar pronouncements such as those of MSNBC talk-show host Don Imus, who recently referred to Black female basketball players as “nappy-headed-whores.”

This poison even affects Black people who have internalized it as self hatred. “And what you hate, you don’t mind destroying. And that’s why Black-on-Black crime is so prevalent throughout America, because of Black-on-Black hatred of self.”

Towards the close of his lecture, Min. Farrakhan warned that the Wrath of Allah is coming down on this country, and it can be seen in the weather. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad warned that America is being pushed in on all its sides. Modern revelations, by former Vice President Al Gore, concerning global warming, confirm that water will cover the land.

“Allah is going to take this house down by Himself. He’s not going to let a foreign power, deal with America. Her army will be broken,” Min. Farrakhan said, expressing regret for those who are already in the military service. “They know they’re going to fight many more wars.

“And to you mothers, who have reared your sons and your daughters, suffering, scuffling for the little bit of money you could scrape to give your children a decent life, then you send them away to Iraq and Afghanistan and they come back broken, mentally destroyed. They’re trained to kill, then you bring them home with that same training in their head.”

In the series of lectures under the theme “One Nation Under God,” Min. Farrakhan promised that he would reveal why we must declare separation from America as the only solution to our problem and why integration into America is death for us and our children.”

The masses of Black people continue to suffer, Min. Farrakhan pointed out, and his remaining lectures in this series will point out the only way to our salvation.

Across the country, those who came out to hear Min. Farrakhan walked away with a renewed spirit and approach to understanding prophecy.

After the Minister’s address, N.O.I. pioneer Minister Abdul Rahman Muhammad of Atlanta, Ga. said, “Looking at the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, he reminds me so much of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, sometimes I hear the Messenger coming through him. In the lecture he spoke today was a tremendous warning to the American people, mainly to we, the Black people of the world. He also pointed out that this is not really a war against terrorism; it’s a war against Islam, and we should all be aware of it.”

At Muhammad’s Mosque No. 15, the Southern Regional headquarters in Atlanta, Ga., a capacity crowd filled the sanctuary and the overflow room. “This was my first time at the mosque and it was fabulous. I’ve felt so many of the same things the Minister expressed but never heard anyone else say them,” explained Benita Spikes.

For Debra Hollister, a student at Kennesaw State University, it was almost like being in class. “He talked about the military, about world issues and the resurrection from our mental graves. I couldn’t have gotten this from anywhere else on an Easter Sunday,” she told The Final Call.

In Houston, an excited 19-year-old Kadeem Spence said, “I learned today that I am not an American like I thought I was. This government is a bunch of liars and I now refuse to go to the military. Farrakhan is deep.”

Candace Williams, 18, stated, “I will be definitely coming back to hear more!”

In Los Angeles, more than 700 people filled the Radisson Hotel’s banquet hall to view the webcast.

NOI pioneer Andrew Muhammad shared that he was with Min. Farrakhan when he first stood back up in 1977.

“He’s continuing to try to wake up the world to the truth and he’s still on his job and that’s a blessing from Almighty God Allah. We thank Allah for continuing to have him here to speak; to try to keep waking us up.

In San Francisco, Rudy Corpis, a member of the Indigenous Family and head of United Playaz, believes Min. Farrakhan “spoke truth to power.”

“We need more Brothers standing up and being accountable to the truth. I admire him and respect the work that he’s doing, because he’s going against everything that America represents,” he said.

Presley Brackeen was speechless. “Overall, you can’t expect anything less from Minister Farrakhan. He gives you the truth and you take it, learn from it and use it towards your life and go forward.”

(Charlene Muhammad, Jesse Muhammad, Nisa Islam Muhammad, Nubian Muhammad and Tonja Muhammad contributed to this article.)