The recent case of five police officers killing 23-year-old Sean Bell and injuring two of hisfriends should make it obvious that Blacks continue to be at-risk to die by the hands of police. Sean Bell was killed on his wedding day in a barrage of police gunfire as he left his bachelor party.

Despite three civilian witnesses, who say they saw officers firing their weapons multiple times, the police union and the media is attempting to convince the America public that the killing was somehow justified. An attorney for the detectives’ union has called the incident “a tragedy, but not a crime.” Union officials maintain that at least one undercover detective was convinced there was a gun in the car. However, no gun was found. Sounds like paranoia to me.

A professor of police studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice has already said it is unlikely the officers, who have been placed on leave with pay, a holiday bonus, would face criminal charges. The five officers who fired their guns included two Blacks, two Whites and one Hispanic, the media, the justice system and the educational systems and all the racist institutions that impact on our lives, all are obviously suffering from White Supremacy Mental Disorders and/or are under White Supremacy domination.

It has become increasingly clear that the term “Racist” is not adequate in explaining the behaviors of those, whom I believe, actually suffer from White Supremacy Mental Disorders.


Examples can be seen in the cases of Tawana Brawley, who charged that six White men had abducted, raped and tortured her, leaving her on the side of a Dutchess County, New York highway. She was only 16 years old at the time. Ms. Brawley was found semi-conscious, half frozen and wrapped in a plastic bag. Feces were smeared on her face and racist slurs and KKK had been written on her body. She further stated that they had flashed a badge.

In 1988 a grand jury concluded that Brawley made up the story of being abducted and raped. It also exonerated her attackers. No testimony was heard from the medics who treated Brawley for her injuries after she was found near death. This and numerous other irregularities led Brawley’s supporters to denounce the grand-jury proceedings as a giant cover-up.

Ms. Brawley was publicly criticized by the big-business media for vilifying her and her supporters, including Attorney Alton Maddox Jr., C. Vernon Mason and the Rev. Al Sharpton. Attorney Maddox was suspended from practicing law, when he chargeda cover-up and advised Brawley not to cooperate with the grand jury. Mr. Mason was later disbarred. Rev. Sharpton’s credibility is constantly assaulted because of his involvement in the Brawley case.

Jeffery Ross, a professor of criminology at the University of Baltimore, in “Making News of Police Violence,”provides a study on media attention to and public notice of, violent police acts. Mr. Ross cites the airing of the video-taping of the notorious Rodney King’s beating by members of the Los Angeles police department. He suggests that the causes of police brutality are, “complex and deeply imbedded in racism and the continuance of various inequalities. The torture of Abner Louima in New York, and the shooting of Amadou Diallo continue to put police violence in the forefront of the public consciousness.

Any normal, rational and sane person recognizes that the above cited cases as well as the countless other irrationally aggressive assaults on Black and nonwhite people are being perpetrated by people who suffer from mental distortions. White Supremacy should be viewed as a severe mental disorder, a psychotic state that results in a total distortion of reality.

White Supremacy disorder produces individuals who demonstrate an arrogant andpretentious sense of self-importance and have problems getting along with others, who they devalue. They like empathy and feel they have a right to things and will exploit or attack other people to achieve their desires. They are extremely self-centered, need constant attention and praise. They are preoccupied with delusions of unlimited success. These are extremely aggressive and violent individuals who overcompensate for their sense of inadequacies and pridefullycelebrate their conquests, invasions, killings, rape and pillaging of other cultures, under a banner of patriotism. Their culture reflects a preoccupation with pirates, vampires and other predatory beast depicted in their movies.

Movies like Apocalypto and Blood Diamond depict Black people as savages who kill their members of their own race; while Rocky, Superman and Spiderman provide White people with fantasy heroes. White Supremacy Disorder should be classified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental illness. But, it won’t, because the same people who practice White Supremacy write the manual.