“He said: My Lord, expand my breast for me. And ease my affair for me: And loose the knot from my tongue, (That) they may understand my word. And give to me an aider from my family. Aaron, my brother; Add to my strength by him. And make him share my task–So that we may glorify Thee much, And much remember Thee. Surely, Thou art ever Seeing us. He said: Thou art indeed granted thy petition, O Moses.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, verses 25-36

[The following article is taken from a lecture Mother Tynnetta Muhammad delivered on “The Power of Prayer” at Mosque Maryam on Sunday, January 21, 2007.]

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Photo: Kenneth Muhammad

I know that all of our thoughts and our prayers have been guided to help the Honorable Minister Farrakhan come through this passage, we would say, to come through an experience of great pain and suffering because of our people. The increase of his burden, trying to awaken us and bring us into a righteous mode that we can be presented as an offering of righteousness to Almighty God Allah, takes a toll on the physical, the mental and the spiritual bodies because we are only third dimensional beings; but when we move energy and we move the thought with power and faith and belief, we are more than a third dimensional body. We become imbued with divine light, and that is the subject that I want to take up in these few moments, light, electricity and the Healing Power of Almighty God, Allah.


As you know, we are seated in an inner sanctum here in Mosque Maryam and above our heads is a dome. This dome-shaped, architectural structure represents a sign from the East to the West. It is exactly like the St. Sophia mosque, though it is much larger in Turkey, Istanbul; and in our particular dome, we have about 24 windows interlacing the lower part of that dome. Above us is an eight-pointed star and in the center of that eight-pointed star is written in the Arabic calligraphy one name–the name Allah (God); and supporting the dome is the reclining wall here that supports four pillars. Usually in the Islamic world, they put the names of the four successors or the four rightly-guided caliphs from Abu Bakr, to Omar, to Uthman and finally Ali. But if you look at the calligraphy inside of this dome, it is written in Arabic, the name Allah (God), Allah the Lord, the Sustainer of all life.

We do not follow the Orthodox religious denominations. We are neither Sunni, nor Shiite, nor any other divisions that have created chaos and confusion throughout our Islamic world. We rely upon one Mighty God, Whose proper name is Allah (God). Now, as I continue quickly to share with you something that really came to me in my journey, as I have taken a little retreat in Mexico for approximately two months without moving anywhere, and I knew that as I was being fed; as I was receiving this kind of energy, it came to me like light; and the light that I was receiving was regenerating myself and using that light to send forward the prayers for the healing of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan.

I had an opportunity to share with Mother Khadijah Farrakhan several aspects of this light the day prior, or I should say, the day of the surgery of our Minister, which was January 5th, on a Friday. Some of those experiences I shared in my article recently about a healing ceremony that was conducted in the South of Mexico. In attendance were two shamans of the very early beginnings of what they call the Indigenous population of the Maya Olmec cultures, and they happen to be appointed. We did not call them. They happen to be at the same location, same moment, when we were on an expedition in the jungles of Chiapas. And two, father and son shamans, spoken of in my previous articles, decided that they were going to invite us to a ceremony using the Crystal Skull, the day previous to the surgery.

The illumination of a star found 20,000 light years away on the outer edge of the Milky Way.
Photo: AP/World Wide Photos

The reason that I am relaying this information is because I want to direct your thoughts and your mind to nothing spooky, nothing mystical, but the reality of the science that makes up the world that we live in today. And how it is that Allah (God) calls and controls all powers and all forces directed through His light. As we look further at this dome, we view, written in Arabic calligraphy, the Verse of Light in Surah 24, which describes for us the likeness of Allah visualized in the light of the heavens and the earth, and a likeness of His light is as a pillar on which is a lamp. The lamp is contained in a glass. The glass is as it were, a brightly shining star.

Now, anytime you say glass, we’re talking about crystal; some kind of industrial crystal or natural, white quartz crystal, which is used in the manufacturing in the modern, industrial world that we live in today. It’s the use of crystal chips that are put in the transmission or radio waves. It is the use of crystal in your watches that you wear everyday. It is the use of crystal that makes the computer industry, now striving towards a more perfect computer, which will contain crystalline matter.

Now what about the human being? Do we contain crystalline structures within our body? Yes. Even the blood drops contain crystalline matter, and our thoughts produced from this brain works by electric impulses and this electric impulse creates what Master Fard Muhammad taught the early Muslims in the 1930s, the “Radio in the Head.” So the Radio in the Head is transmitting electric impulses that go through the waves of the atmosphere, and one can send their thoughts through the waves of the atmosphere and contact anyone without a telephone. One can send a telegram–with this method of communication, you don’t have to send a telegram or your email notes. Just imagine if all of that ceases to be.

What if there’s a great power surge and all electronic devices stop? We would have to depend upon what?–the art of feeling and hearing to convey our messages.

Right now as we speak, you are aware that there are many, many more sightings going on of these ships of light in the air or craft that appear metallic. Some of them look like plasma. When I say plasma they are spheres of light, electric energy that contains consciousness and these spheres of light that contain consciousness are all above our head.

In closing, I would like to briefly comment on how Allah (God) answers prayer. On the day of this address at Mosque Maryam, we received news that a few of the Laborers were invited to see the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at the hospital. I had prayed and had been shown a dream in which this opportunity would manifest in fulfillment of my prayer and my dream, I came to see him in person, along with the others, and was a witness of the stages of his recovery and God’s Healing Power.

“So go you to him and say: Surely we are two messengers of thy Lord; so send forth the Children of Israel with us; and torment them not. Indeed we have brought to thee a message from thy Lord, and peace to him who follows the guidance. It has indeed been revealed to us that punishment will overtake him who rejects and turns away. (Pharaoh) said: Who is your Lord, O Moses? He said: Our Lord is He Who gives to everything its creation, then guides (it). He said: What then is the state of the former generations? He said: The knowledge thereof is with my Lord in a book; my Lord neither errs nor forgets–Who made the earth for you an expanse and made for you therein paths and sent down water from the clouds. Then thereby We bring forth pairs of various herbs. Eat and pasture your cattle. Surely there are signs in this for men of understanding.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, verses 47-54

To be continued.