LOS ANGELES (FinalCall.com) – At an Aug. 3 press conference at Bethel A.M.E. Church, Nation of Islam Western Regional Minister Tony Muhammad and approximately 40 community leaders, Muslims, clergy and activists demanded that U.S. District Attorney Steve Cooley dismiss all charges against Robert X (Carr) in connection with an LAPD assault against Min. Tony last August.

Flanked by his wife, attorney and Min. Tony, Bro. Robert remained silent during the press conference, but others resoundingly pled his case.

“[DA] Cooley should not send the signal down that even when police officers are wrong, it is okay to send an innocent man away for the rest of his life,” Min. Tony stated, referring to L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo’s recent decision not to file any criminal charges against him and two male Muslims. 


The bogus charges stemmed from LAPD claims that, among other things, Min. Tony assaulted a police officer during a community prayer vigil Aug. 25. Min. Tony insisted that if the district attorney’s investigation found that police were the aggressors, then their actions created the environment that bore multiple arrests, injuries and community mayhem, and they should face criminal charges, while Bro. Robert and any community residents arrested should be released immediately. Bro. Robert’s pre-trial hearing, including jury selection, began Aug. 7.

“Why should this young man be violated when he was on a peace mission, and his own parole officer sees that he should not be incarcerated while fighting his case?” Min. Tony asked.

Bro. Robert’s attorney, Winston McKesson, shared that he grew up three blocks away from the church, where his younger brother was murdered while sitting on their front porch. He commended his client for being one of few people to step forward to make a difference.

“Robert X (Carr) stepped forward and made a great impact on his community. He wants to see young Black men respect each other, themselves and take care of their families and community,” Atty. McKesson stated. “If the investigation by the City of Los Angeles concluded that Min. Muhammad did nothing wrong, it must also conclude that my client, Robert X Carr did nothing wrong.”

Long-time gang activist Tony Massengale noted that gang violence has been exported worldwide from Los Angeles, and that it will have to stop here, but not solely with the work of frontline soldiers. 

“Community leaders like Min. Tony make up part of the voice that it never had before.  [Min. Tony] has been exonerated and I want all of his team to be exonerated,” he insisted. “They should not be penalized for being part of the solution.”