It is true and understandable that we live in a poison world — poison food, poison drinks, and poison spiritual food. The three mentioned above are the base of our life. Our lives depend upon them.

WE MUST again remember that the enemies of God and Righteousness, do not follow the path of the righteousness in any way. They were made to form the teachings of their own. They could not have been the God of this world. If they had followed the World teachings and guidance, they would not have been an enemy of ours. But, since they had to build a world different from ours, they did so. Do not think hard of them for doing that which they were made by nature to do. We have to be careful.

Here is a good example that they did not intend to follow the course of our God, the God of Truth, Freedom, Justice, and Equality. In the Bible, Moses forbade them from eating the swine: “Thou shall not eat the swine, nor touch its carcass.” He says just the reverse; he challenges God by saying, “What is wrong with the hog?” “Thou shall eat it.” And, he fills his markets throughout the world with that divinely prohibited flesh, the hog. And, 90 per cent of the people follow them in breaking that law and everything else.


If you will study it, you will see that if God says Thou shall not do, he says thou shall do. God says do not swear or curse, the Bible then teaches that their mouths are full of swearing and cursing. He is truthfully made a devil, and we must take him for that. But, he would like to deceive us (the Righteous) in order to get us to follow him.

I say, eat the best of the food. The Orthodox Jews are right when they do not eat the hog and other poison foods, and if you buy from their markets, you will get the better foods. I do not make any mistake; I mean the Orthodox Jews, who do not carry in their markets the type of poison foods consumed by the Christians.

BUT, ONE thing that we should remember is that we can produce our own foods if we can get into the earth to produce our own. Good whole beans and good whole milk and butter is fine for us. And, if we eat meat, do not make a habit of eating a lot of beef. Eat lamb and sheep. As I have said time and again, that no meat is good for us, but we eat it, so that which we eat, try to eat the best of it.

(Republished from “How To Eat To Live Book II,” 1972.)