[Editor’s note: The following is part three of a continuing series by Minister Jabril Muhammad.]

More Than A Vision – Part IV: The Wheel is seen by many

“The judge turned to the U.S. Attorney, and they said the judge said ‘Are you planning to arrest Reverend Farrakhan? You’re not going to put Reverend Farrakhan in jail, are you?’ And there was a silence in the courtroom. The response was, and we need to pull the record, the response was ‘Your honor, we have a particular policy in dealing with the nation of Libya. It is a delicate situation, and it would be unseemly for this court to render any decision that might negatively impact or affect that policy.’


“So in other words the Assistant U.S. Attorney was talking in code to the judge, who was a Reagan appointee. So the judge said, ‘But I’m asking you a question: Do you plan to arrest Reverend Farrakhan? And they said no. So they were forced to change what we believe to this day was a very definite plan, but they did not want to admit in open court.”

As we will see, this government official told an outright lie. They not only intended to arrest Minister Farrakhan, but to murder him!

Moreover, this was part of a much bigger or more significant set of lies–of the worst sort!

Months later, the truth of the Minister’s statement about the President’s war plans, contained in the vision he received from his teacher, from The Wheel, was publicly confirmed in an overwhelmingly, convincing manner.

News reports of 1987 revealed that President Reagan and his Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff had planned a war against Libya, some weeks before the Minister received his vision. This became public through The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Atlanta Journal, and in other media. This news spread throughout America and the world. Significant as that news was, what Minister Farrakhan experienced, on September 17, 1985, was even more significant, despite the fact that it was not widely reported.

Perhaps most of those reporters were not aware of it. Of course, many of the higher ups were made aware of his experience. However, there are those who mentioned his vision plus experience and The Wheel–out of context–and unconnected to the planned war against Libya by President Reagan and his Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff.

Four years after Minister Farrakhan received his vision, he fully came to see that he had yet to hold that press conference, which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wanted him to hold in Washington, D.C. This realization was stimulated by four events, which over a four month period, in 1989, crystallized his decision.

Two of these events were the death of Congressman Mickey Leland (of Texas) and the other involved the traumatic events at Tiananmen Square in China.

What was referred to in America’s press as the Beijing Massacre at Tiananmen Square, began on June 4, 1989.

Representative Mickey Leland died in an airplane crash, in Gambela, Ethiopia, on August 7, 1989.

Minister Farrakhan was in Phoenix, in 1989, when these two events occurred. I noticed that both of these events seemed to have aged him as he wrestled with their meanings. He told me he knew both had something to do with him. He was in a strained state of mind as he pondered the significance of these events. The latter event, he said, had more to do with our people–especially Black youth–and yet in some way with him. But he did not know how.

After returning to Chicago, a phone call from Minister Don Muhammad of Boston would take him further into a growing, or heightened, awareness that something was going on that was big, in the biggest sense of that word. Minister Don Muhammad informed him of a gang problem in which they sought his help. He was told that the gang members were being pressured to give up their weapons. They said they would, but only if Minister Farrakhan would tell them to do so. His response was that he had not ordered them to pick them up in the first place. However, he later gave them wise and righteous advice, based on the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, whose policies are known the world over.

Not long after he hung up the phone, he was struck by what it all meant.

Out of Minister Farrakhan’s understanding of the significance of these events, he made a series of extraordinary speeches. Among the most powerful talks he would make was a stupendous one which enlightened and warned Black youth as to what the slave-master’s children were up to and were planning against them and us.

If you get and listen to that speech, you will see why I’m describing it as I am. It was delivered in Chicago, at Mosque Maryam.

Lastly in September, came the fourth event which would lead to a most profound event, fulfilling a major part of what he was ordered to do, by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in his vision.

A Sister telephoned him to congratulate him on his anniversary. He thought her congratulations referred to the 35th anniversary of his marriage to his wife, Sister Khadijah, which was earlier that month on the 12th. In the course of the conversation he came to see that she had the anniversary of his vision in mind. The call caused him to reflect over his vision and the course of events since that time.

It crystallized

Minister Farrakhan decided to hold a press conference in the next month; on the day following the Saviours’ Day conference in October (1989), he returned to Phoenix. Part of his preparation for this momentous event involved the preparation of his press statement. Minister Farrakhan decided to dictate the entire text, in my home, on the Friday prior to the Tuesday when he would deliver it at the press conference. Sister Marguerite X McCray did the typing.

About an hour after the text was typed and proofed, he and I headed for the airport to catch a plane for the East Coast. We went to New York City.

On the next afternoon, as we neared the capital, through a circuitous route, these words from his vision came forcibly to my mind: “With great speed it brought me back to earth and dropped me off near Washington, where I then proceeded into this city to make the Announcement.” I then thought back to the trip we had made a little better than three years earlier, the day before he made his statement to the press on February 4, 1986. We had also landed, at that time, just outside of the capital due to fog, as I explained earlier. I thought to myself, “That experience pointed to this one. This Saviours’ Day is a cover for this press conference.”

I voiced this thought to Minister Farrakhan.

The fact was that we were about to go to a place (arranged for by Minister Akbar Muhammad) “nearby or close to Washington, D.C.” We were about to “land,” so to speak, just as he did in his vision, “near Washington.” It was quite a feeling.

I had a copy of the text of the statement he dictated to Sister Marguerite just the day before. I was with him from that time until he delivered it to the public. I was with him right up to the time he delivered his statement before the media on that Tuesday. The point of this is that I am a witness to the fact that he did not change one word of the text he dictated, from the previous Friday, when he dictated it, to the following Tuesday when he delivered it.

This is related to the profound correspondence between something he dictated in his statement for the press and an event which was a confirmation of his announcement. It involved what many call “UFOs.”

Minister Farrakhan did not know how God would confirm his statement, in the ordinary way we obtain information. As we’ll see in a moment, from his prepared statement to the press, Minister Farrakhan declared:

“Before you will be able to establish your mockery of me (if that is what you wish to do) for what was revealed to me in The Wheel, you will see these wheels… .”

The next day a “little” Wheel appeared over the White House. It was repeatedly highlighted on TV for three straight days. It shook up a lot of people.

More next issue, Allah willing.

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