(FinalCall.com) – As the world took note of blood diamonds through the recent motion picture of the same title, there’s another story that blood diamonds makes all, who see the destruction of life and property look at, and that is, the killing and destruction of governments, the loss of life of civilians as well as military personnel, is the struggle over oil. In most of the articles written recently about the tragedy of Somalia, there has been very little or no mention of oil.

Graphic: Harold Muhammad/MGN Online

The United States government encouraged, aided and supplied the government of Ethiopia, in its move to rid Somalia of the Islamic court, who had taken control of the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu. The world was made to believe that there was a humanitarian concern, as well as a threat of the terrorist base, in Somalia, but according to a recent report on www.raceandhistory.com or the Center for Research on Globalization, oil is at the root of the tragedy unfolding in Somalia at this moment.

Ethiopia, a nation of over 7 million people was the subject recently in the New York Times, of the tremendous number of malnourished children in this nation. With the money that America is spending in order to capture the horn of Africa, through using Ethiopia as a surrogate army, these funds could have been used to feed the malnourished Ethiopian children.


America could have encouraged the African Union, which headquarters in Ethiopia, to seek a solution to this problem at a table of negotiation. The Bush administration feeds the American public with stories that some al-Qaeda operatives are in Somalia and they have the right to go in and kill them. And this, after they have killed innocent men, women and children, adds another straw to the hatred that America has built up for itself, throughout the African and Muslim world.

Conoco Somalia Ltd. has been exploring for oil since 1952 in Somalia, along with other major oil companies. They have concluded through their geologists, that oil absolutely exists in Somalia but the big question is, how much? They know that it is into the millions of barrels and this is why Amoco, Chevron and Phillips have all gotten into the oil planning business for Somalia.

During the time of the pro-U.S., President Mohamed Siad Barre, who was overthrown in 1991, all of these oil companies made a deal to explore for oil in Somalia.

The case of Somalia is not unlike many other adventures that America has engaged in, using the talk of concern about the destruction of human life, with a humanitarian agenda as a front, but the real goal was to capture or control the oil fields through governments that America outright controlled, or exercises inordinate influence within those governments.

As if the Bush administration is not in enough trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan, now they have moved their war to the African continent, encouraging brother to fight brother at their bidding. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former National Security Advisor to former President Jimmy Carter, warned him against committing American fighting forces to engage in conflict on the African continent.

This advice was not followed by President Clinton, when he committed American soldiers to Somalia in 1994 and was forced to withdraw them after 18 American soldiers were killed in the infamous “Blackhawk Down.” When the American public saw American soldiers being drug through the streets of the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, the pressure was on the White House and the troops were withdrawn from Somalia. We would hope that President Bush has studied this lesson in history.