In the 5 1/2 years since Americans of every race, religion and creed stood shoulder-to-shoulder in grief, but in solidarity, after the vicious and atrocious attacks in New York and Washington on Sept. 11, 2001, very little good has been accomplished in the United States of America.

Those whom the U.S. government accused of perpetrating the criminal attacks remain at large. The U.S. military is bogged down in an un-winnable–and unnecessary–war and occupation of Iraq, which had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. The country is bitterly divided politically, and President George W. Bush has gone from 91 percent approval ratings to now a mere 30 percent approval of the population.

What went wrong?


The American leadership’s greatest need in the wake of 9/11 and its darkness and its despair, was, and remains: Proper adherence to Divine Guidance.

In that hour of grief, many of this country’s most prominent Christian clergy said that the nation was in need of spiritual renewal and revival, and that the 9/11 tragedy brought the country to the beginning of that process.

Whenever a nation becomes great and powerful by Allah’s (God’s) Permission, as America has; whenever a nation becomes the undisputed ruler of the world, as America has, by Allah’s Permission; when a nation becomes the only remaining superpower, having the power to destroy other nations and people by the tens of thousands and millions, as Allah has permitted America the power to do, and that nation then has a spiritual lapse and begins to sink into moral decline, the Holy Qur’an teaches that Allah (God) raises a messenger–but He raises that messenger from among the poor and the abject To Guide and To Warn the great and the powerful.

Is there such a voice from among the poor and abject, offering guidance and warning from Almighty God in America today? There most certainly is! He is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, National Representative of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, and a Leader, Teacher, Guide and Warner to America and the World.

Time and time again, Minister Farrakhan has raised his voice and offered gentle counsel to Pres. Bush concerning this dangerous time, and what must be done, in order to steer the ship of state to a safe harbor. The Nation of Islam leader, known for his fierce and unyielding witness on behalf of the hurt of Blacks, the poor and all the disenfranchised in the United States–has muted his anger out of love, as one who wants to see this nation avoid the pitfalls that have destroyed the great nations of the past.

Time and again, Minister Farrakhan has offered words of comfort, in order that this country’s leaders might lead the people in a way to beat the prophecies and bring about mitigating circumstances which could even remove, delay, or postpone the horror of the Judgment of America, foretold by the Prophets. But there were, and are choices to be made.

“Ancient Babylon was a city that caused all who traded with her to wax strong, but, at a certain point, the neighboring nations turned against Babylon and she was destroyed and left as a sign. The Book of Revelation speaks of a mystery Babylon that ancient Babylon was a sign of. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, my teacher and guide, said that America is the fulfillment of that mystery Babylon. Mr. President, you must study prophecy in order to beat it,” Minister Farrakhan wrote in a letter to Pres. Bush on Oct. 30, 2002, as the Bush administration was constantly beating the drum of war against Iraq.

Does the United States of America fit the description of that Mystery Babylon?

In March, President Bush visited Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico during a much publicized tour of Latin America. And while the U.S. leader was received graciously by those heads of state, raucous anti-American demonstrations were held at every stop. Have America’s neighbors from Bolivia, to Brazil, to Uruguay, to Venezuela, which have all chosen militant, “leftist” political leaders since Pres. Bush took office, now turned against America? Does America fit the description of that Mystery Babylon?

“Look at the nations to the north and south of you. Are they pleased with you, your administration and your policies?” continued Minister Farrakhan in his letter. “Look at your friends in the Middle East. Are they really pleased with you, your administration and policies? Look at your European friends and your African and Asian friends. The prophecy teaches that, they will take your money and whatever you offer, but they will hate you and ultimately make you desolate.”

We now know, with unfailing certainty that the President and his advisers were feeding the people “flawed intelligence” in 2002 and early 2003 in order to justify a plan to bring about “regime change” in Iraq–a plan which they brought with them when they came into office, only months before 9/11.

Does America fit the description of that Mystery Babylon?

From the highest councils within the inner circle of the Bush administration, we now know that the President and his advisers were bent on the invasion and occupation of Iraq. His mind was made up, literally within days of coming to office, after his hotly contested election–or “selection”–by one vote on the Supreme Court.

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, in his book entitled “The Price of Loyalty,” says Pres. Bush presided over those early cabinet meetings like a blind man in a room full of deaf people. Mr. O’Neill, a member of the President’s National Security Team for 23 months until December 2002, said he never saw any evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMDs); that Pres. Bush was simply looking for any excuse to remove Iraqi President Saddam Hussein; and that the Bush administration appeared to have assumed the right to act as it wished overseas.

“From the very beginning, there was a conviction Saddam Hussein was a bad person and he needed to go,” Mr. O’Neill said in an interview broadcast by CBS News on Mar. 18. “For me, the notion of pre-emption, that the U.S. has the unilateral right to do whatever we decide to do, is really a huge leap.”

Does this description match the Pro-phets’ predictions? The recent warnings from Minister Farrakhan?

“We are headed into a terrible time,” Minister Farrakhan continued in his October 2002 letter. “I am writing this letter as a final witness of my deep concern for you and for the nation, believing, however, that you are bent on doing what is in your heart with respect to Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Mr. President, if you do this, you will bring down upon America an increase in the Divine Judgment of rain, hail, snow, wind, earthquakes, pestilence and famine that is already witnessed in the country.

“As you go about destroying other nations and cities, you will bring this kind of Divine Wrath on the American people and on American cities,” Minister Farrakhan wrote.

We have already begun to see The Wrath of rain, hail, snow, wind, earthquakes, famine and pestilence. Some say these are the effects of “global warming,” and “greenhouse gas emissions.” That may very well be the scientific explanation for what we have been taught is the Divine Judgment. And then, it could all be just a “coincidence,” but we think not.

Heed the Divine Guidance from amongst the poor in America’s midst today! That Guidance can be heard in the voice of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. His unerring accuracy is no coincidence!