“And your Lord says: ‘Pray to Me, I will answer you.’ ” -Holy Qur’an 40:60

“Allah will not fail in His promise, but most people know not.”–Holy Qur’an 30:6

In Volume 25, Number 5 of The Final Call, my article contained this statement: “On the marquee of a church here in Phoenix are these words: ‘Two people cannot both love God and hate each other.’ ” That was one of my thoughts as I started to write this article.


One of the thoughts that came to me was to mention the power of prayer through an experience I recalled that, maybe like others, you might have had.

That experience occurred as a result of something that I decided to do at the end of a talk on the phone with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad one day in the 1960s. After the specific purpose for the call was completed, we spoke for a few moments about his health condition. I said to him that I was going to go on a fast for three days and pray to Allah for the improvement of his health condition and ask the Believers here in Phoenix to join me in this effort. He thanked me. I felt a little embarrassed over his reaction.

We went on that fast. A few days later, I spoke again with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and he told me that he actually felt better and he attributed this, in part, to the sincerity of our effort.

As I was thinking over that experience I thought of its relevance to the health condition of our Brother, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I thought I would mention what I just did, along with a few other facts.

As I’m touching on the power of prayer, I’m reminded that I am writing this article on Friday the 13th. There are many unfortunate people who know little or nothing about prayer, or the nature and power of prayer and that its power has been measured scientifically. They still do not know what they could know of the Source of the answers to prayer.

This is not the place or space to argue this subject, but it really is as easy to show scientifically the power of prayer as it is to show, through a simple demonstration, that there is no such thing as a real atheist; or how ridiculous it is nowadays to deny God’s existence.

We could easily argue all the way from how people react on an airplane when it suddenly drops a few hundred feet, to the fact that, since everyone has some value system, everyone therefore believes in a God of some kind; Someone that has ultimate power over themselves.

By value system, I’m referring to the fact that everyone sees something as beneficial to themselves and other things as harmful to themselves; some things that they like or love and other things they dislike or hate. This alone, points to a system of values, and that everyone sees someone or something, in their imagination, as being the Source of their likes, dislikes, etc.

So reasoning from the way people react when an airplane makes a sudden drop, to what I just mentioned of values, are among the weaker witnesses to the existence of God and thus the need for prayer.

So as we pray to the Almighty God, Allah, for the improvement of the health condition of Minister Farrakhan, we should do so, while at the same time raising the level of our good toward others.

Broadly speaking, that which is based on superstition is opposite to that which is based on true science.

The things that people say and do on Friday the 13th are ignorant carry-overs from the days when scientific thinking among White people was much weaker than it is today. There are many people who will say or do things on such a day as this and say that “Well, it’s all done in fun” or “It’s fun.” And a few days from now, the holiday called Halloween will arrive, when a great many people will engage in more of what they call “fun.”

Even as I am writing about this, I’m aware that the Revelation of God’s Truth that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan have preached in America for over seven decades now points to the fact that the days of widespread and massive wickedness, like that which is practiced on Halloween, are soon to be no more.

Halloween is a holiday when people in this country try to out-do each other in mad wickedness.

But the spirit of doing good, or deliberately doing good, to others, can increase the power and effectiveness of our prayer, be it the Will of Allah. It seems to me that such good should be intensified as we go through the reminders of our need to atone and–as the Holy Qur’an teaches–seek a means of nearness to Allah (God). These means are intended to bring us ever closer to the state of at-one-ness with Allah (God).

Certainly, one major aspect of that seeking is to work to develop the state of mind that Minister Farrakhan advocates throughout Closing The Gap, which makes us act more like real lovers of God towards one another; which makes us less judgemental; which makes us more charitable; which makes us more forgiving; which makes us more considerate of our own limitations and our every millisecond or non-stop need of the Mercy of Allah (God).

In Closing The Gap, Minister Farrakhan explains, in a beautiful and scientific manner, what real fun is and its scientific basis is on or what real fun grows out of.

By the help of Almighty God Allah, the book Closing The Gap will one day soon appear in both Spanish and French.

In the 1960s, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad established five places of worship, called Temples at that time, in the country of Mexico. The same Teaching that we’ve heard Minister Farrakhan teach was taught back then to our Brothers and Sisters in Mexico.

So as we pray to Allah for the improvement of the health of Minister Farrakhan, let’s at the same time make demonstrations of our appreciation to Allah for giving us this wonderful Brother, who came straight from the same love God has for us, from which He also gave us the Honorable Elijah Muhammad–by raising the level of our genuine love for one another.

And let’s remember and think deeply on the power of the Truth in the Holy Qur’an–a book filled with wisdom and truth that contains this statement: “And your Lord says: ‘Pray to Me, I will answer you.’ ” –Holy Qur’an 40:60

Ponder, consider and turn over in your minds His words: “Pray to Me, I will answer you.” (Holy Qur’an 40:60)

Even though most people don’t yet, at present, know that Allah will not fail in His promise, they will come to understand better after His chastisement.

More, next issue, Allah willing.