Dr. Harry Davidson, co-chair of the Legislative Education Committee of the Association of Black Psychologists, recently sat down with FCN Online Correspondent Ashahed Muhammad to discuss his new book, “The Ultimate Conspiracy: An Assault on Democracy, Reason and Religion.”


Ashahed Muhammad (AM): Tell us about your book.


Harry Davidson (HD): My first book was,“Somebody’s Trying to Kill You: The Cycle Dynamics of White Racism and Black Mythology.” I followed that with, “Somebody’s Trying to Kill You: The Economics of Death.” What I tried to do with this third book is try to put all of that together: the psychological dimensions, economic dimensions, social and political.

I’d like to put information in one place and make it readily available so that we can truly understand the total dynamic of the assault that we are currently facing; and we can understand the depths of it as we go back in history to what has happened to our people. You know, going all the way back to Kemet and Ancient Egypt, the assault on Black people and the Aboriginal people that have occurred around the world. Also tying that in with the rise of capitalism in Europe.


This whole notion of White Supremacy being a myth and White people need to recognize that indeed they were slaves, they were slaves in Europe and basically the people who are here in America today are not the descendants of European royalty and aristocratic class. They are the descendants of the serfs.


AM: In essence, is capitalism the issue and the problem in creating victims out of this situation, Black people and White people?


HD: I think capitalism is apart of the problem. I think as far as Black people are concerned, we have the added dimension which is racism. For White people it becomes classism and power is, I think, ultimately what we’re talking about.


Today, we find Islam because Islam also has tenets and principles that say that the land and the people and the resources belong to God. Are you following me? So I see those things as being common to both classism, the rise of classism in Europe and spread into the United States and still exists that we have classism among White people and racism which affects us as Black people. I talk about the assault on religion because religion then becomes as we see it played out today very often becomes a tool of oppression.


The assault and the attack, I talk about, on education, and reason so that if you can’t reason, if you can’t think things through for yourself, then I can control you because I feed your mind. I control the media.


I imagine close to 90 percent of the media is controlled by one conglomerate that is tied to the elite and so we get one message that is given to people and that message is one that indoctrinates them to the advantage of the ruling class, the elite. So there’s an assault and an attack on religion. There’s an attack on our ability to reason and think through and to think for ourselves and there is an attack on this myth called Democracy.


AM: Books like this are often dismissed by some as the ranting of conspiracy theorists. What would a prospective reader get out of this book?

HD: They would get evidence. They would get the chronology. I talk in length about the secret societies, the Rosicrucians in Europe, and how the Illuminati reached into the United States as the Skull and Bones. We’re told that they don’t exist, but these things that are happening to us today (are) planned and there are those who are the masterminds that lay out the blueprint for the control of the world and the rise of the New World Order. We talk about the neo-cons. We talk about the Zionists–and we shouldn’t confuse the Jews with Zionists, because Zionists firmly believe in control; they feel that Israel belongs to the Zionists and Palestine belongs to the Zionists. That’s a movement. That’s an ideology that has nothing to do with your race.


AM: Many different people claim to have the solution to end all of the conflicts in the world. Is the problem more political, economic or spiritual?

HD: I’m a psychologist and I don’t present myself as a minister or a theologian. I can speak from a psychological and the economic, political and social ramifications of those issues. A major part of the problem is capitalism, economics. The economics of death is power and wealth.

Looking at that as the guiding force, I then look at how religion is manipulated to serve the best interest in those ruling in power. The Bush administration is called the Religious Right, a religious base for an economic movement, because of clearly the Bush family and their ties to the Saudis. As we look at (Vice President Dick) Cheney and his connections with Halliburton; as we look at (Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice, we recognized that she came off the board of directors of Chevron Oil. Therefore, you realize that it is a conspiracy and the information that is being given to us is very much controlled.

AM: Is it more a result of the laziness and apathy on the part of the masses allowing themselves to be manipulated, or is it the wickedly wise skill of the manipulators?

HD: The wickedly wise skill, yes, very much so; and the lazy and apathy of the masses of people who want to believe in something. American people are very cohesive in as much as once they are given someone to hate or a common enemy, they ban together and try to destroy that person. We find that anybody who has been put in leadership that is not going along with the rule of the elite, the media is used to demonize that person.


AM: What do events in Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran have to do with the average person living their everyday life?

HD: We all know that the gasoline prices have skyrocketed. We’re told that the cost of gasoline at the pump is going up is because of what’s going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now we’re being led to think that Iran has something to do with that. So there’s that aspect in terms of manipulation of the economy. But at some point as they continue to assault various countries–Iraq, Iran, Syria, China–they’re going to need manpower, so that means they’re going to reinstate the draft. Black people, people in our communities, need to be aware of the fact that they’re not going off to fight for freedom, democracy and those mythical things. They’re going there to do the deeds of the ruling class and they’re going there for somebody else’s economic gain now–the elite’s economic gain.


AM: Thank you.