The Nation of Islam vs. The New York Post

(Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in the Final Call Newspaper in 1998.)

Let us remember that this $4,400,000,000 libel case (which this limited series of articles concern) is affecting that which appears to be the wicked’s final campaign to destroy the Nation of Islam at our root.

So, none of uswho are the targets of this insidious campaign can afford continued ignorance of the of this case and exactly what is stake. We need to understand exactly why the defendants have spent over $10,000,000 to keep this case out of court.


Let’s never forget that the major weapon which has been used against the cause for which Master Fard Muhammad came to America and raised both the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan to lead that which He initiated the Lost Found Nation of Islam here in the Westhas been deception.

Slander, which in its written form is called ‘libel’, is one of the major tools used by the wicked in their overall campaign of deception.

This wicked world got its start through slander. The Holy Quran teaches that it goes out with the same. As this world goes into the final stages of its death throes, its most wicked scientists are doing all they can to take the ignorant and the innocent down with them.

In continuing his definition of anti-Semitism, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan wrote in the February 16, 1994 edition of The Final Call: “The ADL, moreover, uses the term ‘anti-Semitism’ to stifle all criticism of Zionism and the Zionist policies of the State of Israel and also to stifle all legitimate criticism of the errant behavior of some Jewish people toward the non-Jewish population of the earth. They do not want a standard to be raised by which their actions can be properly judged.

“The Anti-Defamation League uses this term ‘anti-Semitism’ to hold Jews above all criticism. They also use this term to try to force all whom they charge with anti-Semitism to bow to their will.

“Mayor Dinkins was charged with being anti-Semitic, so too were Nelson Mandela, Thomas Bradley, Andrew Young, Jesse Jackson, and even former President George Bush and members of his Cabinet, when they balked at giving Israel 10 billion dollars of the American taxpayers money.

“Are all these leaders, Black and white, anti-Semitic, or were these charges laid on them to force them to bow to the will of the Zionists?”

Minister Farrakhan has spoken and written on other occasions on the true definition of anti-Semitism. We’ll cover that later on. For now, I am asking the reader to recall what I quoted of an earlier part of Minister Farrakhan’s words respecting anti-Semitism. He stated that “The true definition of anti-Semitism must be studied. ‘Anti-‘ means against. ‘Semitic’ is referring to those people who originated in the Middle East area of the Earth … .”

Then he made clear that the ADL “places a narrow meaning of the word ‘anti-Semitic’ which misleads the world into thinking that term applies exclusively to Jews.”

How have they succeeded in such worldwide distortion of the term ‘Semitic’ so as to mislead so many into eliminating other Semitic people from this definition? As we will see, when we get deeper into the reality of the historical roots of the term ‘anti-‘, we’ll have the answer, if we don’t already know it, from the wisdom of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Now, in going into God’s definition of the term ‘Jew’, as divinely-given through the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, we begin to get to that historical reality.

The following is an excerpt from an interview of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan at an editorial board meeting of The Arizona Republic, March 25, 1996:

“I don’t see Jews as a racial identity, or a national identity. The word ‘Jew’ to me represents a state of being that grows out of a very special covenant relationship with God. And ‘Jew’ has nothing to do with color, it has nothing to do with where you’re born in the world. It is that state of being that says I have a relationship, a very special intimate relationship with God.

“Now, whenever those who call themselves Jews have begun to stray away from that standard, laid down by God and His prophets the statutes, the laws, the commandments that they were told to followwhenever they deviated from that they began to put their special relationship with God in a state of disrepair.

“So God, out of His mercy, and love, sends a prophet to correct them and bring them back to that standard. If you notice all of the prophets of the Old Testament, were prophets sent primarily to the children of Israel to keep on repairing that intimate relationship with God. Now, in the book of Revelation the second chapter and the third chapter, it is mentioned ‘those who say they are Jews and are not, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan.’ Now, what does that mean? It means that many people say they are Jews. ‘I’m a Jew.’ How do you define that? Do you say that you’re a Jew because of your race, or because you’re a citizen of Israel? No. That’s not it.

“A real Jew is a very, very special human being. And the beauty of this, if it’s properly understood, is that the Apostle Paul, being a Jew, speaking to Jews, said that the Jew is not the Jew outwardly, by the circumcision of the male instrument. But the Jew is the Jew inwardly, by the circumcision of the heart. If you understand that saying, that Jesus is a Jewwell, what does that mean? That he had a certain European look? No, it’s not talking about a national identity. It’s talking about a state of being and a unique and special relationship with God.

“Jesus was that person, from our vantage point, that had that unique and special relationship with God, and he opened up Jewry to the whole human family, that the whole human family could have that special relationship with God. So, in the Christian tradition, when you say your prayers, you don’t say ‘his Father’, or ‘your Father’, you say ‘our Father.’ That means you have a special (as a Christian) relationship with God, through Jesus, who the Jews say was a Jew. And at Antioch they were called ‘Christians’. So that’s my perception of ‘Jew’.

“Now those who claim to be Jewsand I want you to listen to me very carefully, because something is wrong in America, where, if I claim to be a Jew, then you must hold me to the statutes, the commandments, and the Laws of God that make me a Jew. If I say I am a Jew, then I am to be judged by that standard (which defines Jews). When I start deviating from that standard, I am not a Jew. I am not that.

“Same with the word ‘Muslim.’ The word Muslim means ‘one who submits to do the will of God.’ If I’m doing the Will of God, I am a Muslim. Once I start doing my will or somebody else’ will, I cannot claim to be Muslim. Am I making sense here?

“Now, if you look at America, there are some who claim to be Jews. How could you promote filth, and be a Jew? I don’t see Hugh Hefner as ‘Jew.’ I don’t see Playboy magazine as the product of Jews. I don’t see Hollywood as Jewish. I see the Synagogue of Satan at work. I don’t see Muslims, who claim to be Muslims, who destroy the innocent lives of human beings as doing the Will of God. We’re doing the work of Satan. But we’re using these good titles to shield ourselves. And if I am a hater, and hate people because of the color of their skin, or their faith tradition, then I am not a Muslim. I am in that same synagogue, only mine would be the mosque of Satan.

Reporter: “I see … .”

Minister Farrakhan: “While others are in the synagogue of Satan, some would be in the church of Satan, because Satan is certainly ruling a lot of these religious houses. I’m sure you will agree that if God is not ruling, then Satan is. So, I hope that I’m clear on that. I didn’t write the editorial, though.”

Reporter: “One more question, if I could. It seems to imply that, at least the way Im reading it, is, that you would be the next Messiah, in here. And Im wondering if”

Minister Farrakhan: “That has been said on the 700 Club. Id love to lay that kind of stuff to rest. Im not THE Messiah, I am not THE Jesus, I am not THE Saviour, I am not THE Deliverer. I am looking to him. But I do believe that I am A Messiah, and A Jesus. Yes. And A Saviour, and A Redeemer. Now what is the difference between a and The?”

“You all are writersyou know. The definite article is pointing toward a very definite person with certain powers and authority that cover. So if I believe that I am under the Messiah, and if I am under the Messiah, and doing the work of his mission,which is a messianic missionthen I am A messiah. The scripture says that he would send saviours after the people, with an s(plural).

“Well how could I be a saviour, unless Im saved in the name of him who is the Saviour? So when people say, that man is saying hes Jesus. Well, I am a Jesus.

“I saw a movie recently, I think it was called City Hall, and Al Pacino was saying you dont tell a man by who his friends are, you tell the weight of a man by who his enemies are. So now, you tell me who I am, when you study the weight of my enemies. Im walking right in the footsteps of Jesus, I believe that. And if I walk in the footsteps of Jesus, and become one with Jesus, then you ought to see a reflection of Jesus in me, even as you see a reflection of the Father in him.

“So every Christian, every Christianwhen I meet a Christian I should be shaking hands with a representative of Jesus Christ. And when I shake hands with his representative, that means I should feel, see and hear him coming through that person who says he or she is a Christian. Thats what it means to be Christ-like. But if you feel that you can be Jim Dandy, or Henry McGillicuddy, or Louis Farrakhan, or Mr. Flannery, or Ms. Johnson, and be a ChristianNo! When you are a Christian, youre name is who you are as an identification, but who you really are is a representative of Jesus Christ.

And people should feel it, see it, and it should be in your actions.

“If there were more Christians in the world, the world wouldnt be as messed up as it is. If there were more real Jews and real Muslims in the world, there wouldnt be so much darkness in the world. So the darkness that is in the world that covers the human family is a testimony against who we profess ourselves to be. And maybe that synagogue, that church, that mosque of Satan is all over the earth, because humanity is dying.”

What good Jew could reasonably deny the divinity of this definition? If I understand him right, Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch would agree with this definition, according to his book titled “The Second Jewish Book of Why.”