A mandate from heaven and a shaman’s decree

“And certainly We have made the Word to have many connections for their sake, so that they may be mindful. Those to whom We gave the Book before it, they are believers in it. And when it is recited to them they say: We believe in it; surely it is the Truth from our Lord; we were indeed before this submitting ones. These will be granted their reward twice, because they are steadfast, and they repel evil with good and spend out of what We have given them.” Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 51-54

The religious belief of Genghis Khan traces its root to the eternal blue sky, back to the universal order of things in the heavens and constellations of stars several centuries following the march of Genghis Khan’s armies throughout the better part of the known world beginning in the 13th century.

Mr. P. Davaanyan, a 29th Generation Descendant of Genghis Khan and president of the Academy, in his office with Mother Tynnetta Muhammad (r) and her traveling companion Anita Muhammad during their visit to Ulaanbataar, Mongolia July 11-15, 2006.
Photo by host from the Unification Church

The testimony of his outstanding characteristics and that of the Mongolian nation are now being revealed 800 years later. This new review of his history and nation is generating a new analysis of his principles of governance, social development and military genius, making him, as the Washington Post published, the man of the millennium.

Continuing research has unveiled that there was much more to his Golden Hordes and Golden Family who spread havoc and chilling brute force throughout Asia and Europe than what was formerly known. Genghis Khan was raised from extraordinary circumstances, confirmed by a shaman’s decree as a divine mandate from heaven and was known as a punishment from God against the world of infidels and hypocrisy practiced by the established religions of his day.

The worlds of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism and all other faiths came under his jurisdiction and authority as revealed by this divine decree, with its philosophical origins rooted in the ancient sky religion of the spirit world. Under Shamanism, the revelation that was revealed, if properly understood, connects to the fulfillment of Biblical prophesies, which also include Qur’anic prophesies, Native American prophesies, in both North, Central and South America.

According to Purev’ Oidovyn Davaanyam, Mongolian-Khan thought is a philosophy fit for a king. In his book, he writes that the world would be a better place if everyone studied and followed the philosophy of the Mongolian-Khan’s way of thought, which he believes is as integral to Mongolia as horse-riding and airag (archery). This philosophy “was passed on through the Khans’ Golden Family and, after 1634, it began to be taught to one or two people in secret,” he explained. “The Academy, founded in 1996, is dedicated to studying and fostering this anti-materialist etnos.” The Mongolian Khans philosophy holds that there are three worlds–the stars, the earth and the world of human thought, says Mr. Davaanyam, who recently defended a doctorate in the philosophy of the Mongolian Khans at the Academy.

There is no opposition between them or any discrimination or division on the basis of class or social status. The Academy of Genghis Khan is also dedicated to promoting civil society in Mongolia and Mr. Davaanyam believes that thoughts of the Khans can apply to just about everything. Genghis Khan is more renowned as a military leader than a philosopher, but Mr. Davaanyam wants to change that perception.

According to this 29th descendant of Genghis Khan and president of the Academy, with whom we interviewed this past July in Mongolia, the return of Genghis Khan is predicted to take place through the birth of a genius leader who will carry human civilization to a higher level of thought. Hanging on the wall in his office is an awesome painting that depicts Prophet Elijah coming out of a whirlwind of clouds on a fiery chariot with his horsemen (angelic hosts) anointing Genghis Khan and his horsemen to prepare for the great battle in the sky against all of God’s opponents.

If we apply this imagery to our modern time, it would apply to the birth of the Nation of Islam in America, under the divine command and mandate from heaven of the Great Mahdi appearing in his fiery chariot, accompanied by His angelic hosts to anoint the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the West as the carrier of this divine Message.

Perhaps, we can better understand how each part or sequel of history fits into the final scene or battle in the sky connecting to the Great Mother’s Wheel and its angelic hosts that can be seen in the skies and heavens today. It is for all of the above reasons that I have spent these past several articles comparing the military strategies and campaigns of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as revealed in the Holy Qur’an and the divine support he received from the angelic hosts that led him stage by stage to ultimate victory over his opponents.

The baby Nation of Islam, under the Great Mahdi and the fiery brand boldness of his appointed Messenger and Apostle, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, along with his divine helper, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, brings perfect closure to the fulfillment of all of these ancient prophesies. We will note that the name “Farrakhan” connects to the Mongolian King and rulers and their descendants today.

As we stand in self-defense against our opponents, we have no need for carnal weapons of steel or the sword, but instead we must use the power of the divine Word of truth as a two-edged sword, with the backing and Authority of Almighty God Allah and His angelic hosts.

In one part of the interview with Mr. Davaanyam, I pointed out to him the name of Elijah Muhammad as our divinely appointed spiritual guide. He responded that Elijah Muhammad represents the latter day fulfillment of the meaning of the return of Genghis Khan here in the West. I will complete the information that we received in this startling interview in my upcoming sequel to this series of articles, Allah willing.

“And when they hear idle talk, they turn aside from it and say: For us are our deeds and for you your deeds. Peace be to you! We desire not the ignorant. Surely thou canst not guide whom thou lovest, but Allah guides whom He pleases; and He knows best those who walk aright.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 55-56