The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Money, good homes and friendship in all walks of life is what God has promised us–the God Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, the Finder and Redeemer of us who were lost from our people and country for the past 400 years.

He now offers to set us in heaven at once. The base of heaven is: being free from want; free from our enemies; having a good home–a place of peace and rest; and having friendship. Without friendship in all walks of life, money and good homes count for nothing.

This world has money and good homes, but does not have friendship in all walks of life. These are the things that God promised the Lost and Found members of the Black nation.


From the Book of Genesis in the Bible to the Book of Revelation, these scriptures close with the Lost-Found with God and God with the Lost-Found in a heavenly condition of life. The Holy Qur’an begins with teachings that serve as the proper qualifications necessary for the entrance of the Lost-Founds into the enjoyment of heaven while they live.

ENTIRE submission to the Will of Allah takes away fear and grief. (Holy Qur’an, second chapter): “Those who submit and keep up prayer and spend in the cause of righteousness (charity) are those who enjoy heaven at once.”

This is what Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammd, to Whom praises are due forever, promised to us who believe and have accepted the true religion, Islam–the religion of our fathers, which is entire submission to the Will of God.

If we are not to submit to the will of the devil, (White race), then there is no alternative for us except to submit to a God of righteousness–a God Who is now beginning to make preparations for a universal government of righteousness, justice and peace, for a nation of righteousness–a nation which is in and under the name of righteousness.

This is why He demands us to go in the names of God, which are righteous names. The names of the wicked shall perish, but the names of God shall live forever. These names we are getting from God and we are now being called by them–names which, in themselves, will save the so-called Negroes from eternal destruction.

Without God’s Promise of money, good homes and friendship in all walks of life, we could never hope for heaven on earth. But this promise shows that He offers to you and me the proper things that are necessary for the enjoyment of heaven while we live.

God did not come to make us poor, but to make us rich. Read your Bible and Qur’an. He found me in want and now has made me free from want. If you take note, all of my followers who believe as I believe, and who obey me, are not in the condition of poverty and want that they were in before they believed.

Their conditions have changed for the better. They have peace of mind; better and cleaner homes; money; and are contented. They would be ashamed to ask the city to clean up their quarters. They believe and know that it is their duty to keep clean homes and maintain personal cleanliness. We, the so-called Negroes, the Lost and Found people of our kind, have been without friends and without the necessities of life. We have had inadequate shelter, filth and disease ever since the devil, John Hawkins (the first slave trader), brought us from Africa in chains.

Now, the end has come, and we should no longer remain in the chains of the power of our slave-masters. We are free. We should leave him and his people and go to a place on this earth that we can call our own, instead of getting brick-bats and trying to brick-bat the slave-master our of his house. Submit to God, Who promised us money, good homes and friendship in all walks of life.

This promise is true today, for we are an example. The whole of the Black man’s world becomes our friends upon our believing in Allah and His true religion, Islam. There are tens of thousands of us throughout the country who can bear witness to this.

Allah’s promise is ever true. The devil (White race) will make you promises but will not fulfill them, except for the evil promises. He will always fulfill these kinds of promises because that is what he is–100 percent evil and wicked. The fool who loves him will say he is not evil and wicked, but that is because he is so blindly in love with the devil (White race).

There is no justice for Negroes under the rule of the White people, as you now can plainly see. The government will not grant you civil rights nor human rights without a war. We would be fools to want to stay with such a people, when God is calling for us to submit to Him so that He can set us in heaven at once and grant us money, good homes and friendship in all walks of life.

This is heaven on earth for all sane, civilized people.


(Reprinted from Muhammad Speaks newspaper, September 23, 1966.)