(L-r): Min. Abel Muhammad, Yo� Nas Da Lonewolf McCall-Muhammad, Warrior Woman, Dian Moy Muhammad, Julio Lonewolf McCall, Min. Rasul Muhammad (at podium), Mahpiya Ska Win, Teresa X Torres, Emma Lozano and David Jalil Muhammad.

DETROIT (FinalCall.com) – The approximately 400 people who saturated the Cobo Convention Center’s “Bridging the Families–Indigenous Nations Alliance” Saviours’ Day 2007 workshop February 24 were rapt by the history, culture and presentations of panelists, who hailed from Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Big Mountain, Ariz. and other various stations within the United States and abroad.

Yo’Nas Da LoneWolf McCall-Muhammad, National Director of the Indigenous Nations Alliance-Millions More Movement and “Bridging the Families” coordinator and co-moderator, made the mission clear; the directive, clearer: Start right now, where you are. Make the connection.

The declarative refers to an overall workshop theme and question of how to link the members of the Original Family together as one, and specifically, tie the economic resources held by Blacks in America to the land wealth of the Indigenous nations, for the benefit of healing and restoring both.


An overwhelming consensus was to remove enemy-imposed barriers of language, color, culture and geographic boundaries.

During her opening address, Ms. Muhammad told the audience that their goals that day served to progress the work of her mother, Wauneta LoneWolf. “We are here today to continue her legacy; continue the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, to manifest his speech tomorrow, ‘One Nation Under God,’ into a reality today,” she said.

Min. Rasul Muhammad, a son of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Seventh Region Representative, co-moderated the session and gave historical insight into the history and importance of Latino supporters and members of the Nation of Islam.

“I take a very particular compassionate position when it comes to so-called Latino people. I know first hand that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad valued you so much, that he took a portion of his family down into the country of Mexico and he put us there, and he said that one day, all of these will be Muslims; all of them. They are our people,” he stated, as he implored, “Do not be invisible! Do not silence your voice!”

The distinguished panelists included Warrior Woman (director of Red Wind Nation-Red Wind Aboriginal Nation), Sister Dian Moy Muhammad, Sister Theresa X Torres (Prison Ministry Director for Muhammad’s Mosque No. 26B in Oakland, Calif.), Julio Lonewolf McCall (son of Wauneta Lonewolf and motivational speaker), Mahpiya Ska Win (sister of Wauneta and Coordinator of Support Services at Oglala Lakota College) and David Jalil Muhammad (Puerto Rico).

From the outset, Min. Rasul invoked solutions-based dialogue with questions for panelists, which also sat on the hearts and minds of those present, as evidenced by their reactions to his inquiries: What’s the connection between Black-Red? Black-Asian and Black-Latino? The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that the war would break out, in terms of, like, civil war; the blood would start being shed on the West Coast and it would move across the country…what’s causing Latino and Black conflict from the West Coast all the way across America?

Sis. Theresa said that the Black-Brown violence occurs all over California, especially among the gangs, because prisons are racially divided, and shot callers are dictating activity on the streets. “The U.S. Government sends agents into the Hells Angels, so why wouldn’t he send agents into all of these brothers who are lost,” she posed.

Sis. Theresa noted that the bloodshed has already begun, and informed that L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has requested aid from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to suppress gang violence. “The way I see it, Min. Farrakhan went out there and tried to talk, but it is going to take our disobedience, and the God is going to allow this to happen. Nothing happens without Allah’s permission,” she said.

Bro. David told gatherers that the system deals with Blacks and Indigenous people in the same racist and political contexts. “So when the question is asked, what is the connection between the Black and the so called Latino… just like you are the so-called Negro… the answer is you are one in the same! Only five percent of all Black people brought into the western hemisphere ended up here in the U.S. The rest are trapped in Latin America,” he insisted.

For Min. Abel Muhammad of Mosque Maryam, the workshop theme was fitting for Min. Farrakhan’s address on One Nation Under God, because it moved beyond speaking of differences in belief, but probed the artificial differences based off appearances, where one lives and land mass.

“It’s important that when we say Latino, we don’t just mean Mexico. Just as the Black man in American comes in different shades and hues, so does the Latino. And when we represent where we come from, there’s a strength in that,” Min. Abel stated.

Warrior Woman utilized the opportunity to uplift and remember worldwide movements for peace and freedom. “No one can talk to Allah but you; there’s no interpretation,” she reminded conference-goers as they forged their resolutions.

“My husband (Chief Ernie LoneWalker) didn’t come here because he’s tired of talk. We have this saying that if talk would end the revolution, we would have had it yesterday…As warriors, we say it’s a good day to die. We’re tired of living in the hell that they created. There’s no stepping back. The enemy has to be destroyed,” she declared to a standing ovation.

Specifically addressing the youth with wisdom Min. Farrakhan imparted to him, Mr. LoneWolf said the great purpose for attending events like Saviours’ Day manifest after the activities. “We come to take something from here. The tools and education you take back to your community and when you take that back, there should be no more talking. The talking and listening come from here. Then you go back and that spreads out.”