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The Evidence Mounts

The following is the continuation of The Announcement made by the Honorable Minister Farrakhan to and through the press, to America and the world, on October 24, 1989 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington, D.C.:


“I am here to announce today that President Bush has met with his Joint Chiefs of Staff, under the direction of General Colin Powell, to plan a war against the Black people of America, the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan, with particular emphasis on our Black youth, under the guise of a war against drug sellers, drug users, gangs and violence-all under the heading of extremely urgent national security.

The FBI, in preparation for this war, has stepped up its campaign against strong Black political leadership. The FBI is using dirty tactics under the guise of flushing out corrupt politicians to malign and besmirch the good name of many of our strong fighters for justice; threatening them with indictments or casting them into prisons. With other weaker leaders, the government has already promised them wealth and nearness to the centers of power and to be in their councils, in exchange for their being silent when the attack finally comes.

The FBI has been working to destroy the Nation of Islam since 1940. As a young Muslim, 34 years ago, I recall that the agents of the FBI were constantly visiting members of the Nation of Islam, trying to frighten us and our families away from our belief in the religion of Islam, and away from our desire to follow the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Now, it is well documented, through the Senate Subcommittee hearings on the Counterintelligence Program of the United States government, under J. Edgar Hoover, and through information that we have received under the Freedom of Information Act, that the Government of the United States, the Justice Department and the FBI, in the name of fighting communism; and in the name of preventing a ‘Messiah’ from rising among Black people, who would unite us; and in the name of protecting the existing social and political order, used taxpayers’ dollars to employ every dirty trick that was ever used in overthrowing foreign governments deemed to be enemies of the United States, to overthrow and to undermine all Black leaders and Black organizations in the United States.

It is well documented that the FBI, using taxpayers’ dollars, conducted illegal surveillance, wiretaps, and mischievous machinations against Black leadership, to discredit, undermine, embarrass and even to kill those leaders who stood up to amend the condition that 310 years of chattel slavery and 100 years of free slavery produced.

That which the FBI has done against the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam, Black leaders and Black organizations, again, is well documented. It was the FBI who planned and engineered the split between Malcolm X and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It was the FBI, and its agents, that engineered the destruction of the Nation of Islam after the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1975. It was the FBI that planned and engineered the struggle in the courts, to weaken the Nation from within and to deprive the Muslims of that which their hard earned dollars had gained in property through probate court disputes. It was the FBI’s plan to promote division among the ministers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad after his departure.

Now that I, and those with me, are working to rebuild the work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as a means of reforming our people and transforming their lives into lives of service and usefulness to themselves and others, the same fear of the government that was seen in times past, is now seen again in the work of members of the FBI’s anti-terrorist task force and the organized crime racketeering task force, that have been working night and day to cripple and destroy the Nation of Islam, culminating in an attack on Louis Farrakhan, with the purpose of discrediting, embarrassing and ultimately causing the death of Louis Farrakhan, preferably by heightening tensions within the movement exacerbated by government agents posing as Muslims. This is the aim of the United States government, and it appears to be the aim of the President of the United States–President George Bush.

Two weeks before George Bush was elected President, he made a speech before the Simon Wiesenthal Center, in Los Angeles, detailing his support of Israel and his continued support of the Jewish community. He pledged continued funding of the Justice Department in their continuing investigations and vigorous prosecution of those whom the President called, anti-Semites. And he said, ‘Whether they wear brown shirts, or white shirts and bow ties: Whether they live in Skokie, Chicago, Illinois, or Brooklyn, New York, the villain is the same.’

I am sure President Bush was not referring to Senator Paul Simon of Illinois, who wears bow ties and white shirts. During the Reagan Administration, the then Vice-President Bush spoke out against me, identifying me by name. Now, as he approached the Presidency, he spoke of me by innuendo saying that he would continue the funding of the Justice Department, and he promised he would lead the fight against those whom he and certain leading members of the Jewish community determined to be ‘anti-Semites,’ through vigorous investigation, prosecution, and then, he indirectly referred to me as ‘the villain.’

Evidence is now mounting that those were not empty words of the President, but those words, as in the past, have been translated into the final program and policy and war, that has been designed to destroy the Nation of Islam and Minister Farrakhan, with a particular focus on the growing strength of Black youth.

The vision that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave me from the Wheel in 1985, is now manifested fully in that President Bush has met with his Joint Chiefs of Staff, the chairman of which is a Black man, General Colin Powell, and again, they too have planned a war.

Why would President Bush assign a Black man to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, jumping over 30 White men, who are reportedly more qualified to be chairman? Oftentimes, when a Black man is elevated to a high position it is generally because of a desire to use him against the legitimate aspirations of his own people, or to use him as window-dressing to make the masses of Black people believe that an unjust system is working on their behalf.

With an army full of young Black men and women (which includes Native Americans, Hispanics and poor Whites) could it be that General Powell will be used to justify the use of these soldiers against Noriega and his regime in Panama; against the Medellin drug cartel; and then on to Daniel Ortega and the Sandinista regime; possibly against Cuba; against the liberation movements in Africa and, lastly, but most importantly, against the rise of Black youth and Black people in America.

For the past few years, the American press has been feeding the public the image of Black youth on a rampage. From the gangs called Crips and Bloods, in Los Angeles, California; the Central Park incident, to the drug sellers that are operating in the major cities along the East Coast, particularly in Washington, D.C., the image the American public gets, is that when it comes to gangs, violence and drugs, that the gang leaders are Black; the violence is Black; the drug sellers are Black and the majority of drug users are Black. Our youth are being portrayed as the perpetrators of violence, and are being armed with ‘street sweepers,’ AK-47s, Uzis, MAC 10s. It is being reported that these Black youth are better armed than the local police.

The police are saying that they have insufficient arms to combat these drug groups and, therefore, they either need heavier weapons, or the back-up of the National guard, and Federal troops. However, information has come to us that the police have great fire power available to them. And certain areas of the country have been targeted to test these new weapons. Armored personnel carriers that can travel at speeds up to 70 m.p.h., with high caliber machine guns, are being stored in the armories of the major cities and the use of certain kinds of gases is being planned. This is being planned to be executed against Black youth in several major cities in the country, one of which is Washington, D.C.

Much of the gang activity is fomented, manipulated, and kept alive by outside forces from within the White community, and oftentimes by the very police themselves, to justify what the government is planning against our community. Many of our young people are recruited by corrupt police to sell drugs to our people and many of our youth are killed if they violate police instructions, by hit squads from within the police departments. This is what we are learning from so-called gang leaders throughout the country.

All of this has been planned and is now being carried out under the pretext of national security and to maintain, preserve and protect an increasingly corrupt and unjust social and political order.

More next issue Allah, willing.