The Blowing of God’s Trumpet in the context of world events

And the trumpet is blown, when lo! from their graves they will hasten on to their Lord. They will say: O woe to us! Who has raised us up from our sleeping-place? This is what the Beneficent promised and the messengers told the truth. It is but a single cry, when lo! they are all brought before Us. So this day no soul is wronged in aught; and you are not rewarded aught but for what you did.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 36, verses 51-54


When Mr. P. Davaanyan entered his office in preparation for our meeting this past July 15, he had just returned from a ceremony with representatives of the Khazak Muslim community. There are several thousand living in Mongolia today, represented by a top Muslim leader, who is also a member of the Mongolian Parliament.

Mr. Davaanyan’s regale dress (which is pictured in this edition) is indicative of his high standing as a descendant of Genghis Khan and one appointed to carry the Genghis Khan philosophy to the public in a degree program of advance studies and research at the Academy he founded in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia in 1996.

As he entered the room, his face lit up with great enthusiasm because of the news he was about to share with us. He stated that on August 19, 2005, about 2,500 people participated in a spiritual ceremony at a sacred place near a well-known mountain outside of the capital. The ceremony was held in anticipation of the return of Genghis Khan l,800 years after his departure or death in 1227 A.D. The grounds were prepared with a special design of etched stone, lit with fire. The image of Genghis Khan appeared outlined by fire on a large stone on the side of the mountain. It is from this image that the connection to Elijah the Prophet appearing in his fiery chariot drawn by the horsemen of Israel is drawn.

In the Bible, the figure of Elijah, as described by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, appears in the Old Testament and the New Testament from beginning to end. Yet, one cannot find his gravesite or death mentioned in the scriptures. The name “Elijah” is associated with the Book of Kings and the last chapter of the Old Testament entitled, “Malachi” (My Messenger). During his sojourn in Gilead and in the area of Jordan, Elijah associated with the opposition from 450 false prophets of Baal and called for a confrontation with these false prophets to a ritual at a mountain. Elijah took 12 stones, according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob, and made an altar there. He challenged the false prophets to bring an offering, which they were unable to do. Then, Elijah called for fire to come down from the heavens and slew the 450 false prophets.

In this same story of Elijah as mentioned in Kings I, Elisha was chosen to accompany him to a certain place along with a few other witnesses, where a whirlwind came from the heavens and took Elijah away on a fiery chariot with the horsemen of Israel; and his mantle of power fell upon Elisha.

Bringing this powerful story to our modern times, it is a sign of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad anointing his servant, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, to take his place in his absence; and it is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who met with him in his Vision-Like Experience on the Great Wheel or Mother’s Ship in 1985. It is interesting to note that in the case of Genghis Khan’s death, a great deal of controversy exists over the exact place of his burial and gravesite. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that the gravesite of Moses has also never been located.

It’s also of great interest to note that his descent and that of the Mongolian nation are linked to the fiery brand decree and prophetic histories of the eternal blue sky and world of stars and planets in our solar system as well as human societies. All original people, teaches the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, are connected to the stars and will display in their banners or flags some sign of the universe. This is also true in the representation of the Mongolian flag, which displays a crescent moon and a symbol of the sun at the top.

The root of the eternal blue sky belief in Shamanism connects to the belief systems of many native societies from that region of Central Asia through the Bering Straits, from Siberia to Alaska to the Artic Circle, including the Eskimos and Aliut Tribes and all other native cultures throughout the Americas.

The outstanding figure of Elijah is also connected to the great sky or cosmos, in which he is elevated to the stars in his fiery chariot. A fiery chariot can also be imaged as a fiery craft or Ship of Light as is seen in the heavens above today throughout the world.

It is interesting to note that Elijah is so important to the Jewish faith that they leave a place setting at the dinner table for Elijah’s return. In the Holy Qur’an, Surah 18, entitled, “The Cave,” tells of the mystical person or Wise Man who meets Moses at the junction of the Nile River and takes him on his extraordinary journey. Some scholars identify this Wise Man as Elias or Elijah, the (Green One) or as Melchezidek, the king mentioned in the Book of Genesis.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is believed by some of his followers to be returning, and with him will be 144,000 Believers appearing on Mount Zion (on a foreign shore). In the number 144,000 is visible the musical note of the A-tone (440 revolutions per second).

At this point, I would like to refer again to information that Mr. Davaanyan shared with us. In the ceremony conducted on August 19, 2005, 28 gifts were presented with the sign of Genghis Khan’s return. Of all the musical selections they tried to present as a gift, my musical composition was the only one that fit the vibration and tone of the ceremony and was thus selected as one of the 28 gifts–which was overwhelming news to Anita Muhammad and me. In the documentary of this event, my composition was recorded in the background of the ceremony. I was also selected as a candidate to receive a degree certificate for this spiritual attainment.

“Surely the owners of the Garden are on that day in a happy occupation. They and their wives are in shades, reclining on raised couches. They have fruits therein, and they have whatever they desire. Peace! A word from a Merciful Lord.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 36, verses 55-58

To be continued.