Among the questions the FBI asked the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1941 was what did Master Fard Muhammad give him “that was like a certificate, or something” that indicated his authority. He answered the “Holy Qur’an.”

His answer may seem simple. It is and it isn’t. We are witnessing the overwhelming proof of the truth of the teachings and work of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. This includes its timeliness. To do this, it’s necessary to present, or remind us of, the necessity of “prerequisites.”

Simply stated, a prerequisite is: “required or necessary as a prior condition.”


In order to first learn that, we must first learn this. If we don’t first learn this, we either will not learn that, or we may incorrectly learn that, thus making it very hard or impossible to really learn that. For successful learning to take place, we must respect and learn this in order to learn that.

Far too many of us are too impatient to learn how to learn. Thus, we don’t. For instance, many skip prerequisites, or rather rely on guesses and then wonder why we don’t understand God’s truths as we should, or spend years learning little.

In what follows in this article, I hope to accomplish more than one thing. I’m presenting information that’s (1) essential; (2) easy to understand and is; (3) a prerequisite for understanding advanced aspects of Minister Farrakhan’s teachings and work. What follows also requires “prerequisites” to fully grasp it.

If we look down on knowledge, we will look up to ignorance–and end up down in hell.

We’re truly blessed if we recognize the fact, and accept its consequences, that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad recognized the Identity of Master Fard Muhammad on first sight. We’re truly blessed if we recognize the fact, and accept its consequences, that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad recognized the identity of Minister Farrakhan on first sight.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad sought a helper from God to assist him with major aspects of his assignment. His brother Charlie was the first one he thought would be that helper. I know that because I heard him say that. He said that they were very close.

It’s a fact that by the time 1954 came around he knew that the time was close when he would meet that special helper and start his preparation, with Allah’s help.

Consider his words when he delivered his Savior’s Day address (as it was then called) in February 1954. At one point he stated: “We have been so greatly misunderstood that I desire that Allah send to me a little helper.”

Master Fard Muhammad sent Minister Farrakhan to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the next year; on Saviour’s Day.

Captain Yusuf Shah told me, in the course of a four-hour interview I conducted of him in June of 1971 in New York City, that Brother Malcolm told him where and how to help position Minister Farrakhan on February 26, 1955, so the Honorable Elijah Muhammad could recognize him, in the physical sense of the word. Brother Malcolm had already informed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad of the impressions that Minister Farrakhan had made on him.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad saw through Brother Malcolm’s words of the Brother to that which Brother Malcolm did not see. It was the seating arrangement that would enable the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to see what his future “helper” physically looked like.

Since the Honorable Elijah Muhammad already knew Capt. Shah, and what he looked like, the arrangement was to place Minister Farrakhan with the male laborers–not with the first-timers–in front of Capt. Shah. But the seats were on such an angle so that when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad looked in their direction, up at the balcony where they were seated, he would be able to see the Brother seated just in the front of Capt. Shah, but on an angle, enabling him to see both their faces.

How much wiser and more insightful, and how much more full of understanding did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad grow into from the early 1930s to the mid 1950s? There was much that he was taught by his Teacher and there was much that he experienced and much that he had learned about people and scriptures–at a far faster rate of speed–than that which was and is common to the rest of us; even in contrast to the very wise on the earth. I mentioned this for us to reason on the following two points.

By the time 1955 came around the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a far wiser man than he was in 1931, when he first saw and heard his Teacher. He was a much, much more wiser man approximately 20 years later.

I’m among those who know that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad mentioned that Allah had guided him into the knowledge of every “hint and nod” of the scriptures.

I do not know what Brother Malcolm said to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad of Minister Farrakhan. But it’s a fact that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wanted to see this young Brother. Therefore, without any further details, it should be easy for us to accept the fact that it was much easier for him to recognize Minister Farrakhan by 1955 than for him to recognize Master Fard Muhammad, Whom he met and recognized on first sight in 1931.

No one can honestly claim that they understood the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and fail to see his profound and intense love, especially for his people and for humanity. No one who states that they really knew him could then fail to consider that he had planned for the future of his people after he was no longer physically among us.

Therefore, it should be clear to anyone that one of his primary concerns had to be and was to educate, train and make overall plans for the man whom he was grooming to sit in his seat after his departure.

To even think that he did not carefully plan–with his Teacher’s guidance–for what he knew was definitely coming is to declare that he did not fully love his people and that he had lost his demonstrated foresight–and that he was not as concerned about his own assignment as he said he was. Furthermore, to think this is really to say that the One he represented to us was not Whom he represented Him to be and had chosen the wrong man to represent Him.

But on the contrary, it is his passionate love for Allah, his people and humanity that compels him to expect this special “helper.” Once he meets him, he would carefully work on him that he could later work through him, with the greatest care. He did. He does.

Now, reflect over the last nearly 29 years of Minister Farrakhan’s teaching, work and sacrifice, day and night into the many next days and nights afterwards, ever since he stood up to rebuild his teacher’s work for the benefit of his people and countless others. To properly “reflect” over his teachings, work and effect, we must start with and know–not guess at–the facts.

Let’s see if his early history contains facts that tally with the interpretation of scriptures God taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

More, next issue, Allah willing.