Reflections on Saviours’ Day Celebration–77th Year Prophetic Time Line 1930-2007, Part 2

[Editor’s Note: The following is part two of excerpts of words delivered by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad on March 4 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois.]


“And certainly We revealed to Moses: Travel by night with My servants, then strike for them a dry path in the sea, not fearing to be overtaken, nor being afraid. So Pharaoh followed them with his armies, then there covered them of the sea that which covered them. And Pharaoh led his people astray and he guided not aright.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, verses 77-79

The Honorable Minister Farrakhan opened his Saviours’ Day address with a reference to the history of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated that at the end of this period of time, the sign of Prophet Muhammad’s history would be fulfilled. We are walking through stages of a journey of that particular history because it would be the sign of the end. It comes, at the end of all of the scriptural testimonies from Jesus of the Bible, up to Muhammad of the Holy Qur’an. Min. Farrakhan said, “I am your Elijah of the Bible and I am your Muhammad of the Holy Qur’an,” and he received the mantel of this baptism when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad departed.

A man like that comes along once in trillions of years. You cannot put a nail on the coffin, bury him in the ground and say, “He died on February 25, 1975.” Dear Muslims, we have more studying to do if we’re going to pass through this test. We have to plead with God. We have to ask Him to teach and show us the truth. We have got to do the soul searching ourselves. Each one of us had to go deep inside because there is no one’s theology or idea that is going to save us as an individual. We’ve got to find that little light inside, connect with the Power of God, and He will show you everything that your heart yearns to know. He will fasten to you Himself entirely, and that is a reality.

Seventy-seven (77) years, prefixed by the number 19, gives you 1977. Prior to 1977, there was a lull of two years after the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. There were members of this great and blessed family of Muhammad who believed that they had the right idea and the right theology to give us the experience of the Orthodox Islamic world, and that is necessarily not bad. I would say that that was prophesy that had to be fulfilled in order for the Rebirth of the Nation, through the Honorable Minister Farrakhan. We had to see and to feel the experiences of the journey in our link to the entire Islamic world.

So my dear Brother Warith Deen did a good job, and is commended even to this day for having taken the course of introducing us to the Orthodox Islamic world. This is in part the test of Muhammad’s domestic life. In each step of the journey, people are being guided to bring into reality their deepest thoughts and convictions. Each and every one of us, believe it or not, is being recorded. Every thought we think, every action that we do, is being written and recorded in little books of testimonies.

When I asked the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was that just a spiritual explanation that the angels would come and we would each be given little books in our hand? He said, “No, Sister, that’s literal.” He said, “There are angels who know every move that every new convert makes. Min. Farrakhan said in his address in Detroit, you may think that you’re getting away with this or that, and he said until that day when the self-accusing spirit rises up in judgment, it behooves us, Brothers and Sisters, to act with love and kindness to each other. Without acting with love and kindness, then you become brute beasts.

Whether we’re covered in white, or wearing uniforms, that means nothing to the God Who is judging us today. He said that He came for a certain number of people that He could put in another school. We’re not finished with this journey. We’ve come to the junction of the river, traveling with The Wise Man. Traveling with The Wise Man, Who left out of Egypt–listen carefully–down South or up North, because you know Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt take on another geographic perspective. And when you travel past the cataract that shows you Abu Simble and all of the great monuments of our fore-parents, you enter into the Sudan and the capital of Khartoum.

I think it is very fascinating that in a political sense, it is Darfur and the Sudan that are the political emphasis today in the mistreatment of the people in that country, and that at Saviours’ Day, we were able to get a live, one hour telecast from the president of the Sudan. There is great civil strife and internecine warfare, going back and forth among our people. If The Wise Man would appear, He would appear not necessarily in a peaceful area, but in an area with all kinds of confusion. God is a Warrior. God came to break up the darkness to reveal His Divine Light.

Now, what am I getting to? When you go to the junction of the Nile, there are two divisions; it is where the Nile breaks off into two branches. One is the White Nile, which goes into Uganda and to Lake Victoria; and then the other one travels through Ethiopia, and goes across the central part of Africa and joins the various tributaries of lakes and rivers to the Niger, etc.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that is not a picture of Moses. Moses is being used to represent a people who are acting contrary to the Guidance and the Will of God; therefore, they are in confusion and need The Warning. Remember, it was in East Asia or East Africa, according to our Teachings, where the Father of the Tribe of Shabazz took his family to settle there. This was 50,000 years ago. Ever since that time, or even maybe before, we were always rebellious. I’m sorry to say some of these things in the course of what I wish to share. But as I said, I am very full, and I think that we have to go deeper into our studies and not stay on the surface. They waited for their morning meal at a certain rock, but when they went to roast that fish, it got away into the stream.

It was at that point when The Great Teacher–The Mysterious Wise Man–appeared and began to take the children, or take Moses, on a certain journey. They were told before the journey commenced not to “ask me so many questions.” You must follow Him on this journey with faith. At the end of this journey, He would explain the significance of the events that would take place.

We, as a people, are very impatient, and we can’t take the long journey. We want the short journey. The short journey where we think we know and we think we know so much that we begin to question the Servant of God to the degree that we become disbelievers there at. The Holy Qur’an warns us again to not ask questions before the revelation of that particular part of the history of prophesy is being fulfilled; then you may ask questions, because such a people begin to question before the journey was over and became Disbelievers thereat.

“So Moses returned to his people angry, sorrowing. He said: O my people, did not your Lord promise you a goodly promise? Did the promised time, then, seem long to you, or did you wish that displeasure from your Lord should come upon you, so that you broke (your) promise to me? They said: We broke not the promise to thee of our own accord, but we were made to bear the burdens of the ornaments of the people, then we cast them away, and thus did the Samiri suggest. Then he brought forth for them a calf, a body, which had a hollow sound, so they said: This is your god and the god of Moses; but he forgot. Could they not see that it returned no reply to them, nor controlled any harm or benefit for them?” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, verse 86-89

To be continued.