More colmuns by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad

“And those who flee for Allah’s sake after they are oppressed. We shall certainly give them a good abode in the world; and the reward of the Hereafter is much greater. Did they but know! Those who are steadfast and on their Lord they rely. And We sent not before thee any but men to whom We sent revelation–so ask the followers of the Reminder if you know not– With clear arguments and Scriptures. And We have revealed to thee the Reminder that thou mayest make clear to men that which has been revealed to them, and that haply they may reflect.”  -Holy Qur’an, Surah 16, verses 41-44

On one side of the wall in Mr. Davaanyam’s office was a picture gallery featuring several heads of state and outstanding persons who have attained international fame in the area of humanitarian achievement. Among them were former president George Bush, Sr. and President Clinton along with Prime Minister Tony Blair of Great Britain. Honorable mention was cited upon the visit of former secretary general of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, along with other dignitaries from India and South East Asia.


What caught my attention in particular was an official photo of President G.W. Bush in the second row of photos displayed along with the others. When I asked about the inclusion of this portrait in this gallery of world leaders, Mr. Davaanyam stated that the President has shipped him his official photo following Pres. Bush’s state visit to Mongolia on November 21, 2005. He stated that his visit concurred within three months of the special ceremony held outside of Ulaanbataar, the capital honoring the return of Genghis Khan held on August 19, 2005.

Our readers may recall that some of my musical compositional works recorded on piano was presented as one of the 28 gift offerings during a ceremony of fire in which the image of Genghis Khan appeared, seated on his throne. Mr. Davaanyam, stated that one of the main reasons for the presidents surprise visit was the result of his knowledge about the importance of that particular ceremony, which was repeated for the first time in nearly 800 years. At the time of the writing and recording of the book entitled, “The Secret History of the Mongols, this book was dated to have been revealed about 1241 A.D., approximately 13 years after the demise of Genghis Khan. It was also mentioned that President Bush had pledged that a presentation would be made to Congress upon his return and they would acknowledge the 800th year celebration in Washington, D.C. and the upcoming year 2006.

You may recall that a few of us attended this 800th celebration on the mall in Washington, D.C. in the first week of October 2006. This event was partially sponsored by the Mongolian Embassy and Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. When I departed for the airport leaving the capital, headed for Chicago, there was a news announcement stating that President Bush made a stop that day at the Smithsonian’s Portrait Gallery of all previous presidents of the U.S.A. He was in a reflective and meditative mood, casting glances at first President George Washington and then down the line, coming to his place as the 43rd president of this nation.

What does all of this mean in the final hours of America’s history? What part does politics and religion have to do with this final battle in the sky with the recurring question that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad raised on the blackboard in our Nation’s public meeting places? Question: Which one will survive the War of Armaggedon? Might the president have been thinking and reflecting over the two letters mailed to him in his executive office from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in 2001 and 2002 as a warning to the United States and world governments, that to oppose God is to be an opponent against one’s own survival?

One may recall that during the period of the Persian Gulf War (Desert Storm), one of the training manuals that was studied by the recruits and soldiers entering the Gulf War were instructions given on the military strategies of Genghis Khan. During Pres. Bush’s address to the Mongolian Parliament, he mentioned in a joking manner that he was checking on former Defense Secretary Rumfeld’s horse. (There was some laughter at his words.) He also stated that he felt very much at home in their country, that it is beautiful land with huge skies and vast horizons, kind of like Texas. “I thank you for this invitation. I’m honored to be the first sitting American President to visit Mongolia, and America is proud to call you the third neighbor.” (Applause.) Pres. Bush in his opening remarks thanked the President and the Prime Minister and the government for such gracious hospitality and he thanked the First Lady of Mongolia for being so kind to his wife, Laura.

He also thanked the people of Mongolia for their gracious support in sending help to the Katrina victims. I thought to myself about the one-sided view of this administration in not acknowledging or thanking the present Cuban government under Fidel Castro who offered help with doctors and evacuee programs for relief victims during and after the Katrina disaster while located only 90 miles away, and passed laws to ensnarl American citizens’ efforts to visit Cuba for such training, among them the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his delegation of the Nation of Islam for their diligence and journey to visit some of our own people who are related to the Black nation and struggle in the continental U.S.A.

Upon my return from Mongolia in July 2006, I prepared my final draft of a letter that I intended to mail to President G.W. Bush as a reminder of the important role that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his greatest helper, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan play as we enter the final phases of this war of the worlds as Elijah, the Prophet, faced off with the false prophets of Baal in these closing words: “How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word. I only am the Prophet of the Lord, but Baal’s prophets are 450.”

As we read in I Kings, the continuation of this challenge that Elijah brought before the king, the rulers and the false prophets, a sacrifice was set up on an alter on Mount Carmel and Elijah called on God to bring fire from the heavens to consume the sacrifice of the false prophets praying to turn the people’s hearts back again to his divine service. And the false prophets of Baal were taken down to a particular brook and Elijah was ordered to slay all of the false prophets. The closeness of the work and the calling from heaven by a Shaman’s decree ordained Genghis Khan to go into battle against God’s opponents differs very little from the divine decree that called Prophet Elijah into action against the rulers and kings and false religious practices of his day.

“Are they, then, who plan evil (plans), secure that Allah will not abase them in the earth, or that chastisement will not overtake them from whence they perceive not? Or that He will not seize them in their going to and fro, then they will not be able to escape? Or that He will not seize them with a gradual diminution? Your Lord is surely Compassionate, Merciful. See they not everything that Allah has created? Its (very) shadows return from right and left, making obeisance to Allah, while they are in utter abasement. And to Allah makes obeisance every living creature that is in the heavens and that is in the earth, and the angels (too) and they are not proud. They fear their Lord above them and do what they are commanded.” -Holy Qur’an, Surah 16, verses 45-50