(FinalCall.com) – Thousands of Danish people that intended to travel to different parts of the Muslim world canceled their travel plans. The Prime Minister of Denmark went on television in America and throughout the world to say that the newspaper has apologized. However, Flemming Rose, the editor of the newspaper who is now on suspension, said that they would not apologize.

What is the root of this controversy? It is more than meets the eye. Most people would be led to believe that a cartoonist drew the cartoons and the Danish paper Juylaan Posten printed the cartoons in order to show that in a democratic society there is freedom of the press, speech and expression. However, it is more sinister than it appears on the surface.

Forty cartoonists were summoned to submit cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad to be published in the paper. Many asked to do it either backed out or refused to do it. So this was well thought out and planned. The cartoons first appeared in late September 2005 in the Danish newspaper. Since it did not get the kind of traction for which they were intended, they were reprinted the early part of February 2006 in newspapers across Europe.


Muslims who protested in Denmark learned that there were different cartoons that were submitted that were even worse than the published cartoons. They took this information to leaders of the Muslim world. Those who were stoking this fire saw their desired results when 20 European newspapers re-published the cartoons across Europe, creating the firestorm they intended.

The sheer arrogance of the newspaper, coupled with their stupidity and insensitivity towards the Islamic world, is shocking to most people. This is not about the freedom of the press or expression. It appears to be about what button can they push on Muslims and show them so-called western democracy. Now every corner of the Muslim world is in an uproar, but the press has not shown the real picture to the world.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice–who evidently has not learned her lesson from her predecessor Colin Powell–repeated throughout the last few weeks that she saw Syria and Iran behind the protests and violence occurring throughout the Muslim world. This is a only political ploy because of America’s desire to make changes in Iran and Syria.

Why would the U.S. government take the cartoon issue, which is a legitimate beef in the Muslim world, and try to use it for its own political ends? Could the March 26, 2006 meeting in Iran to decide how to use the European euro in exchange for oil instead of the U.S. dollar have something to do with her statement?

An American who has a long history of being anti-Islamic, Daniel Pipes, influenced the editor of the Juylaan Posten newspaper who published the caricatures. Mr. Pipes granted an interview in October 2004 to its editor, Mr. Rose. The interview reveals the root of Mr. Rose orchestrating the publishing of these cartoons.

Mr. Pipes’ perspective begins with how one dismantles a society, philosophy or political movement. According to his own words, his father assisted in the dismantling of the Soviet Union and Communist countries. The objective was, first, to divide the people and, second, to choose a new set of leaders. The cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) are being used as a divisive tool to divide the Muslim leadership over how the masses are responding. In his interview, Mr. Pipes stated that they have thousands of Muslims on their side.

In the press, Muslims are divided over the cartoons. So-called Muslim liberals and some of the leaders of the Muslim world are divided against the masses of Muslims who see this as an insult to their nation and an outright assault to their faith and traditions. Once the argument becomes heated and the Muslims become divided, then they can begin to plant leaders who are more pliant to western ideas.

The newspapers in America have been terribly biased in their coverage and have not fully addressed this problem. If one would like to see a balanced picture, there is much information on the Internet.

In a statement published April 15, 2005, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark said: “We are being challenged by Islam these years, globally as well as locally. It is a challenge that we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long because we are tolerate and lazy. We have to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at this time, run the risk of having unflattering labels placed on us because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance. When we are tolerant, we must know whether it is because of convenience or conviction.”

During the days of the Nazis, they used cartoons in newspapers across Europe to make sure that the Jews were seen as a threat to society and a people that should be pushed out of Europe or eliminated. They used cartoon caricatures to foster this idea in the minds of the public. A few years after the Cold War, a book was written about how art and culture was used in the struggle of America vs. the Soviet Union. Magazines were created, such as The Encounter in London which published Bernard Lewis’ first article “Race and Color in Islam.” The CIA spent money to convey their ideas against the Soviet Union through art and culture and to stop the growing influence of Islam amongst Black people in Africa and America.

The book, “War Without Mercy”–which was written after World War II about the war in the Pacific–sparked my interest because it mentioned the Honorable Elijah Muhammad during the early days of World War II. The book discussed soldiers who were made to see the Japanese as less than human beings in order to justify this war without mercy.

We see the same thing happening today with the secret prison camps and torture of men and women. If soldiers are made to see Muslims as less than human beings and a threat to Europeans and American society, then it is easier to persecute and slaughter an entire people based on this belief system. We also witnessed this recently with British soldiers in Basra beating young boys in Iraq, and with American soldiers shooting an old wounded man in a mosque in Fallujah. It was reminiscent of police in America beating young Black men across this country. This is due to media images depicting Black men as less than human beings. This is the only way that an entire group of people could be enslaved in America–because in the mindset of those who enslaved our ancestors, we were less than human beings.

This controversy is not simply about cartoons in the newspaper. It is an orchestrated effort to divide Muslim moderates from so-called militants. This is also a design to make Europeans feel that their threat is no longer communism, but now is Islam; so therefore, Muslims must be pushed out of Europe at all costs.

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