MOSQUE MARYAM ( – In an explosive and sobering address, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan completed his message he prepared for Saviours’ Day 2006 the following Sunday Mar. 5 at the flagship mosque of the Nation of Islam.

“There is no mystery about what America is in prophesy. So if America is that wicked city called the mystery Babylon, it is predicted of the prophets that she would fall. America is now in her fall and she is falling fast,” he instructed in his opening, which set the lucid and firm tone of his message.

America is described as the mystery Babylon, “mother of harlots and the abominations of the earth” that the scriptures say would corrupt the world, he added.


He then condemned the role of the Roman Church as the mother of White supremacy and the global practice of slave-making, and its silence in the face of the 300 years that Black people were enslaved in this country.

He compared the condition of Black people to the parable of a man styled in the Biblical prophesy who was hit in the head on his journey from Jerusalem to Jericho, explaining that Black people were brought from Africa, a state of peace (Jerusalem) to America, a city of confusion (Jericho). We were robbed of our knowledge, wisdom, understanding, history and culture of our people in Africa–yet, as in the parable, the priest walked by us on the other side.

“The church has never been a helper to heal the condition of Black people. Here we are over 180 years in the church, but the condition of Black people have never been healed,” he declared. “So how can you claim to know Jesus who healed, and Black people are destroyed and not healed, yet are a part of the church?”

Insisting that the Roman Church is a false church that does not represent Jesus, but only uses his good name to shield their dirty practices, he referenced several scriptures to prove his point, such as the woman dressed in scarlet, sitting on a beast that had seven heads and 10 horns. The 10 horns represented 10 nations in South America, which the Bible says would give their power to the beast for one hour, but would then take back their power and hate the whore and make her desolate.

Noting the presence of seven presidents now in South America who are not allies of the U.S., he added that three more will emerge, possibly to include Manuel Lopez Obrador, a presidential candidate of Mexico that has criticized the current administration of Vicente Fox for supporting many U.S. policies. Today’s news is the fulfillment of prophesies in scripture, Minister Farrakhan reinforced, pointing out that the banana republics of South America have always been under the dictates of Washington.

“If anyone arose in South America to challenge America’s international policies of her corporate international giants that suck the blood of Central and South America,” he taught, “then America would organize a coup and overthrow that government that was sincerely working for the benefit of the people.”

After calling the roll of Central and South American leaders who have been used, chewed up and then spit out by the U.S. government, Minister Farrakhan’s sharp criticism did not remain on the government and church; he also aimed his message at uprooting the corruption of Black leadership that have become the lackeys of the government and church, rather than fighters for the liberation of our people.

“All of those who feel that you have power with the White man and you reject God’s call to you to separate from this beast, “Come out of her,’ and form a nation of your own. If you are not willing to do that, then you will go down with the White man, I want to tell you what you will face.”

He challenged the sickness of integration as nothing more than a hypocritical trick to make Black people believe that our 400-year-old enemy is all of a sudden our friend, as it states in The Muslim Program. “He is the same as he was yesterday,” he boldly stated.

The reason the people do not recognize the fulfillment of scriptures in today’s current events is in large part the result of preachers, he continued.

“You do not study prophecies. Your Bible collects dust. Preachers preach to make the people think that they have hope in America,” he observed, “but if they study the Bible and preach the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Bible, you would wake your people up overnight.”

Like unto Jesus saying to the people, “I have piped all day to you, but you have not danced.” Minister Farrakhan revealed a level of frustration and anger that encompassed all of his near 51 years of representing the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to a people who refuse to submit and leaders who turn their backs on the truth of the time and what must be done.

“I am tired of playing with you. I will call you out like Elijah called out the prophets of Baal. And if your god be God, then let him prove it; and if our god be God, and He is ready to prove it,” he urged.

“It is the time of deliverance,” he continued. “The problem is that God has come to judge America because of the evil that she has poured out on us, the Native Americans and poor people for 400 years, but you are in love with America, but you hate your Black self. God loves you, but you hate yourself.”

The propaganda of the enemy has started, he cautioned, referring to media tricks of splicing his statements out of context in order to create confusion about his message so that the people can be led to hate him and reject the life-saving truth in that message. It is a fulfillment of the scriptures when the people clamored saying, “Hosanna” when Jesus entered Jerusalem only to decry, “Crucify him” a week later after the so-called Jews at that time urged he be strung up on the cross.

“The idea is to poison your mind,” Minister Farrakhan said plainly.

Outlining the phases of the enemy’s attack aimed at killing us, particularly our young people, he told the audience to expect to see military Bradley vehicles, helicopter gun ships, and SWAT members trained for house-to-house combat in inner-city neighborhoods nationwide. He warned, “It will begin in California and it will spread.”

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