The Nation of Islam’s 77th Year Saviours’ Day Conference in Detroit:
The Sign of Mecca’s Light from the East to the West and the Meaning of the Sacred Black Stone

[Editor’s Note: This is the final installment of excerpts from a lecture delivered by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad on Mar. 4, 2007 at Mosque Maryam.]


“Certainly the first house appointed for men is the one at Bakkah, blessed and a guidance for the nations. In it are clear signs: (It is) the Place of Abraham; and whoever enters it is safe; and pilgrimage to the House is a duty which men owe to Allah–whoever can find a way to it. And whoever disbelieves, surely Allah is above need of the worlds.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 3, verses 95-96

Minister Abel Muhammad gives opening remarks before The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan takes the rostrum to continue his Saviours� Day 2007 lecture series, �One Nation Under God��Part 3, Mar. 18 at Mosque Maryam.

While listening to one of our Latino brothers, Min. Abel Muhammad, speaking at our Saviours’ Day conference held in Detroit, Mich., which included representatives from the Native American and Latino communities; and from Africa and Asia and other parts of the world, he made an interesting statement on the significance of that conference concerning Mecca.

Mecca is located in the East, on the western side of the Arabian Peninsula. The House called The Kabbah is located on the western side of that Peninsula, while the setting of the Sacred Black Stone is in the northeast corner of the Kabbah; and it was in the northeast corner of America in which The Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, first made His appearance.

The Toronto Star newspaper in Canada stated they had a photo of this object [referred to in our last articles] called “The Mother’s Wheel” landing around the same time that our Saviour arrived in 1930. A photo was taken of this phenomenon, which appeared on the front page. In our recent research of this event, those files are not accessible and we have not as yet found the evidence that verifies that story.

There is an apparent schism taking place in this country, and it is to box each and every one of us in a certain mindset so that we won’t rise above their psychology to seek the help of Almighty God, Allah. This can only be achieved if you put your mind in the right order.

Our thinking has to align with the Thinking of God, and there is no excuse for failure because the Honorable Minister Farrakhan is lining us up to do just that. When he gets us safely through, he will not boast, “Look what I have done,” but he will boast of ‘What God has done.” That is the nature of a True Believer and a Servant of God. He will not mislead his people as long as his mind is aligned with the Mind of Almighty God.

Let’s talk about that Black Stone for a minute. All the people observing the pilgrimage during the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), while he was circumambulating The Kabbah, he came to the spot where the Black Stone was located. In the rebuilding of The Kabbah, the final stage was to raise this precious, Sacred Black Stone into its place. It was Prophet Muhammad in his earlier years who fulfilled the placing of the Black Stone in place during the period of the rebuilding of The Kabbah. Now in this time, all nations from around the world visit Mecca with the great desire to kiss the Black Stone. At this point, we are getting an expanded view of Arabia and what took place in the time of Muhammad (PBUH) to see its fulfillment in the West. This is a picture of what we experienced in Detroit at our Saviours’ Day celebration, with representatives coming from all walks of life, scientists, scholars from Africa, from Asia and visitors who are helping to raise the Lost-Found Nation of Islam into our proper place.

Muslim pilgrims circle around the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in the Saudi holy city of Mecca Dec. 27, 2006. Around two million Muslims will begin tomorrow the annual hajj pilgrimage to Mecca amid increased safety measures aimed at preventing stampedes, which each year claim scores of lives. The Kaaba contains the holy Black Stone which is believed to be the only remains of an altar built by Abraham, an ancestor of Prophet Muhammad. Photo: MOHAMMED ABED/AFP/Getty Images

The Black Stone represents the coming together of three lost family members in the West, and, in reality, is made into three broken pieces bound together by some kind of metallic or metal band.

As the pilgrims gather to kiss the Black Stone, one might ask: What might those three pieces represent? I will only give you my interpretation, not “the” interpretation. As a student, I looked at what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has done before us–moving from Detroit to Chicago and then Chicago to the East Coast, and then he moved to the West Coast when God commanded him to do so. It was very clear, he explained, that he would not move into any territory without God’s permission.

When it was time, he moved out to the West Coast, and when he arrived to make his residence in Phoenix, Arizona, he purchased a home. When he purchased that home, the very home that he lived in until he built the main house that is there in Phoenix, Arizona today, he called it the “Indian House.” What was his function? Why was God guiding him like that? He had to lay a base–foundation–with us, but at the same time that he was raising us up, he was also commissioned to unite us with the Native American people.

There were those who are testimonial representatives from the Indian Nation, from the Mexican Nation, who live among us today, who have another piece of the story to tell of how the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had met with Indian representatives in the ’60s, while we were still asleep. While we were looking at him on one side, he was doing some other work to fulfill this Great Mission of Unification. He was to meet with the elders, the tribal chiefs, and representatives in the Hopi Land, Navajo Land and among the other tribes. Did you hear the representative from the Navajo Nation speaking at Saviours’ Day this year?

Then the Honorable Elijah Muhammad went down to the border of Arizona and Mexico, all while we were sleeping. He was making a link for us with the Native Americans and Mexican Peoples at the appointed time when he moved from America and went to Mexico, and established a foundation and a residence to continue the Mission to include the Indian, the Mexican and Latino representatives and people.

Now, today, we’re coming to join together three pieces of a puzzle: The Black man, the Indian and the Mexican–as One Family. Those three families joined together represent the significance of the Black Stone. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated that these three people would form the nucleus of a new government, because we were the three victims of the colonial powers who came to conquer us.

The Indian was conquered. The Latino was conquered. Then you have the Spanish, the English, the Dutch, all of those colonizers were and are properly called “Beasts” and “Devils” in the scriptures, and have conquered the entire world with violence and bloodshed. Nobody would mistreat a people like that and call themselves a part of the human family. Until they can accept the responsibility for what they’ve done and ask for forgiveness from God by putting on sack cloth and praying and fasting, and then do something to help in the resurrection, they cannot be called members of the human family. They have to right the wrong. We are a humble people, and “whatever good,” the Saviour said, “that any of them would do, they would get their award.” That is justice, that is freedom and that is equality.

The Spirit of God guided me to share these few words with you as an overview of what took place, which is not in the past, but it is continuing into the present and the future being perfect that we can become a whole people again and join on to our own kind and become One Nation Under God.

“Say: O People of the Book, why do you disbelieve in the messages of Allah? And Allah is a witness of what you do. Say: O People of the Book, why do you hinder those who believe from the way of Allah, seeking (to make) it crooked, while you are witnesses? And Allah is not heedless of what you do.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 3, verses 97-98

To be continued.