Ships of Light–Second Sighting by Minister Farrakhan with witnesses

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“And among men is he who serves Allah, (standing) on the verge, so that if good befalls him he is satisfied therewith, but if a trial afflicts him he turns back headlong. He loses this world and the Hereafter. That is a manifest loss. He calls besides Allah on that which harms him not, nor benefits him; that is straying far. He calls on him whose harm is nearer than his benefit. Certainly an evil guardian and an evil associate!” -Holy Qur’an Surah 22: 11-13

Ship of light appears over mountainous region of Tepotzlan, Mexico. Photo: Carlos Dias

This is the conclusion of my series of articles commemorating the 21st anniversary of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s extraordinary Vision-Like Experience that occurred in the Mexican town of Tepotzlan, Mexico beginning on September 17, 1985. What many readers may not know is that a second fighting or appearance of these ships of light occurred in Tepotzlan in 2001 in the presence of Carlos Diaz and other witnesses.

Now five years later, unusual activity is being reported in relationship to other sightings in Mexico and around the world.

On Sept. 21, NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis landed back on Earth with several astronauts onboard who reported sightings of at least three objects following the shuttle. The first appearance of these objects was made on the morning of September 19. These sightings prompted the delay of the return of the Atlantis mission, which necessitated a full appraisal of the safety of the craft before landing.

Three unidentified objects are located Wednesday in the vicinity of space shuttle Atlantis. Photo: courtesey of ctv.ca

It is interesting to note that Sept. 21, the day of the landing of the space shuttle, also marked the 21st anniversary of Minister Farrakhan’s first sighting in 1985. This was also the 19th mission to the international space station. In a later article, I will connect the meaning behind the name ‘Atlantis’ given to this mission and the disappearance of Flight 19 over the Bahamas near the Island of Bimini several decades ago. It is believed that the sunken continent of Atlantis was part of the trigger for the disappearance of Flight 19.

On Sept. 19, Minister Farrakhan called some of his National and Regional Laborers to meet with him on his farm in the state of Michigan. He made a reference to his vision when he stated that, in his communication with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on The Wheel, the information he received entered his head like a scroll of writing and that he has never been the same since. He also informed us not to worry about Brother Farrakhan and his present weakened state of health, because Allah (God) is The Healer and upon Allah (God) we should all depend.

In the meantime, the test for the Nation and all Believers is to take command of our post and walk in a perfect manner for the next five months until we celebrate Saviours’ Day in February 2007. This is a period of purification and judging of us is in the Hands of Almighty God Allah.

I am reminded in our Supreme Wisdom teachings that our Final Examination will take place before Almighty God Allah and that we should remain humble during this period because no one knows what lies ahead for us but God Himself. We should not take the position that we can judge others, lest that judgment be conferred upon ourselves.

In his Sept. 11 letter published in The Final Call newspaper, Minister Farrakhan also cautioned us in his statement: “I do not believe that my earthly work is done. I know that you (the Believers) will accept the challenge to move our Nation forward, being ever watchful for any smart, crooked deceiver and hypocrite who would create confusion over my present condition.”

In Minister Farrakhan’s Vision-Like Experience, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told him that he had one more thing to do and then he could come back to the Wheel and see Him face to face. If the Honorable Elijah Muhammad escaped from a death plot and he, too, was in a weakened physical condition, would not he save the life by the power of Almighty God Allah of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and restore him as he, himself, was restored back to perfect health?

“Surely Allah causes those who believe and do good deeds to enter Gardens wherein flow rivers. Allah indeed does what He pleases. Whoever thinks that Allah will not assist him in this life and the Hereafter, let him raise (himself) by some means to the heaven, then let him cut (it) off, then let him see if his plan will take away that at which he is enraged. And thus have We revealed it, clear arguments, and Allah guides who He will.” -Holy Qur’an, Surah 22:14-16