Our thoughts are very powerful. Jesus said it this way in Proverbs 23:7–“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

If you only think and see yourself as a poor person, that is what you will remain. If you only see yourself as overweight, the thought may cause you to be in a position where you are constantly trying to lose weight because you will be constantly making choices that will fulfill your thoughts. In the book, “As a Man Thinketh,” it states that a man with pure thoughts no longer desires impure food.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad states in How To Eat To Live, Book II that “We can eat the best food, we can take fasts for nine days or for 20 or 30 days if we want to; and we will still suffer if we do not feed the brain with the right food.”


What is the best food for the mind? God’s word. However, some have tried to keep God’s word and how to implement it a secret. Nevertheless, the “secret” really isn’t a secret. It is a way of thinking and acting that has been here from the beginning. I liked the way Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith explained a key to “the secret” on The Oprah Winfrey Show as, “having affirmative realization through right action.”

There is no Mystery God. There is no food that “melts away fat.” No one is going to give us a mansion overseas anytime soon, or make an event successful. When the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said he wanted to conduct a Million Man March, he didn’t sit back and wait for it to happen. He immediately started on a “men-only meeting” tour and spoke to thousands. Because of God’s help in giving him “affirmative realization and right action,” nearly two million men showed up.

What are we doing with the knowledge that we have now? Are we putting our Mathematical Theology to work? Are we striving to improve our mind and bodies?

When Min. Farrakhan wanted to make some physical improvements, he hired a personal trainer back in the early 1990s, which he talked about in a lecture entitled “God’s Healing Power.”

Spiritually, mentally and physically preparing your body can make you equipped for many things. Along with God’s help, do you think it is possible that the care Minister Farrakhan has taken with his body aided him in making such miraculous strides in his recovery from his recent surgery?

We must practice eating to live more than ever today. The basic diet of eating to live emphasizes navy beans, whole wheat bread, pure milk, fresh fruit and vegetables. These are all very nutritious, low fat, high fiber foods. If we are “eating to live” and exercising on a daily basis, we have just eliminated the need for “going on a diet.” If you “go on” a diet, you will eventually “come off” the diet. Isn’t it just better to “eat to live” so that it is a part of your daily life?

If we believe and want the Kingdom of God to manifest, we must unite and think and act on that concept and create a world of healthy virtuous women and men. For some of us, we have translated the slave teachings of “we will have everything when we get to heaven” to “we will have everything when this world falls.”

Both thoughts do not motivate you to work. They motivate you to “wait.” Remember the words of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad: “Up you mighty nation, you can accomplish what you will!” May God bless us all with peace, love, health, wealth and happiness as we work toward righteous endeavors. Self-improvement is the basis for community development. That’s no secret.

(Audrey Muhammad, a certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor, is the author of “The Sister’s Guide to Fitness” and the creator of the KIBOS exercise video. Please consult a physician before beginning any new workout or dietary plan. Send questions and comments to [email protected].)