NEW YORK (FinalCall.com) – The Hip Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) celebrated its fifth anniversary on June 14 by ringing the opening bell of the NASDAQ Stock Market. HSAN co-founders, chairman Russell Simmons and president and CEO Dr. Benjamin Chavis participated in the ceremony. The NASDAQ Stock Market is the largest electronic stock market in the United States.

“On June 14 five years ago, the Hip Hop Summit Action Network was formed in New York City under the theme of ‘Taking Back Responsibility’ in the hip hop community,” Mr. Simmons stated. “Today, we are ringing the opening bell at the NASDAQ Stock market as a reaffirmation of our commitment to empower people financially, and to help eradicate poverty and ignorance throughout the world.”

In five years, the HSAN has become the largest worldwide coalition of hip hop artists and recording industry executives, Dr. Chavis pointed out. “We recognize the global financial, social, political and cultural impact of hip hop,” he noted, adding that helping young people take responsibility for transforming the world into a better place for all people is our ultimate goal.


Dr. Chavis exclaimed that HSAN ringing the bell at NASDAQ was “in reality, ringing the bell for opportunity, freedom and justice for millions of youth who are crying out for a better quality of life.” Speaking of the HSAN national tour for financial empowerment, he said it was a matter of “taking the right step at the right time.”

HSAN launched a national, two-year financial empowerment tour in 2005 entitled “Get Your Money Right” wherein celebrities and financial experts speak to seminar participants, aged 18 to 35, on various topics including the importance of financial literacy, basics of banking, home ownership, repairing bad credit, understanding credit scores, entrepreneurship and vehicle financing. A financial workbook is given to all participants and is available in both English and Spanish.