Mother Khadijah Farrakhan

Honored as the First Lady of the Nation of Islam and adored for her dignified service as a “Mother of The Faithful,” Khadijah Farrakhan has graced the side of her husband, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for over 50 years. From the union of these childhood sweethearts came nine children, which Mother Farrakhan dutifully and lovingly reared while her husband labored long hours and traveled extensively to help the Honorable Elijah Muhammad throughout the sixties and seventies.

A true helpmeet, when Minister Farrakhan decided to rebuild the work of the Nation of Islam in 1977, Mother Farrakhan was his first helper; among many responsibilities was editing The Final Call newspaper, which was then published out of the basement of their home in Chicago. Not only has Mother Farrakhan represented the Nation of Islam in official delegations as our First Lady with beauty and style, she shared her skills of design in the creation of Newell Apparel, which manufactures the official uniforms of the women of the Nation of Islam. The matriarch of the Farrakhan family, which now includes 36 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren, admittedly shy, openly compassionate and demonstrably devoted, Mother Farrakhan gifted our readers with answers from questions posed by Final Call Managing Editor Dora Muhammad to mark this Mother’s Day with words of wisdom she has gathered from her life in Islam.

On Motherhood


Final Call (FC): What were some things you did to try to instill a love for Allah in your children and other valuable principles?

Mother Khadijah Farrakhan (KF): We started our morning every day with Fajr prayer and we ended our day with a family dinner.

FC: What essential attitude must mothers have toward their children in order to be successful in raising them, especially if they did not plan them or do not have the father in their lives?

KF: First, we must understand that each child is an individual that has different wants and needs. We must know, as a mother, that you are a born nurturer of your family. And always keep the principles of Islam as your guide.

On Marriage

Mother Khadijah and Minister Farrakhan were childhood sweethearts and have now been married for over 50 years.

FC: The Nation of Islam loves you for your years of sacrifice and support of the Minister in his work. What helps sustain your commitment and love of his mission?

KF: My love and continued love for Allah and His Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and my love and faith in Islam has helped to sustain me and my support for my husband.

FC: To women who do not believe that they will ever find a suitable mate and want to adopt or become single moms, is marriage necessary for motherhood?

KF: We never give up hope on marriage, for there is someone for everyone. However, if you choose to adopt, remember these words: “You are a born nurturer with or without a father in your home. Happy adopting!!!”

On Islam

FC: What does the distinct title of “Mother of The Faithful” mean to you?

KF: Being true to your God and being true to your religion.

FC: In what ways do you see women in Islam need to elevate the standards of our religion?

KF: Being faithful to Allah, your religion, to yourself and one another.

FC: Thank you.