The Cultural Revolution Begins / In Search of The Messiah

[By special request, the opening page of the Spring/Fall Edition 2005 of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad’s Cultural Links News Journal entitled, “The Descent of the Mongolian Kings,” is being used as a preview of a major event taking place in Mongolia which will, inshallah, be featured in the next issue of The Final Call newspaper.]

The Map of Mongolia & The Nomadic Ger of the Mongolian Nation

Since my journey to Mongolia in November 2002, where I visited the National Museum of Mongolian History in the Capital of Ulaanbaatar, I recently visited the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, who organized the exhibit on Modern Mongolia: Reclaiming Genghis Khan. This visit occurred November 2004. I came full circle in weaving together the intricate threads of an incredible story of my Mongolian vision, which began in 1984, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, during a group meditation. It was during this meditation when I was given knowledge that linked me to the genealogy of the Great Khan.


This confirms that I was being prepared step-by-step to pursue this extraordinary journey that would ultimately take me to Mongolia and to visit the exact site of The National Museum of Mongolian History, which was affiliated with this study and research taking place at the University of Pennsylvania.

Genghis Khan is now being resurrected from the rubble of time to take his place among the giants of men as not only the Father of Mongolian Democracy, but through the latest research, is being reclaimed as the Father of Modern Democratic Principles, pre-dating by some 9 years, Great Britain’s Declaration of the Magna Carta.

So often today’s villains become tomorrow’s heroes in the fullness of Time.

–Editorial Director, Tynnetta Muhammad