The ADL, was exposed in media reports across America for heading an international network of spies which — through clandestine operations — amassed files on over 1,000 civic, service, religious and political organizations and over 10,000 private individuals, including many Jewish leaders and members of Congress.

Abraham Foxman, ADL Director

What appears the most troubling is the fact that the ADL collaborated with state, federal and foreign intelligence agencies to provide confidential information that could have led to the deaths of anti-apartheid activists in South Africa and Palestinian activists.

This information was gathered by the ADL by theft, surreptitious access to classified police intelligence files, as well as extortion using threats of blackmail aimed at individuals who would be coerced into becoming operatives for the ADL under fear of death or imprisonment.

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), the American Jewish Committee (AJC), their student operatives — the Hillel Student Union, are for the purposes of this writing lumped in together as a result of their furtive and duplicitous actions.


They are not above reproach or rebuke. The ADL, AJC and Hillel Student Union should be held up for analysis, examination and correction as all other groups and organizations.

Of course they would not want to be judged or measured by the same barometer they use for others.

If that were the case, then the ADL, given their well-documented history of spying on leaders and organizations, smear campaigns and character defamation, would be classified as anti-everything that is not Jewish, and in many cases, they are speaking out against other Jews who do not share their methods or views.

The ADL’s thought policing policies are evident and typical of their extensive history of manipulation.

Their 1999 report titled: Poisoning on the Web: Hatred Online points to the continuance of this agenda with the goal to raise money, establish control of thought through emotional manipulation, and to apply pressure on others resulting in unquestioned support for Zionism and Israel. Much of this takes place through public press releases and lies through phantom and specious claims of anti-Semitism.

Regarding the ADL, and their operations, ask yourself these questions:

Why are the ADL and AJC distributing their propaganda kits to newspapers and radio stations all across America and abroad in an attempt to shape the views of those who report the news? Because they know the masses of the people are too lazy to investigate and conduct research on their own.

Most prefer to be told what to do and how to think, which is why the world is in the condition it is in right now.

Why does any civic organization refusing to bow to the whims of the ADL or other elite Jewish groups generate immediate retribution and retaliation?

Because those organizations and leaders are those who are challenging the seemingly ubiquitous power of the members of the Synagogue of Satan.

These attacks are aimed at organizational leaders with the goal of preventing the establishment of operational unity between those who have identified the tremendous amount of influence they wield.

As you will see later in this book, The ADL and Hillel Student Union work in collaboration advising college and university administrators to prevent student groups from bringing speakers and other organizational leaders to their campuses.

A student organization can freely obtain money to sponsor “Girls Gone Wild” on a college campus. Money can be obtained to sponsor female students at a university pose for the “Collegiate Cuties” issue of Playboy magazine, however, having a speaker come to the school with a message of elevated consciousness is prohibited.

Is the Hillel Student Union spying on student activists and stifling attempts at free expression on college campuses nationwide?

Are the ADL and AJC threatening to withhold finances from organizations that rely on their monetary support?

When these undeniable facts are pointed out and it is clearly demonstrated that they seek to control the minds and agendas of others they bristle and deny the charges claiming that anti-Semitism is at the root.

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father it is your will to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and standeth not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.” – John 8:44

They have done these things in the past, and are experimenting and developing new and more effective strategies to reach others and eliminate opposition every day.

They have become masters of cloaking their spying and mischief-making activities by masquerading as a civil rights and human rights organization. They are public affairs charlatans capitalizing on the insecurity, guilt and fear of others in order to establish and maintain control while simultaneously forcing their agenda and lobby disguised as legislation.

In appendix II of this book, you will find a listing of the significant amount of money contributed to political campaigns by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. (AIPAC)

They are aware that the dark shadows in which they once operated are now illuminated by shining light on their deceptive and manipulative practices. In their own documents, they have acknowledged:

Beyond low cost and availability, the Internet provides a new type of information distribution, since time and distance are compressed. Information posted there is available instantaneously, 24 hours a day, from anywhere on the planet. The World Wide Web creates the illusion that all information is present in the user’s computer at the instant it is needed. Accessing information has never been easier. What’s more, the Internet has done more than that, for it has turned every user into a potential publisher. It has never been easier for any individual to broadcast his or her ideas to the world.

Interestingly enough, it is for this very reason that the strength of the grip that they once had on information is now being broken.

For proof of their deceptive and ill-motivated practices, witness the frequency with which the ADL displays this paternalistic attitude as well as their desire to censor the expression of ideas by those with whom they disagree.

They claim to be against censorship. They claim to be at the forefront for free speech and expression. They claim to be at the forefront of the struggle for equality and justice, however, anything remotely resembling a less than complimentary analysis of actions conducted by, words spoken by or programs established by Jews and others who practice Zionism, results in one being branded an anti-Semite and their reputation forever tarnished.

This clearly shows hypocrisy and points to a hidden agenda and affiliation with the Synagogue of Satan.

Duplicitous words in careful arrangement, mixing truth and falsehood to hide deceptive actions.

The ADL is a spy organization still with files and dossiers on hundreds of leaders and organizations. It has been almost a decade since the 1st District Court of Appeals ordered the ADL to turn over illegally disclosed and confidential information used to blacklist organizational leaders, and members of organizations with whom the ADL disagrees.

The ADL, AJC and Hillel Student Union are involved in a constant propaganda campaign against any individual or organization showing that they are not afraid to speak out against the power of the Zionist lobby.

Their desire for control is proven. It has been shown that the ADL will resort to lies to achieve their goals. The questions must then be asked, what other means would they use to achieve their goals?

In much of the “fact-finding research” of the ADL, there are misquotes and misinformation. There are never any apologies from the ADL. There are never any retractions even after it has been documented that their information is fallacious and therefore invalid. The misinformation is allowed to exist in the public domain and infect minds of the unassuming public.

Their leadership cadre continues to tell lies to the public while attempting to frame the debate on race relations, economics, politics, history or any other area in which their interests lie. All of this, they say, in the name of preventing another holocaust.

It has been stated in the past that an anti-Semite was one who did not like Jews, now an anti-Semite is anyone the Jews do not like.

This is the same type of censorship of free thought and expression that led to the unfortunate period of their history in which many Jews perished in Germany. The difference now is that they are the perpetrators.

What a role reversal! How incredibly ironic that the Jews who claim to have been persecuted, censored and made into scapegoats now become those who persecute, censor others and use others as scapegoats.

Is there another dynamic at work here? Surely the Jews do not feel that dissenting opinions and differing views are harmful, when deep wounds exist and animosity remains directed at others who could have spoken out in their defense but did not.

Despite recent apologies from the Catholic Church and the Swiss, they are still resented by many Jews for their lack of activism, intervention and protection during Hitler’s notorious rise in Nazi Germany.

In their quasi-religious fervor, they are so emotionally submerged in their claim of ownership of human suffering that they ignore human suffering going on in other parts of the world. Their claim of having lost six-million is so ever-present in their minds they cannot see the historical existence and significance of the holocausts and massive slaughter directed at others.

They claim to be defenders of human dignity yet practice slavery revisionist history by refusing to acknowledge their complete role in the establishment of the dehumanizing process of the creation of a slave mentality using the Hamitic Myth of Black inferiority.

They refuse to acknowledge their participation in the brutality of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade resulting in the contention between the races that exists in the United States and their responsibility for the economic, social and psychological effects of which continue to this day.

It is through their propaganda techniques that the minds of others are controlled. Newspaper editors, journalists and other organizations mindlessly print the ADL’s “objective” information without sifting through the information, or even attempting to verify it.

Once the mind is controlled all that is needed is the aim and focus of directed action. With their Internet studies, and “hate-filtering” software and their desire to control the minds of others. No credit is being given to the decision-making capabilities of fair-minded individuals.

A relentless war is being waged right now in the battle for the minds of the people. Slander and libel through innuendo and half-truths along with distortions, revisions and exaggerations of the historical record exist as standard operating procedures for the ADL, AJC, Hillel Student Union.

Many today are speaking the truth, and as a result, individuals are taking a second look and critically evaluating them.

As more of their deceptive practices are exposed, the fair-minded masses will increase their participation in Zionist containment strategies. Their power, influence and ability to impact others must be severely diminished.

Despite its reputation as a well-oiled and effective public relations organization, many consider the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) to be one of the most dangerous organizations in the world.

With a reported average annual income through contributions topping $49-million dollars the ADL has often used its considerable clout and connections to silence any voices who dare to stand against their lobbying tactics.

The ADL has repeatedly capitalized on the fact that most Americans believe what they see and hear at face value by conducting some of the most vile and reprehensible smear campaigns ever.

Increasingly, with the use of the Internet many more scandalous and shocking revelations are being made known by individuals and organizations that care more about the principles of truth than they do about being labeled.

There aren’t many with in depth knowledge of the shady formation and unsavory characters involved in what is the modern representation of the ADL.

The San Francisco Spy Scandal in 1994 showed the public what many of us have already known, that the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith acts as a spy organization supplying intelligence data to foreign governments and delivering damaging information — often fabricated or intentionally altered — to enemies of those deemed to be their opponents.

More often that not, the opponents of the ADL are those who stand in defense of freedom of speech and are not afraid to criticize the ADL’s tactics, information gathering stratagem, or object to what we at the TEI refer to as specious claims of anti-Semitism hurled so effectively and indiscriminately by the ADL in defense of their selfish economic or political interests.

They were also said to be infiltrating countless law enforcement agencies, bribing law enforcement officials, and obtaining classified data on private citizens.

Far from being an isolated incident of impropriety, further research found the ADL to be guilty of providing information on anti-Apartheid groups to agents of the apartheid government of South Africa possibly resulting in the mysterious disappearance of many anti-Apartheid activists. The same modus operandi was used to harness Arab activism in America and abroad. Israeli authorities have repeatedly shown their propensity for violence through assassination of their enemies, and in some cases, their “friends.”

Upon further examination, one promptly encounters details regarding the earlier referenced spying activities of the ADL focused on leaders and members of the Nation of Islam (NOI), African National Congress (ANC) as well as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Arab-American Discrimination Committee (ADC) just to name a few.

It is truly baffling, to see how the NAACP, among other organizations, is so eager to establish a rapport with the ADL, when evidence has been uncovered detailing the fact that the ADL is spying on them and their members. It should come as no surprise that the ADL is involved in this activity given their history of spying on notable figures, such as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., of the Civil Rights movement.

A strong link between philanthropy and gambling, labor racketeering, money laundering and narcotics has been established while the ADL was coming into prominence, and this aided them in obtaining the expansive power they wield today.

To varying degrees, the media has been used to promote the fantasy-filled victimization made popular by the ADL. In recent years however, they have also been used to verify previously alleged wrongdoing on behalf of ADL operatives.